"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So, I'm deregistered from Ridgetown now.

Yup, just went to go take an online test only to find out I've been deregistered.

Why, you may ask?

Because apparent I didn't pay them off completely.

Why didn't I pay them off completely?

Because I've been waiting for the invoice in the mail, like it came last year, but apparently, the invoice is only online this year. They never announced this, nor did they even email me to tell me. And you know what? This information/invoice isn't even on the main site, nor the student main site. And it's not on the main courses site, either. That's right - it's on it's own fucking stupid little site, that we, the students, never use for anything. Until this year, anyways. Now we have to use it, because aparently, that's the site they're using to deregister us.

And you know what? Well over 1/3 of the students are deregistered because of this stupid, stupid thing.


Worst part? Can't pay debit in the accounts office here at school - the debit machine won't let you take that much out. Also, for "online banking", my bank isn't listed. Don't have a credit card. WTF. Gotta pay by the end of the week - how the hell am i gonna find a blank cheque or enough cash by then?!

I've emailed my mom and gave her the stupid!Site link and my login, and hopefully one of her banks will be on the online banking thing. -frustrated sigh- I hate my school.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Feelin' Down

I've been feeling a little down the last few days. Not like, depressed or anything, but just... blah. Even though I survived my Plant ID test, I scored some super sweet voice roles (WHAT I'M REVY?! YES!), watched some anime (mostly Naruto Shippuden and Bastard!!), and had a nice, relaxing weekend... I dunno, just... blah.

So I started reading manga again, got all caught up on Nicoichi. Dammit, that one never ceases to make me giggle and go "awwwww!~"

But I'm all caught up on that so now I'm back to Amatsuki. Lots of new chapters!

I dunno why, but as soon as I started reading Amatsuki I started to perk up. Maybe it's because I missed Bonten? LMAO. I also missed Tsuyukusa, so it was good to see their faces. :3 Can't wait until I see some more Utsubushi~

Is it odd that it just takes a few pannels in a manga to stop myself from sinking into depression?

...Well, to be fair, Amatsuki has beautiful art.

...And Bonten is pretty pretty.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I completely missed it... ;_;

so, today, i got home. I was cruisin' around on facebook and got to the Wellington page, and noticed something - that event they invited me to was going on AS I WAS SITTING THERE. omg. I was late.

So I rushed off. I drove around riverfront Sarnia for almost an hour trying to find the damned place, and it doesn't help that the jerks at 7-11 gave me wrong directions. (The guy at Timmies told me EXACTLY where to find it, though, bless his soul <3 made life easier) And just as I park, jump out, and approach it, I see Kirk sitting outside talking to people.

"Hey Trish!"
"Hey there... I'm late because I got lost... haha."
"Yeah, this place is pretty hard to find, it's all tucked in this odd spot."
"We literally just finished playing."
"...God fucking dammit."

That's pretty much how it went. :\ Kirk left like, twenty seconds later, 'cause he had to go. And I left about 20 seconds after that because there was NOTHING to do.

(okay, so that conversation is a shortened version of our conversation, but it has the general point.)

So I'm pissed because I was looking forward to going, and not only did I show up late enough to miss it completely, I couldn't find any one to go with. So I showed up late enough to miss it completely ALONE. Bah!

And now I'm home, I'm bitchy, and I'm going to bed.

Mom and dad are off in London all weekend, so at least I'll have some peace and quiet around here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you could kindly keep my cousin in your prayers...

Direct quote from the e-mail my mom sent me this morning:

"...it happen on Sat. night after a dance he was standing on the back of a truck (nobody seems to know who's truck he was on they didn't know the guys he was going to go home with.) and they took off and he fell of fracturing his scull from front to back and across the forehead.His friends found him laying on the side of the road and brought him home.They also wanted to take him to the hospital but he refused. Matt is about 6ft 4 and weights about 250 (lots of muscle) so you don't just carry him off somewhere. He would not go to the hospital and he was quite sick on sunday Monday and then Tuesday my sister in law tried again to get him to go but he refused so she called the ambulance and they came and got him. He could be very stubborn. Anyways thanks for the prayers."

