"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Friday, February 27, 2009

This week was a good week.

First off, visit my town. (if you visited it already, visit it again - it resets the population counter (but not the count) each day so if you visit it everyday it helps my population to go up)

Okay, now on to the real entry hurr.

This week was a good week.

I'm not sure why, it's just, today, while eating breakfast alone, by the window looking out at the arboretum (which is very pretty, even when half the trees are in their winter dormancy), I mused over the past week. And for some reason, it felt good. I've never felt like that about a week here, ever. I liked it.

I don't remember why it's so good - I can't really remember too much from this week. I actually don't think this week was particularly fantastic. It's just, yesterday was such a fun, amazing, stress-release day for me that today feels good. I suppose it helps I went to bed earlier than usual and even didn't have to get up for an extra hour this morning. Teehee. But anyways.

During the week I've been getting various midterms back, and the one I was fairly certain i had failed came back with a 78%. That was a very pleasant surprise. I got my report card, my highest mark is a 92%, and it's in the class I never go to/never do the work in. Hurrhurr. My average is 77%, simply because business accounting is dragging it down (67%, augh).

But yesterday, I managed to keep awake in plant prop (only to find out I forgot to cut off the terminal buds on my grafts. Oops. I hope they still take DX). I understood what business accounting was going on about. I actually did my work in computers, simply to see if i can make my mark even higher (haha). I had floral design for a nice five hours straight, and I LOVED it. Sooo relaxing! And my design was so pretty! After I finished my design and my vase, I waited for Sarah to finish (she's always last). I didn't mind, because Sarah's fun, and that class is fun. So while waiting, I found a tiny piece of oasis (the green foam arrangements go in) and started poking all the little buds off the minicarnations that were lying around into it. then I poked some little pieces of leather into it, then the caspia, then the variegated whateverthefuckthatonewas, then some fresia buds, and a weirdass leaf in the back. The teacher loved it, she wanted to give me bonus marks, but said it would be unfair to Adam (who made a corsage when he was done and got nothing). But I was fine with that, because this tiny arrangement is amazing and tiny and AWESOME! I'll have to up a picture of it later.

and last night I got drunk with Pauline, Steph, and them. Huuhuu. It was a lot of fun. But I didn't get to snag any of Justin's raspberry wine (which he was putting shots of sourpuss into, whuuut?) while he was out for a smoke, so I was a little sad, but regardless, last night was great. ^^ It wasn't even wild, just... very casual but fun/funny, it was great :D

And tonight I get to hang out with Rosstopher, hooray!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What goes around comes around!

Someone drew my avie for me! Uwaaah! And I didn't even have to ask!

Which reminds me, it's Aerron's (character my avie is based off of) birthday soon. Hmmm. Maybe I should do a nice spread of he and his wifey as a present to him? ;D even though he's fictional and doesn't need a present? ;D

But seriously, he's my only character that has a set birthday. I kid you not. Well, okay, Murohshei had a set birthday too, but be damned if I ever remember when it was (I think it might've been the same day as mine? but for some reason I'm thinking earlier in the year... urrr...)

But anyways, enough rambles.

He's the wonderful, wonderful avie art that someone drew of Aerron! :D

As well, I've updated my lent status.
As well as stopping my painful nail-biting, I'm also going to try to draw at least one thing a day. I'm holding to this one more loosely, but I realized that i do just miss picking up a paper and drawing something. Yeah.

Drawings, Lent, and Takeyama town!

First on the agenda, Lent!
Gave up biting my nails. So far so good! :D But even though it's Ash Wednesday I could not get ashes today ;_; and I didn't get pancakes yesterday ;_; On the weekend I hope to guilt my daddy into cooking some for me, hurrhurr. And on Sunday Fr. Steve typically gives out ashes for anyone who missed the Wednesday. But I'll feel stupid, late, and neglectful of my religion if I get them then. -sighs- ah well, what can you do.

