"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Monday, November 30, 2009

NaNoWriMo groups

So, I'm so totally in group three I pretty much founded it. I mean, I've been there since pretty much the first week in, so HURR.

Bacon, founder and ruler of Group Three: The Go On Without Me's.

I'm just that cool.

But I've got four days left of school and four big projects to do (that I can remember). Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's 4.30 am, which means...

my plant id ii final project is due in 12 hours.

...Well, okay, it's 4.40 am, so it's due in 11 hours and 50 minutes. Pah. Whatever.

I spent the last four and a half hours working dilligently on it.

...Yes, diligently. Forget the fact we were assigned this three months ago and I just started now XD

Well I now hate Aster novi-belgii, which is, for the record, New York aster. (y'know those purple flowers that grow in ditches at the end of the summer? Those are New England asters, which are pretty much the same thing).

I still have to do the plant key yet, but that will be my lunch time project. I need to get sleep. I'm not sure if I have soils in the morning, but that's ok, because even if I did I'd be skipping it.

I'm off to bed.

PS, cherry whiskey in cranberry gingerale is really tasty.
PPS, the band Skillet kept me alive the last four hours. Or at least, their song "Those Nights" kept me alive.


(incase the joke is lost upon you, the lyrics of the main chorus go:

"Remember when we'd...
stay up late and we'd talk all night
in a dark room lit by the tv light
through all the hard times in my life
those nights kept me alive
listen to the radio play all night
didn't wanna go home to another fight
through all the hard times in my life
those nights kept me alive"

lawl oh boy i need sleep)

Let's hope I do good on this project, it's worht 20% lol

Monday, November 23, 2009

-grins broadly and stupidly-


That's pretty much what my face sounds like right now.

Just finished using ontariocolleges website thing to apply to places.

Why am I grinning? Well, I have a story for you. A story that will make Becky happy, Travis happy, and Trish happy!

1. Added Algonquin's animation to my wishlist thingie. <- for Becky.
2. Added Seneca's animation to my wishlist thingie. <- for Travis
3. Submitted and did all that payment and transcript stuff. Now, here's where Trishie gets her happy. I was poking around Seneca's website, and somehow wound up on the page for something called "Acting for Camera and Voice" ...that's right, VOICE. omfg. As soon as I saw that I had a heart attack. I poked around it a bit and ... (FUCK, just realized blogging made me late for class. Oh well.) ... pretty much fell in love with the idea of this program. ...Or, at least, all the voice-acting bits of it. I took me a gander at the curriculum, and I must say - DO WANT!~

I was expecting, at the most, 1/4 of the classes to be voice stuff - at the MOST (and that still would have been enough for me) but as it turns out, around half of them are! HALF!! This is the program for me, guise!

So I went back to ontariocollegesdoohickey websitethinger, and added me some Acting for Camera and Voice.

Because seriously? omfgomfgomfg.

I also poked around to see if any other colleges had a similar program, but none had "voice" in the title unless it had to do with singing. Bleh.

BUT WHO CARES. Because. Happy Trish is happy. Even if they don't take me, I'll survive. Y'know? Because I also have the two animations for back up :P

Gotta look into how I'm going to do that testing crap though, for animation thurr at Seneca. Hurr.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I get to work all weekend. fml

No time to draw, study, projects, voice act, or even study!


I'm just leaving school now to drive to London to work. Then I get home around 10 or 11, crash, sleep, wake up early, back to work in London, then go home, crash, sleep, early up for church, straight to work in London from church, go home, crash, sleep, get up early and go back to Ridgetown, hopefully in time for class. Monday's are my longest day of classes (tied with Tuesday), so after class I'm probably going to nap, then rush to get done allll of the crazy, stupid projects I have due next week. Hopefully, none of them are due on Monday. I don't know though.

And I never get any time to novel this weekend. ;_; I'm pretty much giving up on NaNoWriMo for this year, guys, this semester has just been hell and I've hardly had free time.

Enough ranting about my shitty life.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Word count.



Again, Skype. -sighs-

BUT! SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENED ON SKYPE TONIGHT. Aussieroth - a guy whose voice I make a point of fangirling over - was talking about some stupid little n00b that tried to troll him. So, some of us on Skype trolled him back. See, this kid was all butthurt because Aussieroth - as his name may suggest - is pretty much the most notorious Sephiroth fandubber on VAA and even youtube. Seriously, his Sephiroth voice is made of win (and I don't even like Sephiroth!). But this kid thought he was better, so he trolled poor ol' Aussie.