So yeah, my cousin Matt is in the Hospital in London now. I heard on Sunday that he had been really sick after a night of partying, but to find out why is really tough. I'm worried about him, but at the same time I know he's a big, tough guy (literally), so there's some comfort in that. I know he'll be okay, but still...

If you could keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers that would be great.

This really puts a damper on a day that started out great. -sigh-

Things to do today

Because if I don't write them down somewhere, I won't get them done.

Study for Plant ID II
Record some voice clips (voice is pretty much back!
Study for Plant ID II
Hand in my Landscape Design II project
Study for Plant ID II
Go for a walk with Jenny
Study for Plant ID II
Chcek Gaia for updates
Check Roliana for updates
Check OFDP for updates
Study for Plant ID II
Watch an episode of Bastard!! for research (no, I'm serious)
Cruise around on VAA
Study for Plant ID II
Finish that character design before I go crazy 'cause he ain't done
Study for Plant ID II
Study for Plant ID II

Can you guess which one I'm trying to place as most important?

My forseen list of things to do for tomorrow is this:
Study for Plant ID II
Pass (hopefully) test in Plant ID II

I'll give you guys a REAL blog post eventually, I swear! Until then, ciao!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laaaaa~ Tomorrow's Plans!

My voice is almost all better, so for now, I'm gonna tuck in, get some sleep, and hope my vocal chords are all fantasmic in the morning. (I've got too many things to record for this to happen! Bah!)

Also, tomorrow me and Jenny are planning a room cleaning. Emptying garbage, recycling, sweeping, putting extra crap we don't use/touch away... basically making this room not so icky (it's not bad, actually, but cleaner would be nicer)

After that we're gonna run up town so Jenny can pick up toothpaste, and I'll probably wind up buying some fun dip or a pocket full of pixie sticks, because I do that some times. Also, I should buy some juice, or something. Water would be more ideal.

Then I'm gonna get all caught up on homework - reading things my teacher told me to read, colouring that Isometric drawing, maybe study for plant ID .... definitely study for plant ID. Do not want to fail. D;

My busy day tomorrow only gives me one thought. Okay, two.
First and foremost, will I have time to get that layout done for High Risk, No Return for Kelly? Secondly, will I get the chance/have the time to record anything?

I hope I at least get one or the other. Huuu.

But anyways, I'm off to bed nao. Looks like Bastard!! will finish downloading fine on its own. Night, guys!

Monday, September 21, 2009


VAA has been down all day and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO OMG.

And class was boring and lame, like always.

Today was uneventful.

But on the weekend I got a haircut, and went to Wyo fair! Good times, goooood times. ;D
(Yes, I actually enjoyed myself there, f--k off.)

Well, I've lost my voice so I better not talk(type? lolwut) too long. Soo... bye? xD

Friday, September 18, 2009

So, I was drunk last night...

...and I recorded my drunken ramblings and uploaded them to youtube. ;D


Thursday, September 17, 2009

isometrics and drinkables.

So today, in Landscape Design, I had fun. :3 Which means I'm srsly considering not dropping it anymore.

We got to draw a Plan view of a house first, then give it up to 7 types of shrubs/trees in front. (Plan view is birds eye view.)

Then, working off of that view, we got to draw an Elevation view.
An elevation view is a flat-on view from the front.

Then we got to do an Isometric drawing. Basically, we taped a piece of thin vellum (vellum is a kind of interesting paper that can be see through, but you can get different grades that aren't) on top of our Plan view and drew a NON FLAT VIEW :D

This involved adding lots of new lines and stuff, and while tracing the bases from the Plan view, we made constant references to our Elevation views for heights. And although it isn't technically proper - if you were to make it a tangible, 3-d object it would look wonky - but all the measurements are exactly to scale. For example, the height of the walls, if you measure it out and convert it using the scale, are 8' - exactly what the Elevation view shows. If you measure along the base of the wall, it's ... I think it was 36'? yeah, thirty six. and convert it using the scale you get 36'! Plus, it's actually not a bad view - it's very informative, and helps the imagination impaired see what they're lookin' at.

I've got to colour it, but so far, here's what I have:

I likes it <3 My prekky little house.

