"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stuck in my head.

I have two things stuck in my head. First is a song called "I wanna have your babies", and I'm not going into any more detail than that XD



Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

55 minutes and I can go home

So, I spent all of Soils class studyin' (seriously, all he was talking about was groundwater, most stuff of which I already know), spent half of math studyin' (he was just helping the class do the work I already had finsihed), did a math test, finished 20min earlier than the majority of the class, then I went downstairs (my Plant ID class is in the basement of the Ag building, whereas Soils and Math are both in the Ag Theatre, on the first floor), and sat in the hall... and studied. XD

It almost worked, I remembered a helluva lot more than I would have. I definately got more than seven plants down. I remembered the names alright, it's just the leaves i had some trouble with D:
The maples came pretty easy, they're simple to tell apart. So I'm pretty sure I nailed all nine of those.
The dog woods were a bit trickier - I remembered that flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) had the biggest of dogwood leaves, pagoda dogwood (Cornus alternifolia) has alternating leaves (the only dogwood to have this), and kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa) was the one with the tiny leaves. So I got those three dogwoods okay. I knew the sweet gum (Liquidambar styraciflua) right off the bat, as well as the ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), but I think everyone knew the ginkgo. =\ I mean, seriously, if you see that things leaves you'd understand why. The ivies were easy, but sadly enough I spelt their genus totally wrong. DX Like, it doesn't even sound like what it's supposed to, so I probably won't even get part marks. I got fucking names from my warriors site stuck in my head, half of which are latin, so instead of putting "Parthenocissus" as their genus, I definately put "Pantheracissus" or something of the sort. >=| Stupid Panthera. I love him, I do, but his stupid name is stuck in my fucking head. DX

But yeah I can continue ranting about plant names buuuuut I don't love you enough. XD

And I get to see my puppy in about two hours, gleee~
And I guess Bob has Clash of Ninja 3 WHICH I WANT, so I'm going to "hang out" with him this weekend (and by "hang out" I mean use him for Shino, lol). And I hope that Jackie isn't there. I love her, I do... but the bitch hates me. DX I didn't do anythiiiiing. -whines-

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"So, to wrap this up, Kakuzu is a mother fuckin' badass with five fuckin' hearts..."

Blogging completely brings the worst out in me.

And I'm fucked for tomorrows test; I can barely remember who my favorite Naruto characters are, let alone remember thirty fucking different leaves, their common names, their botanical names, their growing conditions, their use in the landscape, AND how to spell their god damned botanical names. -cusses-

I have AT LEAST 7 memorized, so at least when I fail it won't be ENTIRELY epic. I'll get one nudge in on the beast, as opposed to literally slaying it or literally being slain. I hate this class for the workload. this test is worth 12% of my final mark. DX

But anyways.

To cheer myself up, I've taken to very temporarily fangirling Kakuzu. TEMPORARILY; very.

And this guy is f#@$ing awesome... except for the fact he can't pronounce "Ka-ku-zu" worth shit. (but, as he says, "I know I'm not pronouncing it right and I don't give a fuckin' shit")

This made me considerably happier. <3
It's a biiiig step down from Caramelldansen, content wise, but I don't care. I f##@% love it.

Oh, and there was no pub night tonight, for some reason.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I wanna go hooome. T_T

I miss my puppy.
And I miss having my own room.
And I miss my posted of Kisame. (which is actually here at Ridgetown, I'm just too much of a chickenshit to put it up)
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss my friends.
And I miss my sister. And maybe my brother, too.
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss having satellite tv.
And I miss my gamecube.
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss food that DOESN'T make me sick two out of three days of the week.
And I miss having a room with a single shower, all to myself.
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss being allowed to drink from a glass bottle. (cans, ick).
And I miss my drawing books.
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss Saturday night anime (which I see every sat. night anyways, but that's beside the point.)
And I miss having anime-fan-friends that don't like yaoi (nevertheless Jenny, i luv ya, I do, it's just... weird. XD)
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss my bed.
And I miss....

oh, enough of this fucking whining.
but I do miss Zetsu, my puppy.

