"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Repot Card!



I drew a comic. Based on some website I joined today. (already forgot what it's called, uurrrr...)
(click it to see the whole thing)

Friday, October 24, 2008

FUCK YES. -wriggles happily-


I skipped soils this morning to study, and I crammed as many of those botanical names into my skull as I could. And although I forgot 1/4 of those words, I still remembered a good 3/4 and made most of the rest of the shit up. And on the second part I answered all but one question with confidence.

I DEFINATELY FUCKING PASSED! :D AT THE VERY LEAST I'm expecting a 60. AT THE VERY MOST probably a 90, but that's only if I didn't fuck up whatever I was pretty sure I got right. XD So I'm likely to get somewhere in the 70-80 range, but I don't care because I know I did way better than the last test.


Well I'm off. I'm going home for the weekend, bahye.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Course selection

Okay, so, course selection sheets. Yeah.

I have five options for next semester.

Sales & Sales Management
Intro. to Landscape Construction
Horticultural Equipment Management
Floral Design & Retailing (limited enrolment)
Arboriculture (limited enrolment)

I'm definitely signing up for Floral Design & Retailing, because it's really the only artsy course there is. Other than that, I want Intro. to Landscape construction, because there's no way in hell I'm taking Sales, or Equip. Management. Arboriculture... eehhh... it would be interesting, but in my mind, not worth the effort. I don't feel like learning about trees and their ailments and then having to go chop branches off of them all classtime. :\ That doesn't excite me in the least.

But they're making us pick two backups, in case we don't get the courses we want. And since Floral whatsit has limited ....

FUCK I CAN'T EVEN RAMBLE PROPERLY. My damn monitor keeps flickering at different brightnesses and I don't know why and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY! AUUDGHERGJWvsioeoartnbrskltnmbadfmvd lgkjnoaerngarsbfgn.

MAKE IT STOP. IT'S SO ANNOYING. It started a few weeks ago and I don't know how to make it stooop D: And I think it's slowly getting woooorse. DX

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

'Kay, so...

Today was definitely better than yesterday. Five hours straight outside in this beautiful, beautiful weather did that to me. I woke up feeling a lot better. I had breakfast, went to class, found out I did pretty damn good on the Soils midterm, went to the optional math lecture (caught up on everything I missed yesterday -sighs in relief-) talked to my Plant Science teacher (Dr. Dave) about the binder I forgot in lab, he said he didn't pick it up (but he was going to look for me, yaaay), then spent an hour toolin' around campus for Plant ID. Decided to have lunch, it wasn't too bad. Then I went to my 3 hour Landscape management lab and we planted trees :D It was all good fun.

So today was DEFINITELY a better day than yesterday. Definitely.

That, and I just finished downloading the Special A anime.
I'm still wondering how the hell I started reading/watching shoujo, since the only shoujo I liked before college was Trinity Blood (which was practically shounen). -sighs- Ah well. I'm not going to worry about it unless I catch myself fangirling over yaoi. -shudders- SO NASTY EW. DX DX DX

As for today, my room smells faintly of crisp fall leaves. But again, we had another plant tour in Plant ID.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm going crazy.

I can't stand it. I hate being cooped up in this little room. I just want to go home. I don't even want to go to class anymore... "just get through it and get it over with" isn't even enough motivation any more. I hate it here. I want to go home.

I was stuck in bed all day because I'm sick to my stomach. I've also had a headache for over 24 hours. As well, I've been stressed. And tired. And I missed lunch and supper today, so I'm hungry too. And to top it all off? Everyone here fucking hates me. I forgot to hand in the outline for our final-project-group-project thingie yesterday, and since it was a day late, 20% was taken off of the project's final mark. Fuck. And no matter how much I tell them I'm sorry they don't respond.

And the worst part is, when I called a friend (lost distance or not fuck that shit I'm going crazy here) he asked me "...Are you calling from Ridgetown?"
"Isn't it long distance?"
"Can you afford that?"
And, in my rage and stress, I snapped "Fine, bye." and slammed my phone shut.

And now I'm worse off than I was ten minutes ago.
Fucking asshole.

I bet if it was his girlfriend he wouldn't care about the cost. But noooo, instead with me he's just snide. Forget the fact I've already tried calling him twice earlier. Forget the fact I'm his "best friend". Asshole. And I was calling him at his mom's house, so it isn't like it cost him anything.

