"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good news and Bad news ~ What my room smells like episode IV

Awright, bad news first.

-I didn't write a damn thing on my novel yesterday
-My computers mark went down 15% (I now have a 76)
-My dorm room is still leaking
-I'm 23,342 or so words behind on my novel (ouch)

Good news tiem nao.

-I got my fair share of the Communications essay done and over with yesterday
-My soils mark shot all the way up to 80%
-I've officially had my last soils class, ever.
-I don't have class at all on friday! Thursday is my last day, awright!

PS my room smells like stale, over-buttered popcorn. Not pleasant at all.

Monday, November 24, 2008

20k and tiem for bed

you know why trish has to go to bed?
because bed won't come to her! ahahaha.

no seriously, that's like, the only reason why. if bed came to me that'd be effin' sweet. but it won't, so booooo.

ok i hit 20k now it's tiem for me to sleep in my leaky room (my ceiling leaks).

(AKA random quotes that amused my from my recent msn convo with Travis)

"hey wait I minute, I haven't writin anything in like two weeks and I'm still beating you? how?"

"1,000 if I decide to be awesome"

"whaaaa whaaa whaaa, somebody call the whaaaaaambulance"

"...but do I seriously get a banana? D:"

Off to write

That Jerk Mike just crammed three songs into my head (all of them were stuck at once, and he did it on purpose) but it's not nothin' a little Caramelldansen couldn't fix. ;3

So now my head is Amarillo sky/Chicken Fried/Hide and Seek clear. Caramelldansen ftw.

But anyways, Since I'm freakishly behind on NaNo, I've decided to just write and if I make I make it and if I don't I don't. I feel no attachments to the deadline; I have severed my ties. I am a blank slate. Completely emotionless. The thirtieth will not make me panic... ... ...yeah okay, that's not working. But I'm so hectic about hating Ridgetown/trying to survive Ridgetown that I don't think the end of the month and an unfinished novel will really depress me any further.

At any rate, I've got nowhere to procrastinate left (once I finish posting here) so I'll be off to write. ...That's like, four hours earlier than I usually start writing. If I can get in the range of 4-5k tonight I'll be happy.

Well, I'm off to write.

Ciao, bitches. >=3

Tonight's idealistic goal: 20,000
Tonight's realistic goal: 18,500
I'd be happy if I hit: 19,500
Currently at: 19,000 <- I'll be updating this every hour or so.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Hey Trav, you know how last night I ranted that we didn't get snow here? (A fact taught to me by almost all of my teachers?)

Apparently, I lied.

I woke up, and just stared out the window.
Annemarie, my roommate, chirped with a laugh, "Yeah, it snowed."
And yes, yes it did.

But anyways, I need to mush off to breakfast, then class, and hopefully manage to pass my Plant ID test. Ooooh, wouldn't that be grand...

As a side note Toronto/David Suzuki was awesome last night. Yeah. Bye.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

4,000 words tonight

okay shower tiem then bed tiem.
Wrote 4,000 words tonight.
Got Hachirou all introduced and what not, and I must say, of all my characters he's being the nicest to me. Y'know why? Because he's the only damn one whose personality is taking shape anything like it is in my head. Even boss wasn't co-operating! Even Cecilia, the dusty old servant, is rebelling against her creator! WHY IS SHE A CLOSET PERV?! WHYYYY?! -cries- I've created a monsteeeer.
But I also created Hachirou/Ren, who is also a monster, but unlike Cecilia he's SUPPOSED to be. Because he's not a pervy old woman. He's just a perv. ...Not really. But close enough.


Word count: 14,000

PS David Suzuki tomorrow.no writing for me tomorrow.

If I don't put this here I won't remember.

Alright, actually working on my novel.

  • Boss is back, and his eyes aren't red-orange anymore. Lack of treatments. Eyes now red-brown. Already spotted Jimmie.
  • "Kohaku" has a name now. He's Morimoto Ren, lies and claims he's Morimoto Hachirou. NOT Morimoto Katsuo. NOTNOTNOT. No moar K-names here. He's Ren when Shiro's dominant, Hachirou when Kuro's dominant. DON'T FORGET. Kuro is dominant for majority of story.