Moving along, PUB NIGHT TONIGHT. :D And there shall be drinking in my room, so i am excitud. Huuuurrrr. gonna gets me some drunkenness~
Cheery whiskey! (straight, of course)
...Fun Dip? ...FUCK YES! :D (I love candy ahaha)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Wish I Could Breathe


"Breathe" by Abney Park

I wish I could breath, I wish I could stand.
I wish I had a chance here holding your hand.
Wish I could speak, I wish could talk
I wish I could breath

Since the first day, I was alive,
I feared we would meet here in the misty outside
I wanted to run, I wanted to hide
I wish I could breath

OoOOooo oooOOoo (repeat)
I fear I can't over come this place
I know your face, your hands
I wish I could breath.

I feel a chill deep in my bones,
Nothing can heal, the way my blood moans.
Nothing can quench, My bitter thirst
I wish I could breathe.

I grasp at my heart, That burns in my chest,
It's your precious art, That makes my soul stressed.
I run short of blood, light headed I swoon.
I wish I could breathe.

And to actually hear the song is so much prettier! The Cap'n is such a PRETTY singer omg I love his voice in this song. ;_____;

In somehwhat related* news, Pub night tomorrow! Yaaay!

*I say somewhat because, although pub/drinking has nothing to do directly with the song, Abney Park is a steampunk band made up of airship pirates (even though they won't outright go and admit it, they did make a song called "Airship Pirates" in which you can hear the lines "We're a crew of drunken pilots/We're the only airship pirates"), and everyone knows pirates drink. A lot. Like people at Pub Night do. Therefore, a correlation is spotted!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Okay, so, here's my problem.

There were some voice clip things I had to record on friday that I never got any moment of peace to do, and finally, this afternoon, I was alone here in my room in res and I was like "FUCK YES RECORDING TIEM" and then as soon as I got Audacity open Jenny walks now.

Now, Jenny knows I do this voiceover shit, and she's totally cool with it, and I have no problems attempting to do VA shit in front of people (some people) but the problem is this:

No matter how cool with it she is, as soon as I turn on my mic and start shouting into my computer, she's going to laugh. She's Jenny - she won't mean nothing by it, and she'll try hard not to, but she'll just laugh anyways. Trust me, I know this shit. Hurrrr, and it's not that I'm all like "OMG SHe'S LAUGHIIING" it's the fact that I'm RECORDING shit, including all background noise - which includes laughter. Hurrrrrrr.

Also, my schedule all week is epic fail, and therefore tuesdays are the only afternoons I get alone time to record shit.

Because Jenny has less class tiem than I do every other day.

...And Jenny never leaves the room long enough for me to get down to recording shit.
Seriously, she NEVER LEAVES. Worse than I never leave! (I mean, I do go to pub nights, and I do wander around town sometimes, and I also visit and sometimes party with my other friends. But she nevar leeeaaaaves. The only times she does is for class, or if I'm going somewhere and taking her with me. Usually at her invite. omgwtf.)

So yeah, somehow this turned from a rant of me wanting at least an hour alone to record shit, to a rant on how I don't get an hour alone to record shit. Believe me, the two things are VERY different. Baaaw.

But the most annoying thing of all;

I LOST MY FUCKING TABLET PEN. I left it on my tablet, in that nifty little slot for it, and even had the cord wrapped all snug around it, yet when I was home on the weekend I picked up my tablet and the pen was GONE. I looked in every stack of pens and pencils and colouring tools and books and sheets and sketchbooks and portfolios on that damned bench, and no pen. I looked on the floor. I looked under things on the floor. I looked aaaalll around the room for about 30 min. I even tore apart MY room trying to find it.

And. it's. gone. :(

I can't afford a new tablet right now, but I can't afford to tell Mr. Boss-man, "Oh, hi, Boss-san. Remember those animated parody/shorts I was gonna animate for this project series tihng? Ahahaha yeah no can't sorry."

I MEAN WTF. Auuugh. Frustratioooon.

I can't even do oekaki anymoar. ;_; because laptop mouse is sucks, and Paint hates laptop mouse. TABLET PEN WANT. Auuueerrrrrrrrrggggghhh!

