"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Friday, February 13, 2009

VICTOLY! -strikes pose-

Vicutoly ichi!
IT'S FUCKING SNOWING BITCHES, eehhehehe. Even the weather likes me today.

Vicutoly ni!
Friday the 13th! YES! My good-luck days! :D I have two midterms today and then I'm done~

Vicutoly san!
But yeah, latest omg-creepy-frenchie development; he adds on to the end of every sentence "My dear Trish" and it's creeping me oooutt D: BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS he hasn't harassed me today... YET... ahaha... hopefully being offline for a week will deter him ;D
-small voice- ...help.

As a side note, excuse my crude Japanese. I'm going by how they sound, I can't spell them (except san, I KNOW that one's right)

Just finished my Communications midterm and I'm feelin' really good about it :D
Considering there was only about 3 or 4 marks lost on things I didn't know (and if my guesses were good, even less), that's good.
But also because I
- nailed all three marks on the bonus questions
- got at LEAST four bonus marks on the question where, if we gave extra examples, we got extra marks
- pointed out TWO spelling/grammar mistakes on the exam sheet (that's two bonus marks)
I'm fairly confident I got over 100% on that one. :D

Plant Prop was cancelled. YES AN HOUR OFF!

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freethephoenix said...

Your Japanese was spot on, considering you can't 'spell' it in english, lol.