    REMEMBERREMEMBERREMEMBER Hachirou Hachirou Hachirou. Ren Ren Ren. Hachikurorou Hachikurorou Hachikurorou. Ren Shiro Ren Shiro Ren Shiro. MORIMOTO. Doooon't forgeeeeet. DX

    Current word count: 11,407
  • Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    David Suzuki!

    For the MERE cost of $25, this thursday I get to miss a Plant Science quiz (on something I don't understand, hoo-hah!) because I'm going to go see DAVID SUZUKI.

    I don't even really like David Suzuki much, but even so, I recognize that the man's a genius and that he's pretty damn well known and all that jazz, so I'm still excited to go. I think it'll be fun. =3

    Room Smells episode III: Revenge of the Booze

    Today, after lunch, I pranced into my room to a rather rank smell. This is by far the most unpleasant odour from my room to assault my olfactory senses (I have smelled worse, just not in this room), and it displeases me.

    It is a mixture between stale beer and rotting leaves (the not so pleasant smell, not the good smell) and a dash of pine, juniper, cedar and spruce - and unfortunately, this particular additive doesn't make it smell any better. It just makes the smell more acid-y, and therefore more prominent. Bwaaaah.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Linearts, and Kohaku explained

    Linearts. Yeah. Not happy with a few things but I don't care anymore. Anyways. Let's explain Kohaku for a moment.

    No, I don't mean him as a character, too many spoilers surround that. Let's just say, for now, that he's in the wrong place at the absolutely wrong time. But anyways, like I said, I'm not here to explain his character. It's his name. Thomson a little too readily for my tastes went ahead and pointed out that Kohaku is another k-name. Nobody who reads this will get the k-name thing, probably, unless you were online that day I got pissed and quit CroNous. BUT ANYWAYS, back on topic here. I'm not counting Kohaku as a k-name for two reasons; 1. Kohaku isn't his real name (he doesn't have a real name yet) and 2. I had told Shirley that it was a name I had liked/used before the whole k-name period of my lifetime, but he GRACIOUSLY pointed out that there really wasn't much to define the whole before-the-start thing. Yeah. So I decided that of all the k-names, it was the original. The first. The draft that gave way to the flood of k-names, if you will.

    At any rate, I'm not counting Kohaku as a k-name. And if it were a k-name, it would be my favouritest of all the k-names. That's right. I said "favouritest".

    So yeah. I still don't feel like writing tonight (even though I should, but isn't catching up like crazy what the weekends are for?). I don't even feel like colouring these linearts.

    But yeah.

    So, in conclusion, Kakuzu is a motherfuckin' badass with five fuckin' hearts.
    Ooops, sorry, got carried away with a great quote. (Seriously, when I hear anyone say "In conclusion..." my mind automatically tacks "Kakuzu is a motherfuckin' badass with five fuckin' hearts." on the end. Bleh.)

    Let's try that again.

    So, in conclusion, linearts done but not entirely loved, and Kohaku != k-name.

    Trish talks about her NaNo characters! :D

    Shuuuu... so as you can clearly see, I've started drawing my two main characters for my novel. =3 Because I was going to write after supper. But I missed supper. So instead of writing I'm drawing. And it's Mareka and Jimmie! :D I thought "man, how would they sign their own names?" And believe me, those signatures are NOTHING like what their signatures would be. Except the sloppiness of Mareka. She got a late start on education. (and by late start I mean she was about 14 or 15 before anyone taught her anything. Including morals.)

    Sooo, Jimmie, whose real name is Jeremiah, is an apprentice mechanic. He probably should go cut his hair some time, but oh! his boss, Aerron, keeps the poor kid busier'n all heck. He doesn't mind though, his work is, essentially, his life. He doesn't seem to do much outside of bantering with Aerron and fixing steam engines. He's damn good at both, one should note. He's also the most logical, clear-thinking, sanest character in this novel, making for a pretty sturdy mindset that every mentally healthy main character should have! yaaaay!

