"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My dorm room smells like... episode II

Well, when I say here's today's update on what my room smells like, I'm not exaggerating with the term "update". This morning it had a bit of an earthy smell about it, and the bittersweet stench of apples that are just starting to rot. Now, it was faint, but that's a minor detail. The smell has been updated. For Plant ID I had a plant tour, so now 30 new leaves grace the shelves in our room (me and my roommate both are in Horticulture, and we both collected 15 leaves each), so now it has gone back to smelling all leafy. However, this pleasant leafy stench is a NEW-LEAFy stench, not an old crispy leafy stench like before (even though those guys are still chillin' on my shelf, beside the new ones)

So yeah, I like the leafy smell. Sure, it's not my FAVORITE smell, but it keeps our room smelling better than anyone elses. Three people have told me today that my room smells really good - two of those three said it was the best smelling room. Hoo-hah. I wish there was an award for that.

But yeah, keep 'er tuned for tomorrow's "My dorm room smells like..." episode! Wauuugh the suspense!


Travis said...

Leaves smell?
How odd.

And Why does it smell of rotten apples? If something was baked with apples in it, why has it not been eaten?!

freethephoenix said...

Throw out those Apples already!! Hahaha, and I also heart the video in your previous post.

Kuroari said...

There are no apples, that's the stupid part D:

Aha, and thanks, Jess! XD