"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm going to be an auuuunt. And pink rabbit girl... things.

Or an uncle. Me and my sister are fighting over that right.

But yus, Jessie is pregnant, so that's cool.

Other things that happened my week off:

- got high on paint fumes
- painted waaaay too much shed wall in only two days (thus the highness) to the point where my one hand because virtually useless, and any movement shrouded it in unearthly pain
- got to see Bob, hooray
- got to pester Shirley, huuhuu
- watched what may very well be my new favorite anime (whathwat? more on this later)
- lost the "what-war" with David (so I'm not drawing him any moar fanarts of his character dressed like a schoolgirl. Psssh.)
- Dad had his birthday party, he's 47! :D
- rekindled my will to write that very tragic novel (gonna restart it, at some point)
- avoided the french kid like crazy
- gave Shirley a tour of my desk... mess... thing... (every ten seconds it was like, "Oh, cool! I found my lightsaber back! Awesome, a really old sketchbook... ew, no, that can go back... oooh, what's this, a fanfic I printed off? Hey! My Prismacolors!")
- slept until two in the afternoon (whatwhat? the first time I've ever ACTUALLY slept that long)
- missed church due to really, REALLY bad splitting-omg-im-dying-headache.
- ate real food. hooray~
- made my sister hate me all over again
- watched some sailor moon with Kelly, ahahah
- wrote the most AMAZING Bleach fanfic ever, of course, with Kelly (see hurr for it: it'll be the one called "Preggo")
- drew a cool picture, but left it at home, so you can't see it yet

and probably more but it's all a blur, so nyeh to that.

Anyways, more about this anime I started/finished.
Never have I been so addicted. I watched 20 episodes in one day, part way through, because it was so good!

But I'm too lazy to go over detials, but the plot was AMAZING. Like, seriously, it kept me intrigued the whole time and as it thickened each twist became more dramatic, and even the ending was an amazing surprise (that actually made sense!) One of the episodes even almost made me cry (episode 42, so sad! Uwaaah!)

Anyways, that's not the most shocking bit. That's right, you heard me, the fact a shoujo got me so addicted and even almost made me cry is not the worst of it. Wait until you see my favourite character.

Meroko; the pink rabbit girl... thing.

Seriously, she's amazing.
((I couldn't find any of the video clips I wanted to D: Damn obscure animes. DX)


freethephoenix said...

KYA!! I just have to tell you that the Manga is amazing!! I love Takuto! And Izumi! <3 Love love!! The ending had me bawling and I believe the ending of the manga is different from the anime? Though I can't quite recall because I never did watch the anime.

Kuroari said...

the anime is phenomenal D=< watch it.

And Meroko is way cooler than Takutoooo. =P