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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good Lord, boys are stupid/EXAMS: 5/7

Yesterday, I had no exams. So, I slept in. While my roommate was off writing an exam, I cleaned our room - tidied my desk, dusted the fridge, my desk, the tv, windowsill, etc., swept, and even mopped. I pulled all the old, gross food out of the fridge, emptied the garbage, and even took out and sorted the recycling. Everything was neat and orderly and my room smelled nicely of Mr. Clean. Huttah!~

This next part I'll be taking down soon/eventually, so read while you can.

When I was done, I went for lunch, then came back and hung out with Joscelyn for a while, then I took a nap. When I got up, a good internet!Friend of mine was on Skype. We were both bored, so we both started drinking. Now, me and him are what we called "fake marries", as in, he's my Skype husband. lol. Eventually other people got on, we had a big group voice chat going, and all was fine and dandy. Until we got drunk. I started crashing - I dunno, outta nowhere I felt really depressed and shit and it was really weird.

So, he pulled me aside into a new voice chat so we could talk for a bit, like he and I commonly do. Now, we joke about "dating" all the time and he's made no secret of the fact he actually likes me. And really, it doesn't bother me. I don't care. But last night, we were both drunk, and I was depressed, and he helped me through it best he could, and it was actually really comforting. (by this point, I should make note that it was more or less me listening to him and typing back, as my roommate was asleep and drunk!Trish is not a quiet!Trish, so yeah, I had headphones, a muted mic and I was typing.) And then he actually asked me out. Being drunk, I was like, "Yeah, ok, whatever. Doesn't make a difference to me." (actually, looking back over the chat this morning, I had typed just "ok")

...So, for a whole five minutes, I had an internet boyfriend. lmao wtf I'm a dumbass.

And yes, I just said five minutes. Not long after I had typed this "ok", he starts going off on a tangent about "distance" - and within five minutes he was giving me the "we live too far away, so we can't date. But we'll keep a special place for each other in our hearts" speech and I was just like, "ok". XD It was soooo fucked up. Oh, yes, and then he went on to explain that if we ever met irl we could date. lmfao.

This morning when I woke up, my head was just like, "whaaaaaat. theeeeee. ...fuckwasthat!" And now it seems funny to me. XD

"Let's date!"
"Let's not date. Let's just 'keep a special place for each other in our hearts'."
"But if we ever meet for real we can date."
"ok. If you find a girlfriend before that that's cool, you can have her. I honestly won't care."
"Alright, yeah, and if you find a boy - "
"unlikely pffft but ok"


Just so you know, I never plan on meeting him irl. :\ And if I ever did, even less a chance now, lmao. XD

Actually, this is a good story, of why you shouldn't drink when you're bored and not with other people (irl), and also why you shouldn't accept voice-chats with a single person, who is also drunk because they are bored and not with other people (irl)
LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES, KIDDOS, or you might wind up with an internet boyfriend for five minutes.


it's such a rediculous story that I HAD to tell it! XD

Y'know what? Maybe I won't take this down, it's too lulzy.

Anywho, two more exams then I get to go home. I can't wait 'til I can gooo hooome.

- Plant ID II
- Nursery Management
- Business Management
- Business Marketing
- Greenhouse Management
- Hort. Weed Science
- Landscape Design II

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