    And then there's Mareka. Ooooh, Mareka. Words cannot describe this... ... ...
    Either I have writer's block or I just proved my own point unintentionally. DX
    At any rate, she's a novice nun (pairing killer, wheee~! "Not today, fangirls!"). She's also rather insane. She's been building bombs since she was a child, and is rather self-taught in that department. She grew up in the middle of nowhere (literally), on a chicken farm, with possibly bad parenting in her past (I never went into details on her parents and I never will). When she entered the story, back in the first novel, they found her being in a huuuge lapse on insanity, hiding away in a carner of a very dark room in a very neglected house, and in a separate room they found her parent's roting, bloating corpses. So she probably hadn't had food or even left that room for almost a week when they found her.

    But anyways, these two met up in the first novel, as children. Jimmie hated her, she constantly teased him and made him miserable and she was a general all around annoying little crazed monstrosity. When Fr. Blake died (spoiler! gasp!) she took a 180 in personality... but not insanity. So she's nicer to Jimmie now, now that it's probably like, ten years later, but she's still a lunatic. And she still knows how to make bombs. But she doesn't annoy the crap out of Jimmie any more, so he's content with their friendship. Actually, they get along quite well. They're pretty much best friends. Whenever Mareka's not busy at the church and Jimmie's not busy working/running errands for Mr. Hull, they ... I dunno, hang out or something. Either way when they're not doing other things they spend their free time just chillin'. Because main characters that are never around each other that are supposed to be friends are very anti-plotful.

    Anyways, yeah, I thought I'd draw them. Mareka looks crafty, like she's contemplating blowing something up. Jimmie is oblivious to this, of course, so he seems quite happy in this picture. Ah, the good times in life, ne?

    One reason I was motivated to draw this was because I needed to remember what his hair was like. Yeah. Kinda like in this picture. It's the closest I've ever gotten it since the concept sketch for Grownup!Jimmie. I just drew Mareka in there because Jimmie without Mareka makes for a very empty picture, in my mind.

    Okay but one reason that I ACTUALLY drew this for was because soon I'm introducing Kohaku and re-introducing the villain. Which means shit is about to be disturbed. Especially between these two, espeically considering how Kohaku is unfolding in my mind. Hurrhurrhurr. Jimmie is NOT going to get along with him, I can tell you that much. =3 And poor, poor, poooor (aka uncaring and oblivious) Mareka is caught up in the middle of it all. =3 ...Oh, and there's the imminent threat of the villain, too. Heh.

    BUT YEAH. I should get writing. 'Cause after talking about my people with you guys I'm anxious to go bring my bad guy back (he supposedly died in the first novel). And to introduce Kohaku. ...But mostly just to have some scene where Mareka's being crazy and Jimmie is, miraculously, tolerating her madness quite well. Or rather, her Sparta. Haha. 300 joke. Anyways, yeah. I need to go write in Q10, not in my blog.

    So bahye?

    PS It's DAMN cold in this room. DX

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    It's done, it's doooone!


    It's 12 pages, but it's dooone ~ teacher said it would be 6 at absolute, barely plausible but possible least. So 12 is pretty good. =3

    And now I NEVER have to look at a freakin' Hosta again. Well, okay, so I will, but even if it's in a hundred years it'll be too damn soon.

    But I'm doooone ~

    Skip ahead to 5:32, i want to learn that thing's song, it's SO CATCHY!

    Monday, November 10, 2008


    NOM NOM NOM DELICIOUS DOUGNUT. <---- actually wrote that while noming her doughnut

    Mmmmm. I've been waiting six hours to eat that. And now there's strawberry filling on my keyboard, oops!

    But anyways, yeah, got five down, five to go. And then I get to sort them all. -sighs heavily- Which is part C. But I can do part C tomorrow. If I can do one or two (preferably two) more cultivars tonight, I'll be content to finish the rest of this tomorrow.

