"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I think I have food poisoning ;_;

So I got up today, made it to breakfast in time before class, and... none of the food looked appetizing. I was hungry anyways - very hungry - so I just took what looked the best, smothered it in ketchup, and ate away. It was not tasty, by any means, and I don't think that bacon was cooked. I couldn't even eat all of it. I hurried of to class, but by the time I was sitting down in that room across campus, I had the worst. stomach. ache. ever.

Before my teacher could even start, I decided to split. I felt like I was dying. It was hell enough to sit there and listen to him get off topic and talk about the same note he handed out three weeks ago, I didn't need to sit there with a very cramped up stomach, to boot. So I went back to my room and slept.

I just got up now 'cause it's too damn hot to sleep anymore. Even though it's been like, five hours since I ate, my stomach still feels like it's collapsing in on itself and tearing itself to bits. DX Looks like I'm skipping lunch. Ow, my tummmyyyyy....

Sunday, January 24, 2010


'Kay, so, Team ZORM episode two is officially up! Click here to go have a listen! Unfortunately, we didn't wind up re-recording it with MasakoX (co-creator of Naruto abridged, part of Team Four Star, and creator of Kampfer Abridged) as planned, simply because the scheduling was a mess. However, he promised he'd come back for episode three, which will be on voice acting.

I know it's long, but at least try to give it a listen? =( Even if you don't get all the way through it, that's cool, at least give it a shot. There is significantly less swearing than the last episode, so don't worry about that. XD Actually, recording this podcast was a lot of fun :D I liked doing it more than the first episode, MUCH more - even if we did wind up doing it twice, haha.

But yeah. I... really like being part of Team ZORM. I love those guys like brothas, we just get along so well and conversation flows so naturally. It helps that none of us are really alike, at all, so that definitely adds a whole dose of fun-fun-stuff into the mix. :D I like doing podcasts with them. And all of us are in this for the longhaul, come what may. SO BRING IT ON! HWAHWAHWA! (Okay, so the caps part here doesn't reflect anything or even make sense, but I couldn't help it. So sue me.)

So, yeah. Go give Team ZORM episode 2 a listen, and don't be afraid to check out some of our solo projects while your there. Zombi does manga reviews, Optimus does... he doesn't have anything up yet. Errr. Mukluk will be doing rants, but he doesn't have any up yet, either. I, the R in Team ZORM - Raventail - do drunken rambles/podcasts. XD

Don't be afraid to tell me what you thought of episode 2, but especially don't be afraid to leave a comment right on the page. :D We're attention whores. Give us love. ...Or hate. (Or neutrality?) Either one is fine, as long as you leave a comment. XD

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rage, Relaxation, and Tree-Climbing

My roommate failed out, and, "to be fair to the students who paid for a single room", I either have to find another roommate from a list of only four people (two I don't like, two I don't know) and move, or I get to pay the school another $995. NOT. HAPPY. At all.

It feels good to be back at school, away from naggy family. It also feels good to be back to my drinking habits. It also feels good to be back especially since my work load is a shit load lighter than it was last semester.

Signed up for Tree Care Techniques class, even though I didn't take Arboriculture, and even though the strain of trying to learn everything I missed is a little crazy, IT IS SO MUCH FUCKING FUN. I get to climb (branchless) trees with nothing but a holster and a rope :D HARD, SO HARD, SO VERY DIFFICULT AND PHYSICALLY TAXING, and I'm afraid of heights, but good Lord is it ever a delightful challenge! I love it! Got tested on it today and passed with flying colours. That was with tying my own knots and everything! Hehe. I even made it to the top of the treeeee~
We also get to climb ropes, just ropes, nothing around them, just hanging from a 20-something foot ceiling ropes, using nothing but the foot-locking technique to get us up. All lower body strength, so it's easy peasy. I caught on without even having to be told how to do it. XD Only problem was that my shoes don't like gripping the rope, so it made trying to wrap my feet around the working end properly to stand on the rope each time I wanted to move up difficult. BUT STILL FUN. I found a way to wrap my feet slightly more differently until I get better, less worn-out steel toed boots for it.

Fun fun tree climbing.


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Finished the first two seasons in three days. And most of the extras. Probably my favourite TV show ;D Metalocalypse! Yay!

Toki and Pickles are tied for my favourite - Toki is just WAY too funny, and Pickles just reminds me so much of me it almost isn't funny (aside from the drugs, yeah, he reminds me sooo much of me).

Next up is Skwisgar and Nathan - Nathan is just waaaay to hilarious. Everything he says cracks me up, and he is just an awesome character. XD Skwisgar... well, you can't NOT love Skwisgar!

Next isn't a band member, but their manager. He is pretty much immortal 'cause he's so kick ass, even though he's so serious he's really entertaining, and he's voiced by LUKE SKYWALKER.

And Murderface... I HATE MURDERFACE. AUGH. He is sometimes funny, but for the most part, I just wanna punch him. Gawd.

But dammit, that's a DAMN good series. And I just love the music, too! Dethklok is great :D

But yeah. Guise. Go wach. nao. plox. yah. its gud. hurrhurr.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to school soon.

I'm probably headin' back to Ridgetown today, considering it's supposed to snow a bit over night.

At least, I'd like to, but.... my car is still in the shop, and my cousin STILL doesn't know what's wrong with it. Ugh. And my parents don't wanna give me a ride. WTF?! I don't get them they are frustrating and annoying D=<

But anyways, yeah. Holidays are over, I guess. Back to school.

I dunno if I told you guys, I have a room to myself now. My room mate flunked out. Her program is really hard, though, and even though it's upsetting, she's gonna try for it again next year. But... room to myself, yay? More drunken skype-ing? lol.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Generally, I don't make new years resolutions. I mean, I don't make resolutions PERIOD, so why should New Years be any different?

But anyway, I've decided to go for three this year.
1) stop biting my nails. I've been biting them a lot lately, and it sucks. It needs to stop.
2) save money better. It was a slap in the face the other day when I found a bank statement from FOUR AND A HALF YEARS AGO, and the number on that one compared to my most recent one was... only about a thousand. I haven't even made a thousand dollars in like, 5 years. That's bad. I need to stop spending unnecessarily.
3) eat healthier. Looking at how much candy I've been eating over the past few months, it's no wonder everything is so out of whack (sleep habits, energy levels, amount of food I can eat, etc.) I'm not too worried about this one, I'm pretty good at self control when it comes to eating habits. I mean, now that I've noticed it's a problem, it'll be easy. Haha.

I spent my new years like so:

New years eve, went to Britt's, since she's in Ontario and I miss her, hurr.
We sat out in the woods, burning things, roasting hot dogs, and drinking in the snow, all while listening to coyotes howl. New Years day we ate Chinese food for supper and she sat around playing WoW all day while I played Grand Fantasia. XD It was fun. :3

She's heading back to Newfie-land tomorrow and I'm gonna miss her, 'specially since the next time I could see her could literally be YEARS, y'know, since the rest of her family will be moving out east some time this year. ;_;

Sucks. But oh well.