So, Aussieroth linked us to the troll comment and we trolled back. My reply to this kid's comment?

"Yo, (username), I'ma let you finish, but Aussieroth has one of the best Sephiroths of all time. One of the best Sephiroths of all time!"

When I told Aussie that my comment was up - after Sabien posted "cool story bro" and someone else (I think it was VG?) posted "Okay." - so he went and read mine, and then all we heard was his big, crazy, amazing booming laughter. And then, in his amazing australian accent and unnaturally (but still real) deep voice, he said, "Trish, will you marry me?"


I fanboy'd.


especially since I always kinda got the vibe he thought I was annoying D; But I've been talking to him like a NORMAL person the last few days, so I think he sees me as someone that can actually converse now. XD

At any rate, it was good fun.

But for now, I'm going to shower then to bed, so I'll be all rested up and ready to go for writing tomorrow! I will NOT even OPEN Skype tomorrow!

Goodnight, all!

(PS, see the post before this to see a picture of one of my MC's, the half-ghost guy)



i really liked this doodle I did in class a while back so I whipped out my tablet, skipped lunch and coloured him!

It's Jaaaaathe!~ :D One of my main characters!

Oh, look, and i finished him just in time to make it to class. XD Bye~!



PS here's the original doodle

Monday, November 16, 2009

Podcasts and stuff

Looks like our next podcast is gonna be on Abridging and parody projects. Since it really can't be avoided, you guys will probably find out about the secret project I've been working on for a while now XP

The blog for teh team can be found Here, so click, give feedback, and enjoy.

Also, I'm late for class. Goodbye.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Podcast is up! It's about ANIME!

Let it inspire your writing!

Go go go!

It was so fun to record with those guys! They are made of win!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So aparently, I'm from a poem.

But that's okay, because as Becky would say, "I'm all caps and no spaces!"

;D Seriously, when those three were just like, "TRISH, BE IN OUR FUCKING PODCAST." I was like "LOLWUT" because they had put me in it BEFORE asking me. LOL. But I'm excited to work with Optimus, Zombi, and Mukluk. They're all cool shit. This is seriously an amazing opportunity. XD

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nearly doubled my wordcount.

So, certain people got of Skype early today, which compelled me to leave. Because I was bored. So, I wrote. And without a conversation buzzing in my ears or anyone to even type to, it went REALLY fast. And I mean, before, whenever I tried to write, it would take me from about 6:00pm - 1:00am just to get a daily limit in.

I've been at it for two hours (in three minutes it marks the two hours mark) and I went from having 4,821 words to 8,185 words. NICE! ;D I hope I can keep that up tomorrow~

So I finally got Sedge introduced. FINALLY. And he's developing nicely. ;D He's already freakishly laid back, has a weird, soft, almost monotonous, yet cheery, way of speaking - ALL THE TIME - and he already pisses Jathe off to no end. 'Tis wonderful, 'tis very wonderful. But soon my novel will be departing from regular appearances of Ieli, my main character's fiance's brother (Rythen's brother) which makes me sad, because I've quite grown to enjoying his company.

Even though he's a minor character, when I did a doodledump onto my laptop the other day, I noticed I've drawn him more than my villain. I've drawn him more than his brother. Who is much more main. I've drawn him more than Sedge. I've drawn him more than Linaria. But I DON'T think I've drawn him more than Jathe just yet, only because I draw Jathe a lot, because I love to draw his hair. XD But anywho. (NOTE: will include one of these drawings below)

I think I'll call it a night. It's 12:01 now anyways, so nothing else I write will count towards the word count from the ninth XP

In non-NaNoWriMo related news, today, between our Plant tour for Plant ID II and our late Landscape Design II lecture, since Joscelyn didn't want to walk all the way home to wait for class to start, and neither did Jason, we played Rock Band in my room! XD This has been my first group-banding in a long time, and my first one with those guys, and even my first one at college here. So it was awesomesauce. On thursday I'm going to teach Annemarie to play (she just watched us), and probably Jenny at some point, too. I want all my friends to Rock Band! haha. It's such a great game, and I miss it.