Second on the agenda, Drawings!
I made THREE complete drawings today! :D And none of them are my characters! :D I was kinda bored and wanted to try out a few different shading techniques with my prismacolor pencil crayons, well, okay, I wanted to for a while now. But I was on Gaia (as Aerron Hull, one of my other accounts, and believe it or not, he actually looks like the guy I named him after!) and I was poking around the forums and found a subforum in the Shops section called "Art Freebies" and I was like "oooh free art!" and although no one wanted to draw Aerron (I didn't ask anyone, actually), I poked around threads and found people I DID want to test my shading ... er... draw! -winkwink- -nudgenudge-

So here they are.

For a group of people that were tipping for arts:

For a girl who's quest was to collect 100 aviearts:

For someone who's thread caught my eye moreso than her avatar:

And last (but most important) I AM A MAYOR.
OF TAKETAMA TOWN! (yes it's named after one of my Naruto OCs but I miss him ;_;)
My town! Visit it pleaaaase. @_@

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


song: Uzu
artist: Kagrra

I was looking up pictures of the band Kagerou, but google gave me ones of a band called "Kagrra" instead. I thought they all looked kinda cool, so I popped on over to youtube, and after just one listen, I was addicted to this song.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm going to be an auuuunt. And pink rabbit girl... things.

Or an uncle. Me and my sister are fighting over that right.

But yus, Jessie is pregnant, so that's cool.

Other things that happened my week off:

- got high on paint fumes
- painted waaaay too much shed wall in only two days (thus the highness) to the point where my one hand because virtually useless, and any movement shrouded it in unearthly pain
- got to see Bob, hooray
- got to pester Shirley, huuhuu
- watched what may very well be my new favorite anime (whathwat? more on this later)
- lost the "what-war" with David (so I'm not drawing him any moar fanarts of his character dressed like a schoolgirl. Psssh.)
- Dad had his birthday party, he's 47! :D
- rekindled my will to write that very tragic novel (gonna restart it, at some point)
- avoided the french kid like crazy
- gave Shirley a tour of my desk... mess... thing... (every ten seconds it was like, "Oh, cool! I found my lightsaber back! Awesome, a really old sketchbook... ew, no, that can go back... oooh, what's this, a fanfic I printed off? Hey! My Prismacolors!")
- slept until two in the afternoon (whatwhat? the first time I've ever ACTUALLY slept that long)
- missed church due to really, REALLY bad splitting-omg-im-dying-headache.
- ate real food. hooray~
- made my sister hate me all over again
- watched some sailor moon with Kelly, ahahah
- wrote the most AMAZING Bleach fanfic ever, of course, with Kelly (see hurr for it: it'll be the one called "Preggo")
- drew a cool picture, but left it at home, so you can't see it yet

and probably more but it's all a blur, so nyeh to that.

Anyways, more about this anime I started/finished.
Never have I been so addicted. I watched 20 episodes in one day, part way through, because it was so good!

But I'm too lazy to go over detials, but the plot was AMAZING. Like, seriously, it kept me intrigued the whole time and as it thickened each twist became more dramatic, and even the ending was an amazing surprise (that actually made sense!) One of the episodes even almost made me cry (episode 42, so sad! Uwaaah!)

Anyways, that's not the most shocking bit. That's right, you heard me, the fact a shoujo got me so addicted and even almost made me cry is not the worst of it. Wait until you see my favourite character.

Meroko; the pink rabbit girl... thing.

Seriously, she's amazing.
((I couldn't find any of the video clips I wanted to D: Damn obscure animes. DX)

Friday, February 13, 2009

VICTOLY! -strikes pose-

Vicutoly ichi!
IT'S FUCKING SNOWING BITCHES, eehhehehe. Even the weather likes me today.

Vicutoly ni!
Friday the 13th! YES! My good-luck days! :D I have two midterms today and then I'm done~

Vicutoly san!
But yeah, latest omg-creepy-frenchie development; he adds on to the end of every sentence "My dear Trish" and it's creeping me oooutt D: BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS he hasn't harassed me today... YET... ahaha... hopefully being offline for a week will deter him ;D
-small voice- ...help.

