"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thing I learned so far today...

1) Two dogs that really love you but really gotta pee will want back inside mere seconds after you let them out (Scooby and Nikko)
2) Some computers just naturally have ridiculously tiny harddrives (Pete's computer has like, what, 30g all together?)
3) Hook on Fonik is only free if you can dial really, really fast. (Youtube it.)
4) There is so "s" in "die". Yet I seem to pronounce it anyways.
5) trying to go for a calm, collected, cool voice makes me sound emotionless. (fuck Harribel.)
6) The people who think they're badass enough to use OptimusPrimeSupreme as a username... usually ARE badass enough. (VAA forums)
7) The new priest at St. Philip's saves money like a dutchman. ("I was going to check out the fair, but the admission was eight dollars. And, well... eight bucks is eight bucks.")
8) Dogs like blue slushies. (Zetsu)
9) Children like lazer bazookas better than a candle that's secretly a flame thrower. ...Sometimes. (Nick and Nathan)
10) Sometimes, rainbow socks are the main attraction. (Matthew, Nick and Nathan)

That's it for now. I'm thinking every sunday I'm going to have this segment.


Travis said...

Man you learnt all that stuff from college?

Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Kuroari said...

No I learned this while hosuesitting for my brother. ;_;