But I digress. Sleepy time!~

But yeah. I'm off to shower, then to bed. See ya, everyone! :D
Happy Noveling to you all!
(I hope tomorrow is another really good writing day for me, I truly need one)

PS, here's one of my characters!~

It's Ieli Bein! :D My main character's fiance's brother, who I had to turn into a thief/ninja so I could get my plot to move. XD HUHUHU. The bottom right is a comparison of face shapes and hair styles for he and his brother, Rythen.

I'm going to miss him when he's not in it any more, but maybe I'll have him pop up in the end. Because he's probably one of the nicest niceguy characters I've ever made. He's pretty cool.

Disappointing word count is disappointing.

So, I haven't been able to write since thursday, and even then I was behind.

Dunno what my word count is at right now, but it's depressingly low. As in, I think just barely above 5,000. Yeah. Kill me now, plz.

Looks like I'll be closing Skype tonight and popping open media player and Q10. I really hope my roommate doesn't choose to watch anime or read manga tonight - she's way too distracting when she does. She'll start laughing, and keep up this fake laughter until I ask what's so funny, or on the lucky rare occasion until she realizes I'm not curious. At all. Her record is three minutes. Three minutes STRAIGHT of fake laughter. omfg. Rage.

But I digress. I just wish I had a roommate who was quiet, like I did last year, or a roommate who isn't in the room 24/7. ...Like last year.

Makes it very hard to write, and even harder to find time to record lines. I actually skipped Nursery today - the day before the midterm, fucking genius I am - so I could get some overdo lines in.

No idea when I'm going to able to audition for that Chrono Trigger dub, Female!Orochimaru and White!Zetsu for that Naruto Uncut fandub, any and every female voice - and the cat - for that Time Hollow fandub (fucking love that game)... there's a few more, but I forget. I'm just thankful the only ones who sent me lines all weekend were Sandersthepimp (I'm his Revy, Chinglish, Rem, Maya Natsume and various other voices), and Megaguts549 (aka Dan) (I do most the female voices in his Megaman NT Warrior Abridged).

I have roommate drama and my roommate doesn't even know there's drama. FML.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Reasons

It occurred to me today, as I was skipping class to sulk in bed because of a candy hangover (tummy aches, headaches, etc), that I'm not writing NaNoWriMo because I want to hone my skills. I'm not writing it because I want to create something decent. I'm not writing it because I want to watch a plot of mine unfold in a solid, physical, public form. I'm not writing it because I want to give my characters something to do. I'm not writing it to try to prove anything to myself, or even anyone else. I'm not writing it for the challenge. I'm not writing it for the attention (even though I'm slowly gathering quite a bit from around campus). I'm not writing it because I want to.

I'm writing it because I CAN. It's there, the idea of this, this thing... this NaNoWriMo... this MONSTER simply exists. I'm not writing to fight it, oh no, I'm writing because IT'S THERE. To leave it left untouched would nag me to no end. I need to participate, to get out there and do something with myself. I have no reason, other than the reason that it exists.

It's a lot like a alcohol to me. In the end, there's not much point to it, but it's THERE, right within my reach, for me to take a nice, big, long swig in a very limited time. It's there for me to take. It's free and it's within my grasp.

But most of all, it's what it does to me. I hate the work - just like I don't like the time and effort it takes a tank like me to get intoxicated, I don't like the time and effort it takes me to finish and wrap up all the fucking stories that fly around my head. But when the bottle is down and empty it just feels so good. I'm so carefree, de-stressed, I have fun, and it's the only time I'm truly calm and my multiple and tangled thoughts aren't driving me mad. With NaNoWriMo, it's like, "Do it, finish it, and get it done RIGHT or you get NOTHING."

Maybe it's greed, then. Maybe, for me, looking at the NaNoWriMo webpage just makes my head go "GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!" In the end it doesn't matter how much I wrote or how long (or rather, soon) it took me to do it, and it doesn't really matter that I did it, it's just the fact that it was there, and I didn't overlook it.

I don't know, it's really hard to explain. It's almost like I'm doing it for the hell of it, but...

AHA. Just figured it out. I joined a facebook group last year for NaNo, now that I recall, and the title of the group tells it like it is.

"I'm Writing a Novel in a Month Because I'm a Mental Masochist."

Or something like that. Ahahaha. Maybe that's it, then. Hehehe.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Character run down

Okay, here's the shit that's going down for my peeps.

Main cast
Linaria Mailisane - female - human - late teens/early twenties-ish - very important person on the social ladder.
To sum Linaria up in a few words: emotional; somewhat self-centred; sees the world as black and white; needy at times.
Engaged to Rythen Bein.