As a side note, excuse my crude Japanese. I'm going by how they sound, I can't spell them (except san, I KNOW that one's right)

Just finished my Communications midterm and I'm feelin' really good about it :D
Considering there was only about 3 or 4 marks lost on things I didn't know (and if my guesses were good, even less), that's good.
But also because I
- nailed all three marks on the bonus questions
- got at LEAST four bonus marks on the question where, if we gave extra examples, we got extra marks
- pointed out TWO spelling/grammar mistakes on the exam sheet (that's two bonus marks)
I'm fairly confident I got over 100% on that one. :D

Plant Prop was cancelled. YES AN HOUR OFF!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

D: he asked me out?

french people scare me D: -cries-

and i haven't said no yet -cries-

i'm so bad at rejecting people -cries-

Good site for uploading art

Found this site. I haven't been on it very long but I already like it better than DeviantART. There's only a few members at the moment, but that's alright. I like it.

I was uploading stuff to it, which meant I went digging through all my millions of picture files.

and I found this.

and now I really really miss this character. ;_; I've missed him a bit while writing the sequel, but right now I miss him a lot and I miss writing him and he was so awesome. Why did I kill him? ;_;

Today's forecast.

Okay so, I went to bed much later than anticipated (not only do I blame Special A, Ouran High School Host Club, and the song about anglerfish,I also blame Travis and Travis, even though that msn conversation was TECHNICALLY my fault).

And this morning, I was awake before my alarm had the chance to scare the shit out of me (as it so usually does). So eventually I thought "Well, what if that's just because I'm supposed to be up, and my alarm just isn't going off?" (I get paranoid about that a lot, surprisingly.) So after a while I sat up, reached for my phone, and alas... the time was 7:20... when I get up. No sooner had my brain registered this than Disturbed started screaming in my ear. I went "Heh," and turned it off right away, and my room mate also kinda snickered for some reason. It was actually a little amusing, but not really.

But anyways yeah. Loooong day today. I start at 8 with Plant Propagation, then I'm off to Business accounting, then Computers for 2 hours, and then lunch, and then from 1 - 5:30ish I've got Floral Design and Retailing, hooray! :D

But here's a problem.
I owe someone a roleplay post by 4.00 today or they're leaving the site I co-own. Aaaah. I'm not even done until much after that! I left them a note telling them that on msn, and I also got some suck up points for telling them the lineart on the drawing I'm doing for them in finished, sooo... hopefully all goes well D:

But anyways, it's quarter to, so I better go nab breakfast and then set out on my long walk to the Engineering buildings (it's okay if I'm late; every time I'm late I still get there before the teacher).


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This weather makes me depressed. ;_;

So, I dropped Landscape construction again. Phew, no more fucked up, annoying scheduling.

Started playing Perfect World International today (I've had it downloaded for months, but never touched it), and seriously? I love it. How rare is it that you can find an online rpg that has better character customization than the Sims 2? And seamless areas? i like it. The only thing I don't like is that if you want an animal-people you're either stuck with big, ugly (probably sweaty and smelly) anthro guys (tigers, lions, pandas, and... er... wolf I think?), or normals girls with ears and a tail - foxes, cats, rabbits, bats and even DEER, but no f#@$ing raccoons D=< I fucking love tanuki pplz. lieksrzly. but anyways. So my character is a winged elf (which is basically a normal elf but with a fancy title) and green hair reminiscent of shadow the hedgehog and creepy eyes and a bigass warhammer (I ran out of arrows so I just used this badass hammer I looted). And she can fllllyyyyy. And when she flies she grows wiiiiiings. And they sparkle :D And I also like this game because you can swim. And beat the shit out of big, ugly turtles and I LOVE BEING IN THE LAKESomg. ....end rambling. :D

But yeah, onto the weather we've all been talking about.
You're all happy about it, but...
it makes me depressed. ;_;
I like winter. I love snow. Just walking outside with my scarf on and freezing my ass off but the QUIET and the COLD and the... I dunno... just something about the calm and quiet of winter evenings just wriggles deep down into me and makes me feel all mellow, and I'm never mellow, so I like it. It keeps me sane, I suppose.

That, and weather like this is all muggy and cold enough to need a coat to feel comfortable but warm enough for me not to want to wear one so I'm all frustrated with the temperature and getting a headache because the humidity and auuuuuuggggh.