I'll try to be postive.
I have highspeed here?

Yeah. That's all I like here. Well, the classes aren't bad...

Speaking of classes, I missed my favorite one tody because DAMN LUNCH MADE ME SICK. ...AGAIN. Auuugh. I missed my three-hour class that I have every wednesday. and aparently we got to climb trees with badass harnesses AND I MISSED IT. -glares- I took a fucking four hour nap instead. Becuase I couldn't move. Because I was sick. So I got to miss my Landscape Management three hour lab. Fuuuuck.

Moving on... -breaths in- at least I have highspeed.
Highspeed. Highspeed. Yeah. I can't use Caramelldansen to cheer me up anymoar because it's depressing because it reminds me of that fucking long animation everyone keeps pestering me to make to that song. T_T For whyyyy?


I'm taking a shower, then I'm going to bed.

This is hte second last night I have to sleep here on these godaweful hard beds this week, then I can go home for the weekend. -breaths- FuckImissmypuppy.

note to you guys; don't read Loveless. It... makes no sense. And there's a gay pedo. And everyone (except some) have cat ears/tails. bothuurs me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Actually yeah it was honestly one of the funnest parties I've ever been to.

...Y'know, aside from the discovery that Jackie hates me to the point of running off in tears because she seems to think I'm trying to steal her boyfriend.


And Jenny Dunlop was there, yaaay~
I was drunk lol

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slightly better...

I feel a bit better this morning, especially now that I've had something to eat.

When my roommate got back last night she commented on the fact that pub sucked, without me having said anything; so that brought slight comfort, knowing it just wasn't me who thought it was hell.

And, looking back now that I'm rested, showered, and fed, it really wasn't TOO too bad... just full of minor annoyances, more than anything.

Well, I get to spend two hours in the Ag theatre this morning then I'm done for the week, so I'd better get going. Bye.

Utter failure

I just want to go home. Pub night only made shit worse. I hate it here. I want to go home... I just want to see all of my friends again... why does everything have to be so fucked up?

I tried to make friends tonight, I really did. But it's so hard the only person that came up to me instead of me having to go up to them... you know what she said? The fucking bitch asked me "Where's your sleazy shirt?!"

I'm just glad I didn't fucking punch her out. I managed to tell her; "I'm not a sleaze," but she kept pressing the matter.

Why the fuck does everything here have to suck. All the guys don't socialize with girls, unless they "want" something from them. And we all know what that is. So that rules out my preferred group of friends.
And all the "girls" don't like you if you're not a fucking skank.

So where the hell do I fit in?

Fucking nowhere.

I wanna go home. I never want to have to come back here again. Everthing is so fucked up. I just wanna go home, to my friends, my family, to everything that's familiar. I want to see my puppy; I want to have him sleep on my bed again. Fuck, I just want a bed that isn't fucking rock hard.

I hate my classes. I hate the people here (they hate me more, it seems). I hate the food. And I hate how fucking miserable I feel.

I just want to go home.

I want to put all this behind me.

I'm going to go take a shower and then go to bed. Maybe I'll feel better in the morning, what with only 2 hours of classes for tomorrow and Pete's stag and doe tomorrow night.

And Travis, I'm not sure what you were thinking about that I was thining about, so I can't take either piece of advice you offered. Because I don't know what the hell you were thinking. I barely even know what I was thinking.

MSN me tomorrow, maybe. We might as well talk. I've got fucking no one else to talk to.


Have you... ever been in one of those situations where, no matter what happends, it probablt won't be... good?

On one hand; the very thing I've been praying for could come true. But... it's not fair to her... I would never forgive myself....

But, on the other hand, I won't ruin her, but I... I will be... I'll have nothing left...