    It's not that this project is proving difficult, it's just damn well time consuming.

    Anyways here's the list of ones I got so far.

    Hosta ‘Golden Tiara’ (Golden Tiara Hosta)
    Hosta 'Gold Standard' (Gold standard Hosta)
    Hosta ‘Tokudama Aureonebulosa’ (Tokudama Aureonebulosa Hosta)
    Hosta ‘Warwick Comet’ (Warwick Comet Hosta)
    Hosta ‘American Icon’ (American Icon Hosta)

    Yeah, google some of them, some of them look freakin' cool. Like that really long named Japanese one. And the Warwick Comet. yeah. ...

    okay doughnut tiem is up. Back to work.

    Life's no fun without a good scare

    Here in a flash and gone without a trace

    Got part A of my project again :D
    Apparently chatting on msn with Nohi about life makes shit go faster, yaaaaay. So part A is done, as is my title page. That means that if I get perfect on what I got so far, that's 40 marks out of 200. Yaaaay! :D I'm almost half done ~

    In the mean time, I really want that damned doughnut. So I've decided to get part B half done before I allow myself to indulge. But seriously, even though it's still in the bag, under piles of sheets for this project, and even though I'm listening to the "Nightmare Revisited" CD in order to try to block it out, it's stilllll callling loooudly to meeeee D:

    I'm annoyed. I want to eat it. And now that I'm really into my project, I should probably keep going. Erm, how many cultivars do I need for part B again...? -checks- ...10. Fuck that's a lot. Well, I've got Hostas, with yellow variegations, so it can't be all that hard to find, hurrhurr.

    That, and, the way this is setup is something like this;

    botanical name of whatever cultivar
    "copied paragraph w/description of appearance" (source)
    "another copied paragraph w/description of appearance" (source)
    description of appearance in my own words.

    So, literally, 2/3 of part B is all just copy and paste. Hwahwahwa! Well, I'm back to work! :D I'll stop in again while I'm on my doughnut break <3

    I am the "who" in "Who's there?!"


    Sorry guys, won't be able to NaNo again until wednesday. Final projects, pah.

    Anyways, I had a rather uneventful, but rather fun weekend. All in all, everything went well. ^^ I got to hang out with lots of people (Kelly included, yaay!) I finally made it it youth group since College started (finally, lol), and I hit the 10k mark on NaNoWriMo.


    So yeah. Nothing too exciting here, even though for some reason I feel really pumped and all excited about something. Hwaaah.

    Oh yeah, I did go write the communications midterm re-write thing, because I studied up ona few of the questions I did get wrong. So on the re-write I'm fairly certain I got those right, but... the last page of multiple choice, the page I got PERFECT on, well... the bastard teacher took it off this midterm. DAMMIT. I KNEW EVERYTHING on that page! Gwaaaah! Ah well. I'm fairly certain I did better, though, if only just a little. But yeah. Report time. Waugh. Stupid Plant ID. I'm only doing this report so I don't fail, and therefore won't have to take this class again >3>

    TO MOTIVATE MYSELF TO DO IT, I bought a really yummy-looking doughnut from Tim Horton's. And I will not allow myself to eat it until I at least have... hmm, let's see... Part B done. Yeah. That means the majority of my assignment will be done. Well, it depends on how long part B takes. If it takes far too long, I'll lemme have some delicious, delicious vanilla strawberry doughnut when I'm half done part B. Yeah.

    Anyways, I better get doing this damned report thingie due on wednesday... ten pages or moar, waaah...

    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Wheeeeeee... plonk.


    Anyways, I'm really happy. Well, today actually sucks so hard so far, but I'm happy. Because my sister asked me to add her on msn, so I did! Yaaay!
    She was surprised I was trying NaNoWriMo again (or as she spelled it, "nnrm". Close enough.)... I guess she doesn't know me well enough XD Every family has a mental-masochist, and I suppose I'm mine's.