Fuck I just want to die and drop out of this miserable period of my life. I can't stand this shit. I want out of here. I want to go home to people that actually like me (and my puppy). I want to have a large expanse of property to freely roam (I hate being cooped up in this room).

I'm mowing down on crispers because Jenny's too worried about me to lemme go to Tim Horton's and buy soup... damnit... augh... I can't argue with Jenny... er... well... Crispers will have to do. -sighs- I don't even think I have any money for soup, anyways.

So yeah, this week sucks.

And I don't know what the hell my room smells like because I've been in it all day so I'm immune. ...Well, not all day. I did go for breakfast and I did go to Plant Science this morning. I forgot my binder there too, fuck....

Friday, October 17, 2008

:D :D :D


And yes my wasp bite aktually looks like that. Don't forget to watch the clip after the credits

No room smell today; I can't smell nothin' due to the unmuffleable stench of POT in the HALLWAY. DX -cries-

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My dorm room smells like... episode II

Well, when I say here's today's update on what my room smells like, I'm not exaggerating with the term "update". This morning it had a bit of an earthy smell about it, and the bittersweet stench of apples that are just starting to rot. Now, it was faint, but that's a minor detail. The smell has been updated. For Plant ID I had a plant tour, so now 30 new leaves grace the shelves in our room (me and my roommate both are in Horticulture, and we both collected 15 leaves each), so now it has gone back to smelling all leafy. However, this pleasant leafy stench is a NEW-LEAFy stench, not an old crispy leafy stench like before (even though those guys are still chillin' on my shelf, beside the new ones)

So yeah, I like the leafy smell. Sure, it's not my FAVORITE smell, but it keeps our room smelling better than anyone elses. Three people have told me today that my room smells really good - two of those three said it was the best smelling room. Hoo-hah. I wish there was an award for that.

But yeah, keep 'er tuned for tomorrow's "My dorm room smells like..." episode! Wauuugh the suspense!


LOL LOL LOL I love the clip they put at the credits, that part was so funny in the anime. XD
That and I love that song. Makes me wanna DDR. God, I miss that game.

But anyways, I'll update on the smell of my room later. I haven't figured it out yet, and I have to go to class.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Okay, so, weekend stuffs.

Alright Travis, since you were wondering...

I did get home all quiet like and seemingly didn't wake my parents up, but the next morning my mom was like "RAWR! Why weren't you home on time? Why did you get home at 3.30?! rawr!" and it was scary. ...And she grounded me from driving, rotfl. (yes, it's that funny to me; I NEVER type "rotfl".)

And that's about the worst that got. Spend sunday afternoon playing rockband (yeah!)

And then

on monday

i went to play it and it wouldn't fucking work.

I opened the disc tray, pulled the dis out and... it seems my Xbox scratched the shit out of the bottom on the disc D=<

So when I went to Neil's house for TG supper (we're having ours next week now, and I really wanted turkey), i gave him the disc and asked him if he'd go talk to/yell at/bitch out Mike (guy I bought it from) about it. And he did. =3 So now I just gotta wait 'til I'm home on friday to go see if Mike could fix it (he said he'd try).

So yeah, I'm not so happy about that.

On a side note, this is what I came here to actually post;
Since I no longer have an interest in blogging, but Travis will get mad if I don't, I'll instead be doing daily reports on what my dorm room smells like.

Today it's a cross between crispy old leaves (not so good) and apples. Not a good smell, by any means, but not completely intollerable, either. It smells better than most people's rooms. The apple smell must be left over from yesterday; this room smelled delicious yesterday~

On another side note, they jacked up the prices on those god forsaken vending machines. So instead of getting my Sprite (which would, of course, inevitably mean I'd get a coke instead), I had to buy a can of Nestea. Not that I'm complaining, because at least this time it gave me all of my change back. -sighs-

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i don't feel like upkeeping my blog, it's too much wooork.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I didn't keep up with your blogs over the weekend (dial-up, bweh) and I really don't feel like catching up.
If you've got anything significant to lemme know either tell me it here or tell me which journal entry to go read.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's cold out. And it's raining - not the kind of rain that's fun and worth while, but that stupid little caught-between-drizzling-and-spitting-and-maybe-actually-raining kinda rain that's just... uncool.

