"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bwuh, is not so good.

today wasn't all that great.
I have a Plant Science test tomorrow... once again, the whole class is preparing to fail.

Plant ID becamse ridiculously hard. Memorizing five leaf shapes, tree names, and botanical names last week was tricky, but easy at the same time.

This week I have to do fucking FIFTEEN. DX I'm doomed for this test. fuckfuckfuck.

In Landscape management, we got to re-seed a huge patch on the main lawn... woo... >3> Well, we got to drive around on all the different kind of big, badass mowers the school has first (so fun!) but i didn't, because I was excessively lazy. And Chris, the teacher-that-could-pull-off-being-a-student-because-he's-not-old-and-he's-awesome, asked why me and the person I was chatting with (shit, what's her name again?) why we weren't trying out the machines. She hates mowers, and she had a headache. I flat out told him, "I'm too damn lazy."
and he said "Alright, fair enough," and laughed.
It was great. XD but I got full marks for just showing up - three hours for 2% of my final mark is not so big a deal. Besides, the lady I was chatting with... well... let's say I don't feel COMPLETELY like I don't belong any more D:

And I still haven't finished Sokkenai doing the Caramelldansen. (And to answer your question Trav, yeah, he's one of my OC's.)


freethephoenix said...

How can you be too lazy to sit on your butt and turn a steering wheel? That is an incredible level of lazy, lol!

Travis said...

Moving lawns? pffft!
You should be drawing! Drawing I say! Come to Seneca!

Kuroari said...

Yes, actually, that's exactly what I explained to Dana (found her name out, hoo-hah); "I'm too lazy to move my arms around and steer. -sits on golfcart motionlessly-"

I KNOW I SHOULD D: I want to be thereeee. T_T