"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Saturday, September 12, 2009

House sitting, baaaaw!

Why must ALL of my [two] silbings insist on ME house-sitting whenever they go away? >=| I have a scheduel too! ...It mainly includes watching anime, planning cosplays I'll never make, and recording voice clips for fun, but still! C'MON! Augh. ;_; Pete is damn lucky he's married to Jessie, because I like her better than him, so I'm doing this for her!

that and I love his dogs, Scooby and Nikko (Zetsu's brother and mother, respectively - Nikko only has 3 legs. :3 huuhuu).

Also, been making signs on Gaia because people tip me and then I gets gold so I'm not broke'd HURR. <3

Also also, Kiba still hasn't sent me his voiceclips. >3>
I'm not recording mine 'til I get his! (he hasn't even been online, hurrr)

But most importantly, Is it bad I want one of these Kens?

Oh, and before I forget, Doomsday is a wicked awesome movie. :3 Check it out!

And yet another also (also also also? Gosh that's a funny word), my sister wants me to go drinking with her tonight (FINALLY! GAH, SERIOUSLY, WOMAN!), but I'm a) doing barn chores at Pete's, housesitting for said brother, and also I have church in the morning. >_> Hurrrrrr, and SHE'S mad at ME. qbbftwgmo. Grrr.


freethephoenix said...

"Comes with the ability to grow to fifty times his normal size and to sprout phalluses from any part of his body, even parts which aren't usually known to have them." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG!!! I died laughing.

Kuroari said...

Isn't it AWESOME? ;D

I want to find one of my old Kens and make a cosplay outfit for him now. @3@