Displeased Bacon is displeased. >_<

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Hate Mondays.

Since mondays are generally amazing at fucking with my head; AKA, mindfuck, I'm going to share a little mindfuckery with you.

If you don't get it right away, don't worry, just come back to it later and try again. If you still don't get it, at the end of my post I'll put a hint that'll help you shit those bricks.

...So anyways, I have class at eight, a bit off at lunch, and then class again all the way 'til 6. That's nine hours of classes. On a MONDAY.
I'm glad I didn't take Business financing, 'cause then I'd have THREE MORE HOURS than that. Hurrr, sounds painful.

But yes; I hate mondays.

But something I love is a series called Wallflower. I mostly started watching this anime out of boredom. But after just one episode, I was hooked. It isn't your typical reverse-harem shoujo, not by any means! I loves it so hard. Sunako is an AMAZING female lead. If I had to pick between her and Haruhi from OHSHC... I'd pick Sunako. First of all, she's ugly - they don't waste any time pointing that out, nor do they give any lapses in this fact, unless it's for plot. Second off, she's sadistic as all fuck. She spends the majority of episode three planning on how to assassinate the main character, simply because he's a "creature of light", and that offends her. Third off, she's hilarious! It's just so fun to watch her!

But yes, I recommend you guys check out Wallflower! It's awesome! And the english dub isn't too, too bad - I hate Kyouhei's voice, as well as Sunako's voice, but Greg Ayres is in it and goddammit I loves me some Greg Ayres. Oh, Vic Mignogna's in it, too, if any of you are fans of him. (And he's not the male lead lolwtfyay, for once!)

So yeah. Wallflower. Helped distract me from the mindfuck of today.

Also... Kanye West is a douche.

MINDFUCK IMAGE HINT: Count the guys in the front. No, there's not three.

Still lost? Look BETWEEN the guys in the front.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thing I learned so far today...

1) Two dogs that really love you but really gotta pee will want back inside mere seconds after you let them out (Scooby and Nikko)
2) Some computers just naturally have ridiculously tiny harddrives (Pete's computer has like, what, 30g all together?)
3) Hook on Fonik is only free if you can dial really, really fast. (Youtube it.)
4) There is so "s" in "die". Yet I seem to pronounce it anyways.
5) trying to go for a calm, collected, cool voice makes me sound emotionless. (fuck Harribel.)
6) The people who think they're badass enough to use OptimusPrimeSupreme as a username... usually ARE badass enough. (VAA forums)
7) The new priest at St. Philip's saves money like a dutchman. ("I was going to check out the fair, but the admission was eight dollars. And, well... eight bucks is eight bucks.")
8) Dogs like blue slushies. (Zetsu)
9) Children like lazer bazookas better than a candle that's secretly a flame thrower. ...Sometimes. (Nick and Nathan)
10) Sometimes, rainbow socks are the main attraction. (Matthew, Nick and Nathan)

That's it for now. I'm thinking every sunday I'm going to have this segment.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

House sitting, baaaaw!

Why must ALL of my [two] silbings insist on ME house-sitting whenever they go away? >=| I have a scheduel too! ...It mainly includes watching anime, planning cosplays I'll never make, and recording voice clips for fun, but still! C'MON! Augh. ;_; Pete is damn lucky he's married to Jessie, because I like her better than him, so I'm doing this for her!

that and I love his dogs, Scooby and Nikko (Zetsu's brother and mother, respectively - Nikko only has 3 legs. :3 huuhuu).

Also, been making signs on Gaia because people tip me and then I gets gold so I'm not broke'd HURR. <3

Also also, Kiba still hasn't sent me his voiceclips. >3>
I'm not recording mine 'til I get his! (he hasn't even been online, hurrr)

But most importantly, Is it bad I want one of these Kens?

Oh, and before I forget, Doomsday is a wicked awesome movie. :3 Check it out!

