"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Monday, November 23, 2009

-grins broadly and stupidly-


That's pretty much what my face sounds like right now.

Just finished using ontariocolleges website thing to apply to places.

Why am I grinning? Well, I have a story for you. A story that will make Becky happy, Travis happy, and Trish happy!

1. Added Algonquin's animation to my wishlist thingie. <- for Becky.
2. Added Seneca's animation to my wishlist thingie. <- for Travis
3. Submitted and did all that payment and transcript stuff. Now, here's where Trishie gets her happy. I was poking around Seneca's website, and somehow wound up on the page for something called "Acting for Camera and Voice" ...that's right, VOICE. omfg. As soon as I saw that I had a heart attack. I poked around it a bit and ... (FUCK, just realized blogging made me late for class. Oh well.) ... pretty much fell in love with the idea of this program. ...Or, at least, all the voice-acting bits of it. I took me a gander at the curriculum, and I must say - DO WANT!~

I was expecting, at the most, 1/4 of the classes to be voice stuff - at the MOST (and that still would have been enough for me) but as it turns out, around half of them are! HALF!! This is the program for me, guise!

So I went back to ontariocollegesdoohickey websitethinger, and added me some Acting for Camera and Voice.

Because seriously? omfgomfgomfg.

I also poked around to see if any other colleges had a similar program, but none had "voice" in the title unless it had to do with singing. Bleh.

BUT WHO CARES. Because. Happy Trish is happy. Even if they don't take me, I'll survive. Y'know? Because I also have the two animations for back up :P

Gotta look into how I'm going to do that testing crap though, for animation thurr at Seneca. Hurr.


Travis said...


That is toooo amazing Trish!!!


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