I'm shaking really badly right now. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I'm shaking like crazy. I'm so confused.

I've dreamed of this happeneing, hoping it would, yet believing it wouldn't.

And it did.

And either way I'm fucked now.

It was just a fun thoguht to entertain. I'm scared. I want this, but I don't.

I'm so glad it's pub night tonight. When he came on msn just now and said what he did, i was soooo happy I already had a few buds in my system.

Else I'd probably be crying. I don't know what to do.

I refuse to explain. It's too complicated.
And I haven't had nearly enough to drink.

Pub night tonight!

80's theme w00t!

Anyways, today we got out an hour early (at two) and one of my classes tomorrow is cancelled, so I have only two whole hours left of school this week. XD Awesooome.

Anyways; Travis, stop telling me to go to Seneca, it's depressing me. @_@ I really want to be there. Either there or in Newfieland with Britt. I haven't decided yet. I'll go to either one of the two when I'm done here.

I'm not making many friends, it's a slow process; I don't like it. I feel so... out of place still. T_T It's not as bad as it was before, but it still really sucks.

Oh, and Trav? There's a girl that goes here named Fanny. XD Do I win?

Right. Well. I was up 'til two last night, and I was talking to someoneIrefusetoname on msn. Well, I'm just going to say you people know this guy. Anyways. msn, yeah. So I was talking to him, and 2 am rolled around and I decided to go to bed because I had a test in the morning. He was gonna get off too. So, tiredly, I typed "Bye, see ya on friday" ('cause I'll be hanging out with him there)
and then
out of NOWHERE, he says;
"I love you. Bye."
my response? - "O_O"
"Uh oh..."
"...Well, as long as it's "dearly not queerly" you're safe. XD"
"...yeah... okay... i better go... bye..."

So yeah. Traumatizing night.

Anyways, I'll update again tomorrow, or tonight after pub night. Ciao, bitches. >=3

PS I still haven't finished Sokkenai's Caramelldansen. T_T

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bwuh, is not so good.

today wasn't all that great.
I have a Plant Science test tomorrow... once again, the whole class is preparing to fail.

Plant ID becamse ridiculously hard. Memorizing five leaf shapes, tree names, and botanical names last week was tricky, but easy at the same time.

This week I have to do fucking FIFTEEN. DX I'm doomed for this test. fuckfuckfuck.

In Landscape management, we got to re-seed a huge patch on the main lawn... woo... >3> Well, we got to drive around on all the different kind of big, badass mowers the school has first (so fun!) but i didn't, because I was excessively lazy. And Chris, the teacher-that-could-pull-off-being-a-student-because-he's-not-old-and-he's-awesome, asked why me and the person I was chatting with (shit, what's her name again?) why we weren't trying out the machines. She hates mowers, and she had a headache. I flat out told him, "I'm too damn lazy."
and he said "Alright, fair enough," and laughed.
It was great. XD but I got full marks for just showing up - three hours for 2% of my final mark is not so big a deal. Besides, the lady I was chatting with... well... let's say I don't feel COMPLETELY like I don't belong any more D:

And I still haven't finished Sokkenai doing the Caramelldansen. (And to answer your question Trav, yeah, he's one of my OC's.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


-cackles madly-

It's only half done so stfu. Be happy I'm even showing you.

Monday, September 15, 2008


He did it again. He fucking did it again. Remember the list from my last post of what I wanted to do to him? Well, that seems like NOTHING compaired to what I want to fucking do to him right fucking now. Because, not only did he do it again, he... well... let's jsut say she very well might be pregnant. And she's not even 16! That sick fuck! I'm going to kill him.

There's only one thing that can calm me down.


It's stuck in my head, but as long as it's there, he isn't.


-focuses on Kakuzu and Zetsu- Breaathe Trish, breaaaaattthheeeee...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'll kill him.

I'll fucking kill him.