And I just woke up from a two hour nap that did me a lot of good, I think. I'm not awake enough to figure that out yet.


Okay bahye.

oh wait, before I forget, Emily's list kind of sort of got me thinking. Maybe I'll make my own list later.

nappy tiem?

8.00: go to plant propagation
9.00: go to business accounting (ps I think I passed that midterm yesterday)
10.00: go to the agronomy building to the main office and drop landscape construction
whenever that's done: nap for six hours
4.00: hopefully I will not have to go to landscape construction

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bad for Your Health pt. 4 / HIT IN AMERICA!

She had actually heard his insult, but cared not to make a comment on it. He could call her whatever he wanted; this assignment was only temporary, and when it was done, she could leave and never have to look at him again, or smell his disgusting cigarettes. Let him kill himself with those, she thought bitterly, it's not like I'll care.

She glanced over her shoulder, just to check and see if he was following. Good, he was. She would do this assignment alone if she had to, but... even though she didn't get along with him, he was an asset. She hated to admit it, but he had his uses. And hopefully, this night would be one where he would prove that.

Just remember, this is the last time you have to put up with him. After this, you're done with him.

dun dun duuuun... the plot thickens.

in the mean time, I've rediscovered Beck (Mongolian Chop Squuuuuuaaaaaad!). Rosstopher is awesome for letting me nab this anime off of his computah.

I love the opening :D So catchyyyyy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad for Your Health pt. 3

She shook her head. He was impossible, most days. It was actually rather irritating. She began to banter again, boredly. "Well at least smoke it faster then, because we've got work to do."

He didn't acknowledge her at all. He took another slow, long drag from his cigarette. He used his free hand to tousle his own hair.

The woman was obviously annoyed. Her eyes blazed. "We don't have all night, either we're going to get this done or I'm going to pump your ass full of lead and go home!"

He sighed heavily. His smoke came away from his mouth. He tapped it gently and watched the ashes drift away. "Temper, temper," he muttered as he stifled a yawn. And then, after a pause, "Your moodswings are brutal. You're truly a woman."

Her annoyance only grew as she became very displeased with him very quickly. Her hand lifted and rapidly struck, cuffing him soundly on the back of the head. He yelped, and his beloved cigarette fell into the puddle below, hissing momentarily before becoming overwhelmed by the water.

He stared down in disdain. The woman began to walk away. "Let's go," she hissed moodily.

He followed reluctantly. "Dumb bitch."



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What my room smells like ep. VI

My room smells like winter :D

It's waaaay too hot in here, so we cracked open our window a few inches and it's been open for a few days now and...

Well, just now as I sat on my bed I was like. "It smells like winter." so yeah, that's what it smells like in here. XD

It's a nice change from it's usual raunchiness. And it's not pipin' hot either, so it's nice. I like it.

I like winter~

PS sorry for the late update on my room's stench. Haven't even though about it until now.

AHAHAHAHA/Bad for your health pt. 2





ooooh boy. -gasps for air-

Okay guys, get this; my roomate left about a half an hour ago... to go on a date. XD AHAHAHAHAHHAA. Seriously, if you know my roommate, this is hilarious.
Because she's always going on about "Joey", this guy back home that she's pretty much in love with, but he's too shy to ask her out 9but she's had confirmation that he likes her from several different sources).
And like, ten minutes before she left, she said the most HILARIOUS thing to me. Jenny was here, but had left for a moment, and my roommate just stops whatever she's doing, gets a weird look on her face (like she was confused) and said;
"Just so you know, I'm leaving in about ten minutes."
"Oh, really? Where ya goin'?"
And I wait a few moments...
"I'm going to the movies with Jason."

Makes nooo sense. XD
But then again, he has been hanging around our room a lot over the past few days, and he has been talking to her quite a bit.

But my roommate? On a date? With a boy? A BOY THAT ISN'T EVEN JOEY?! ...A BOY THAT'S JASON?! PWAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHASFGdfgjdsghabvkbs tn.

-takes some time to recuperate-

Now, on to Bad For Your Health Part Two!

The glow drifted downwards as he lowered his cigarette. "Yeah? So?" his deep voice questioned without emotion.