I had a midterm today, for a class I don't even understand.

I was pretty much well conned into joining some club I probably won't enjoy.

I had to work outside - in this weather - for the last three hours.

Stupid BitTorrent is telling me that, instead of taking two days to download my anime, it decided this morning that it's going to take a week or two. Which means I probably won't have Neverwinter Nights for... oooh, say, three weeks? (fuck. Seifer's even back nao D:)

...but you guys know what?

Today was an amazing day. And I feel strangely at peace with myself.

I went to Soils class at 8 this morning, for an hour, then math came... and it was optional, so I came back here and cussed at BitTorrent for being slow. An hour later, I went to Plant Science and took my midterm - considering how much I haven't learned in that class and how stupid it is, that damned midterm wasn't all that bad. I'm most likely going to pass. Then Plant ID class was just a plant tour - normally very imperative that one goes on the plant tours, but... it was for herbaceous perennials, so instead of tooling around campus and letting the long tours cut into my lunch time, I didn't go. Besides, the test isn't going to have livesamples for when that comes up, there's going to be pictures. Of them in spring. Hoo-hah. So half of my classes this morning = unvisited. And lunch?

Oh fuck yes, lunch was awesome. Free pizza, w00t w00t! And the school started a horticulture club, for the seniors and juniors of the program to be able to get to know eachother. Well over half of everyone in the Hort. program showed up, and there was FREE PIZZA (and pop - I grabbed some extras on my way out so my fridge here is stocked, hwahwa). And the club is mostly about fund raising, which is why it sucks. ...but, because we're fundraising, we'll get to go on trips and badass competitions. >=D f#@% yes. AND THERE WAS FREE PIZZA. No icky caf food for lunch, yeeey~

And after lunch, I had my three hour outdoor lab for landscape management.

And I loved it.

Sure, it was cold, and that pussyass-sucky-rainy raining, but it was fun. We tooled around on the mule and the gator after moving a few plants around in the nursery and pulling weeds outta 'em, then we weeded the gardens around the Vet. Tech building (I hate the vet. tech people, but kicking the shit out of mushrooms (literally, I got to kick them everywhere) was damn fun). Then we pruned the shit out of this poor little ground-cover shrub (called a "winter creeper", it's frickin' awesome, I want one) but since only five of us did it we like, get bonus marks or something for doing more than everyone else (and considering each lab is 5% of my final mark that rocks). Then we tooled around some more on the mule or the gator, and planted a whole shit load of mums out by the main sign (so if any of you drive by Ridgetown anytime soon, and you pass the college and see the kickass garden by the sign, think of me, awright? XD). We learned that the people from the town that are more apt for commiting doucebagger often steal plants from the nursery from the school, because they seem to be under the impression we're all funded or something, or that the plants are free for us and therefore them or something. We're nooooot. Our school has to buy those plants you assholes, so stop f#@$ing stealing our shit. Don't steal our compost either, we don't spend lots of research and time and money and work on it for you to think it's there so you can have it. ...Anyways, I'll stop ranting.

While cleaning up the garden before planting mums we found a coke bottle filled with a very questionable yellow substance. We all knew what it was, but Chris (teacher) flat out told us he refused to admit that that's what it might be; he kept on telling us he would designate it as being "aged coke that has lost it's pigments and turned flat and yellow". We decided to let him be like that, as he threw out the bottle without directly touching it. XD

After that, we tooled around A LOT more on the gator and found saplings and dug 'em up and put 'em in pots for the nursery. I found a red oak, and I fell in love with it. <3 It's my baby. I wanna take it home or something, but I need to ask Kennedy (teacher) or Chris (also teacher) first D= because Kennedy was pretty excited about it, too. -clings to tree- but he can keep his tulip trees, I want my red oak D:

Ah well.

It was a lot of fun, that's definately my favorite class. <3 <3

So today has been AWESOME so far.

If this luck of mine keeps up, hopefull BitTorrent will like, go faster and get my anime download done by tomorrow D=< I don't want to have to wait all weekend with a 3/4 finished anime download sitting around >3> It wouldn't be so bad if it let me watch the episodes, but it seems to download in random peices, so I pretty much well will have NOTHING actually on my computer until the download finishes.

Remind me to send and extra <3 to the friend who showed me how to download all the coolest free shit in the world. God, I love making friends with hackers. XD