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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vampires, midterms, and tests, oh my! (skipping is involved)

First things first, tests.

Had one yesterday in accounting. Nobody in that class knew what was going on so we all guessed randomly, therefore we all got random marks. I, the uncaring, lazy, non-studier, got a 70%. My roommate, the studious, serious, omgcan'tletmymarksgetbelow80 (in a good way) type, got a 45%. Sarah got a 50%, Jason got a 60%. So yeah, all random. Online tests are laaaame.

Second things, vampires.

I gave blood yesterday w00t w00t. And after dealing with the Ridgetown volunteer nurse ladies, I NEVER want to give blood in LAMBTON again. Seriously, the nurses volunteers whatevers peoples here were way awesomer and nicer and I like them. ;_;

Midterms up next.

Plant Propagation midterm was this morning, I think I passed, but only because I managed to recall some of the things I learned in Plant Science, haha. Though I'm not learning much in Plant Prop there's some comfort in knowing that Plant Science actually paid off, if its only purpose was to help me pass another class.

Last but not least, skipping.

Business accounting started ... a minute and a half ago. I decided not to go. Because it sucks and even when I do go it makes no sense. Uwaaaaah. So this means I don't have class again until 4. I really wanna take a nap, but I shouldn't, because soon Loraine will be stopping by because we got teamed up for some communications speech and I wasn't here that day so I didn't get to pick my partner/don't know what is going on but apparently an outline or something is due tomorrow. Uwaaaah. But back on topic, yeah, skipping accounting because it sucks.

PS The Live Bankai Show Code 002 just finished downloading. Eeehehehe.
And while we're on the topic of downloads, let's go down a list and see what's all on my BitTorrent right nao~

In order of completeness:

Amatsuki (all eps) (subbed) - 100%
Eureka SeveN (all eps) (dubbed) - 100%
Ouran Highschool Host Club (all eps) (subbed) - 100%
Perfect World International (game) - 100%
Rock Musical Bleach (backstage included) (raw) - 100%
RMBleach Saien songs (all mp3 formats) - 100%
RMBleach - The Dark of the Bleeding Moon (w/backstage and extras) (raw) - 100%
Special A (all eps) (subbed, with two styles of text available) - 100%
Trinity Blood (all eps) (dual audio, subs available) - 100%
Spider Riders (all eps) (dubbed) - 75.6%
Armoury Wars (comics, first 5 books) - 67.7%
RMBleach Saien (w/backstage) (assumed raw) - 63.3%
RMBleach Live Bankai Show Code 002 (loads of extras/backstage) (raw) - 58.5%
RMBleach - the All (some extras/backstage) (assumed raw) - 19.6%
Cowboy Bebop (all eps) (dual audio, subs available) - 5.9%
RMBleach - No Clouds in the Blue Heavens (w/backstage) (assumed raw) - 5.1%
RMBleach Live Bankai Show Code 001 (w/backstage) (assumed raw) - 3.4%
Witch Hunter Robin (all eps) (subbed (if I recall correctly)) - 1.1%
Samurai 7 (all eps) (dual audio, subs available) - 0.0%

As well, Jenny had downloaded all the Digimon movies (dubbed) and gifted them to me, as well as the first two seasons of Black Lagoon (dual audio w/subs) (I think that's all there is of it, though). Soon she'll be giving me Sailor Moon, lol lol lol XD

So yeah, now it's easily understandable why I needed an external so bad <3 <3

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