"Oh, nothing really, I'm just saying that it's bad for your health. Y'know, all that 'smoking kills', and lung cancer talk."

A silence lapsed between them for a few drawn out moments. Finally, his cigarette flocked casually back to his mouth. Obviously, he had no intention of heeding her cautionary statements.

"I'd really wish you'd put that out," she tried again.

To be continued.

Bad for your Heatlh pt. 1

A tiny orange light flared to life for a brief instant, but quickly died back down to a dim glow. A slow exhale could be heard.

"Y'know, you shouldn't do that, it's bad for your health," a female voice cautioned.

To be continued.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Neeew Layooout! :D

Like my new blog layout?

Took me two hours.


And PS Tsuyukusa is the shit <3

Vampires, midterms, and tests, oh my! (skipping is involved)

First things first, tests.

Had one yesterday in accounting. Nobody in that class knew what was going on so we all guessed randomly, therefore we all got random marks. I, the uncaring, lazy, non-studier, got a 70%. My roommate, the studious, serious, omgcan'tletmymarksgetbelow80 (in a good way) type, got a 45%. Sarah got a 50%, Jason got a 60%. So yeah, all random. Online tests are laaaame.

Second things, vampires.

I gave blood yesterday w00t w00t. And after dealing with the Ridgetown volunteer nurse ladies, I NEVER want to give blood in LAMBTON again. Seriously, the nurses volunteers whatevers peoples here were way awesomer and nicer and I like them. ;_;

Midterms up next.

Plant Propagation midterm was this morning, I think I passed, but only because I managed to recall some of the things I learned in Plant Science, haha. Though I'm not learning much in Plant Prop there's some comfort in knowing that Plant Science actually paid off, if its only purpose was to help me pass another class.

Last but not least, skipping.

Business accounting started ... a minute and a half ago. I decided not to go. Because it sucks and even when I do go it makes no sense. Uwaaaaah. So this means I don't have class again until 4. I really wanna take a nap, but I shouldn't, because soon Loraine will be stopping by because we got teamed up for some communications speech and I wasn't here that day so I didn't get to pick my partner/don't know what is going on but apparently an outline or something is due tomorrow. Uwaaaah. But back on topic, yeah, skipping accounting because it sucks.

PS The Live Bankai Show Code 002 just finished downloading. Eeehehehe.
And while we're on the topic of downloads, let's go down a list and see what's all on my BitTorrent right nao~

In order of completeness:

Amatsuki (all eps) (subbed) - 100%
Eureka SeveN (all eps) (dubbed) - 100%
Ouran Highschool Host Club (all eps) (subbed) - 100%
Perfect World International (game) - 100%
Rock Musical Bleach (backstage included) (raw) - 100%
RMBleach Saien songs (all mp3 formats) - 100%
RMBleach - The Dark of the Bleeding Moon (w/backstage and extras) (raw) - 100%
Special A (all eps) (subbed, with two styles of text available) - 100%
Trinity Blood (all eps) (dual audio, subs available) - 100%
Spider Riders (all eps) (dubbed) - 75.6%
Armoury Wars (comics, first 5 books) - 67.7%
RMBleach Saien (w/backstage) (assumed raw) - 63.3%
RMBleach Live Bankai Show Code 002 (loads of extras/backstage) (raw) - 58.5%
RMBleach - the All (some extras/backstage) (assumed raw) - 19.6%
Cowboy Bebop (all eps) (dual audio, subs available) - 5.9%
RMBleach - No Clouds in the Blue Heavens (w/backstage) (assumed raw) - 5.1%
RMBleach Live Bankai Show Code 001 (w/backstage) (assumed raw) - 3.4%
Witch Hunter Robin (all eps) (subbed (if I recall correctly)) - 1.1%
Samurai 7 (all eps) (dual audio, subs available) - 0.0%

As well, Jenny had downloaded all the Digimon movies (dubbed) and gifted them to me, as well as the first two seasons of Black Lagoon (dual audio w/subs) (I think that's all there is of it, though). Soon she'll be giving me Sailor Moon, lol lol lol XD

So yeah, now it's easily understandable why I needed an external so bad <3 <3