Jathe Thein - male - half-human, half-ghost - mid twenties - guard
To sum Jathe up in a few words: Callus/uncaring; serious; works hard when he has to; also kind of an asshole
Works for the Mailisane family as Linaria's guard.

Asada "Sedge" Elik - assumed male - human - early twenties - thief
To sum Sedge up in a few words: intelligent; light-hearted; always calm; never serious; pisses Jathe off to no end without having to do anything

Rea - female - golem - just a few years - specialist
To sum Rea up in a few words: mysterious origins; multiple personalities, literally.

Rythen Bein - male - human - early twenties - important guy
To sum Rythen up in a few words: intelligent; calm; deceptive; wise; charming
Engaged to Linaria Mailisane.

Taraxa Ixil - female - assumed human - early to late twenties - assassin
To sum Taraxa up in a few words: loyal; resourceful; respectable; tough

Secondary Characters
Lord Orin Mailisane - male - human - late forties - high social standing
Orin is Linaria's father, and Milena's husband.

Lady Milena Mailisane - female - human - early to mid forties - high social standing
Milena is Linaria's mother, and Orin's wife.

Rath - female - ghost - age unknown
Rath is Jathe and Sihn's mother.

Enoe Thein - male - human - early fifties - commoner
Enoe is Jathe's father.

Sihn - female - ghost - age unknown
Sihn is Jathe's brother, and Rath's daughter.

Lord Lerin Bein - male - human - mid to late forties - very high social standing
Lerin is Ieli and Rythen's father.

Ieli Bein - male - human - late teens - high social standings
Ieli is Lerin's son, and Rythen's brother.

Some of the info found above is subject to change, but for the most part, that's what I'm going with. No set appearances yet except that Linaria is blonde and Jathe has blue hair and grey eyes. Yeah.

Monday, November 2, 2009

KAY, SO, UM, names.

Think I might have some names for some of my characters.

Main cast
Female lead - Linaria Mailisane (Linaria = plant genus lol.)
Male lead - Jathe Thein (subject to change.)
Thief person thing - Asada "Sedge" Elik
Golem person thing - Rea
Villain - Rythen Bein
Villain's underling or w/e - Taraxa Ixil (Taxara = plant genus again, lol)

Linaria's parentals - Orin Mailisane (father), Milena Mailisane (mother)
Jathe's family - Rath (mother), Enoe Thein (father), Sihn (half-sister)
Rythen's family - Lerin Bein (father), Ieli Bein (brother)

THAT'S RIGHT FUCKING LAST NAMES. Grrr. It bothers me how often I DON'T give my novel characters last names. D=< In Bounds of Mortality, Xhai'agh was the only one with a last name. And Xhai'agh wasn't even the characters real name, and the novel never covered (rather, was never planned to cover) the part where you do find out teh real name! (Which was Illiv'nitra Auvry'ath, btw). The NaNo novel I finished a few years ago, that had EIGHT main characters, only had one character - out of all 20 or so - that had a last name, and it wasn't even a real last name. In my steampunk story, only Fr. Blake Krandt and Aerron Hull had last names. Angelina got one later on, because SHE MARRIED AERRON. Gawsh. Tch. I'm so full of fail.

BTW, I'm cheating and using a name generator to help me. DX I'm not using the names right off it, I'm mashing them up a little, but I'm mostly looking for a feel or sound or look. Or something. I dunno.

Next blog post will have a run down of genders, species, ages, etc.

For now, I lunch break, then I'll get writing, then I'll go to class! Huttah!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Neglectful trish is neglectful.

Ahahaha totally got 0 words for NaNoWriMo done today. Still trying to think of character names, GAH. There are four names. Four names I NEED to at least get STARTED... and I have one. HURR. But anywho. Got another fandub role I'm all excited about. :D

Emi Isuzu from Tenjou Tenge. :3 Yes, she has pink hair. Yes, her skirt is short. Yes, she more than likely has a weird crush on the president of the executive council.
...But she has weapons stashed literally EVERYWHERE, and she's secretly actually REALLY FAT. :D (don't ask, it's fucked up) so i <3 her.

Here's the audition vid that got me the role. I had fun making it, actually, I just wish Cody was online at the time so he could get his audition for Mitsuomi done at the same time by doing his voice in this D=< Stupid Nova Scotia kid, HURR.