And yet another also (also also also? Gosh that's a funny word), my sister wants me to go drinking with her tonight (FINALLY! GAH, SERIOUSLY, WOMAN!), but I'm a) doing barn chores at Pete's, housesitting for said brother, and also I have church in the morning. >_> Hurrrrrr, and SHE'S mad at ME. qbbftwgmo. Grrr.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Last night was aweeeeesome, Graffiti pub ftw, except when Kale (guy I know) found out that I wouldn't let anyone sign my upper-torso-female-parts, he asked me why, I told him that I'm not a whore and all that jazz, and he goes "Oh, so the chances of me taking you back to my room tonight are pretty slim?" OH YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE GLARE I GAVE HIM. And I told him there was no chance. At all. Not even a slim one. ...Then he had the nerve to ask what his chances of "bringing Annemarie back" were. I told him just as non-existant. Ahahahaha.

And then I was bored so I was trying to start a fight with Jason. But each time I kicked him he'd either hug me or touch my butt. D; displeased Bacon was displeased. I soon discovered that if I didn't try to kick him, he didn't sexually assault me. I still haven't decided if that was a worthwhile sacrifice or not yet. Because I really, really like kicking him.

I love shooting people down. ;D

But anywhoooo, back to the good news thing.

Last night's partying and beer cured my weird anxiety. As did the fundip I had for lunch! :D Yaaaay fun dip!

So anyways, I'm going home in a half-hour or so, and I'm hoping to record some voice clips when I get back.

As for Trav's suggestion on making my own flash animations, I'll have to think about it. I've got a work-heavy semester and with this side-stuff of doing fanimations for the Naruto Uncut Fandub, as well as the audio mixing, I might have not much time, at least, not yet. ^^ But if I think of anything good I'll get to it. Hurrrrr.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anxiety wtf?

I don't know why, but I've been feeling really anxious all day.

It's odd, all the stressful stuff is out of the way, it really is!
I'm done registration, I've got all the books I'm gonna need (came to $115 bucks NEW and UNUSED, beat that, suckas!), I even finished my first day of classes with great success. I've got my new student card, it works, I'm almost all caught up on Princess Princess (er... don't ask.), and I'm having good success as a VA for fandubs. Jenny is a great roommate, me and Annemarie are probably better friends than ever (remember the roommate I always thought wanted to secretly kill me? lol), and most of the juniors this year are cool, and nice, and sociable. Not socially awkward like our year, lol.

I even got a FREE ticket to pub night tonight, and up to $40 to spend on beer (but if I use more than half of that, guys, call me an alky and make me stop drinking forever!), and I even have a few new friends (the Vet Techs next door are so nice! It's ridiculous!)

But... I still feel a strange tightness, an awkward stress that is giving me physical pain. WTF is this shit, srsly?! I can't figure it out and it's driving me crazy. I've tried everything. Homework, music, talking with people, reading manga, watching anime, writing a poem (failed haha), even drawing! ...Even blogging! Nothing works. ;_; I even talked to BRITT today for the first time in ages, and that didn't help! Huuuu. T_T I must be beyond hope!

Well, at any rate, pub starts in 45 min. I'm going to get nice and drunk (but not too drunk! No more than $20 on beer!), and if that doesn't relieve this odd tension - even for just a night! - then I'm counting myself as fucked. Huuurrh.

I think once I post this I'm going to jump over to my older posts and see if I was this anxious and stressed last year for no reason. Hurrrrr.

PS; I'm going to be animating a fanflash soon, regarding Kiba, Sasuke, and Tsume. Should be fun. ;D After it there's one that's just Kiba and Tsume, and one after that (much longer!) that involves those two, and also a line from Kisame. I've got my line fom my Sasuke VA already, and holy SHIT, that kid has talent!

I got his auditon last night, and even right now, me and Jenny keep losing it over his recording. He's just WAY too good! It's hilarious! I want to tell you why but that would spoil it! ...But anyways, I'm waiting on Kiba's lines, then I'm going to commence animation. Once a Kisame is announced I'll get the very minuscule line I need from him and get going on that third flash.

...Ah! Maybe that's why I'm so anxious?! Maybe I'm just so wound up - literally! - over all of this VA and fandub and fanflash shit. Huuu.

That could be...

...But either way I'm going to drink tonight! Relaxants ftw!

PS Audacity is the shit. ;D Love that program.


Friday, September 4, 2009