I just found out that my friend's girlfriend's roomate (a much older male) just raped her.
now, I don't know this girl, nor do I know her roommate (or where they live), but I'm going to track him down and fucking kill him.

My friend has been worried as of late because the girl in question... well, my friend watched her roommate hit her and stuff on webcam, so basically, before, it was just abuse (and I hated him for it).

And now my friend just told me that she took an hour longer than normal to call... because that bastard raped her.

Now my friend is hysterical and I can't do anything to fix that.
Becuase I'm way to pissed.
I can't even feel my teeth any more because my jaw is clenched to tight. I want to kill him. I want to fucking tear his nails out, bash his fucking head in with a pickaxe, skin him alive, break every vertibrae in his spine, and dance in his fucking innards.

I want that bastard dead.


-ignore the title plz-

So yeah.

Today was fun/sucky as ever.
Surprise quiz... and 90% of the Plant Science class failed it lol lol lol. Silly teachers.
He's not counting it towards our mark w00t w00t.

But anyways. Yeah. Today wasn't a bad day, class wise. Nothing really stood out other than the failed test or the hour-and-a-half-and-then-some note in Plant ID. Ah well. What can you do.

Tonight is Pub Night, once again... and I scraped up all the change I could find, and now I can actually afford a ticket. But they're sold out. At first I was mad (BOTH vending machines in the lounge have gipped me now, douchebags, stealing my moneys that I need for beer), but then I realized it doesn't matter, because if I buy the ticket, I can't afford the beer.


there's always next week, I suppose.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Okay, so this "random question" thing this blogger has is completely incompetent.

The question I got was this;

"If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?"

Most idiots would put "lol i guss clay is mud! lol lol"
The people that are even bigger idiots would put "Clay isn't mud because it's clay, not dirt. But it's kinda like mud."

HERE'S THE REAL ANSWER, SO PAY ATTENTION BITCHES. I'm only going over this ONCE! I'll post the qurstion again before my rant for your convenience.

"If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?"

EDUCATED RESPONSE - MUD IS NOT MADE OF "DIRT". It is called "SOIL" - dirt is an undesired gritty substance within a place it should not be. That black stuff on the ground? that's SOIL. SOIL is in mud, not "dirt". Get it right, idiots.

And "clay" is also a kind of soil; it's a texture of soil, actually. Sandy soils are the soils with the largest particles. Sandy soils drain easily because of this. the next step down is silt. Silt had alright drainage, but it could be better - the soil particles are smaller in this kind of soil. Then there's clay; clay is the smallest soil particle you will find, which is why the drainage in clay-y soils is terrible. The water doesn't flow through it as nicely. Yes, clay can be mud, but clay can also be dry, so it's just dry soil then.

Jeez, whoever asked this question was an idiot.

And if all of that went right over your head, here's the short way: Clay can sometimes be mud. And mud has "soil" in it, not dirt. And clay is a kind of soil.
soil + water = mud
clay = soil
so clay + soil = mud, also.

Get it?

I should report that question, for being so f#@$ing stupid.

First post? |D

I was inspired by TB to do this so BLAME HIM for all the obscenities you'll find hurr D=<

But aaaanyways.
Best class so far? Landscape management. Our teacher (who could easily be mistaken for a student - he looks and acts like one, it's good fun) basically - they give us tools and let us run free all over campus butchering plants. D I kid you not. They even say "don't worry if you think you killed it, it's a plant, it'll grow back."

Yeah... it was pretty sweet.

I've got some laaame assignments
Pub Night tickets (tomorrow night is Pub Night) are all runn'd out so it kinda sucks.

Ah well, all in all, Ridgetown isn't bad so far. Could be worse - in fact, there's lots of other places (coughcoughSeneca) I'd much rather be, but... at least I get to go home on weekends and see my puppy. <3
S'aaaaaalll gooooood.
Okay, once I get some beer up here it'll be all good. For now it just kinda sucks.