    Anyways, I need to get writing. Since all the aggie's classes were cancelled tomorrow 'cause most of them were going to the Royal, all of them went home tonight. So a good half or more of the school's population is gone, so it's pretty quiet around here. Just the vet techs, horts, environmental and BBRMs it seems.

    Wednesday, November 5, 2008


    Haven't written yet today. uh oh. Oh well. I'll get to it.

    Got another 1,839 words. Not quite the 2,000 I hoped for, but my scene is done, I'm tired, and I've now got 8,053 words. That's over 8,000, so essentially, that was my goal for before I went to bed. It's good enough. XD

    "...Girls have feelings?"

    FUNNY CONVERSATION. Not even five minutes ago, I swear.
    Okay, so I was leaving plant ID, and Jason comes up behind me and kicks my bag. "Hah! There!" he exclaims.
    "Heeey," I whined, "you meanie!" He laughs, and as we walk through the door and up the stairs Devon joins us. "I'm gonna go cry now," I said, in mock-sadness.
    They both laughed. "Good, then go cry!" Jason said victoriously.
    Then it was my turn to laugh, but I tried not to. "It's not funny, you hurt my feelings!"
    As soon as we get out side, both of them stop. "...Girls have feelings?" Jason asks in surprise.
    "No, they just like to pretend," I joke, "they're really good at pretending."
    And finally Devon gets his say in; "Yeah, they're really good at pretending."
    As I walk off toward the res building, I call back, "Girls actually really don't have feelings, just mood swings."
    Much hilarity ensued. (Because everyone from our class was just about outside then, and they thought that line was funny.)

    Yeah. I'mma go eat lunch now bahye.

    Tuesday, November 4, 2008


    Can I has sleep tonight nao?

    Yus, yus i can. My goal for tonight was 6k and I've got 5.214k. Hwahwa.

    Showur tiem then bed tiem.

    PS, Jimmie wants to kill Aerron.

    "What is it?" his eyes narrowed slightly, both curious and annoyed. Because of her current composure, it was likely something she either planned on rubbing in his face or torturing him with. She blinked shyly and her hands plucked at her skirt, as if to arrange it so it appeared neater.

    "Oh, it's nothing really..." but her smile never went away.

    He shrugged and smiled. "Well, if it's nothing, then I guess I'll talk to you whenever you're on your way home, if I'm still here that late." He could be cheeky, too. He lay back down enough to allow him enough space to continue where he had left off. A nut clattered to the floor. He shifted slightly further away from Mareka so he could start on the next one.

    Already tired of their little game, she stood up. She laughed gently. "It's still nothing, but Aerron wasn't even awake yet when I left this morning."

    Jimmie's wrench slipped, causing him to painfully skin his knuckle. He sat up quickly as he cursed. The back of his hand fled to his mouth as he shoved the offending raw flesh into his mouth. He glared up at Mareka.

    She simply grinned and turned to leave.

    Jimmie sighed and dropped his hand. Just as she reached the door, he muttered darkly, "I'm going to kill him."

    She paused in the door way and glanced over her shoulder. "Unlikely; you won't have time to kill him. You've got too much work to do." She teased. He rolled his eyes and she laughed softly. She vanished through the door and a few moments later her heard the little brass bell jingle, signifying that she was now gone.

    He leaned back all the way, until he was lying on the floor. He rubbed his hands across his forehead, brushing his long bangs up. his hands stopped to rest on top of his head. His hurt knuckle was still quite pained, but since it was a common injury he was doing well to ignore it. "I'm going to kill him," he mumbled again, before picking up his wrench and getting back to work. Mareka was right; he didn't have time to kill Aerron, at least not yet. He had a whole list of impatient clients that wanted their engines and machines in working order as soon as possible. And, sadly, that schedule left no room at all for the murder of Aerron Hull.


    And no I haven't written a damn word yet today. I watched Ironman with Jenny and then dinked off. now gtfo I wanna write while listening to Kabuto's hawt, rhytmic english voice.

    Lazy bastards...

    Since all y'all were too lazy to just type "bubbl.us" into your address bar (lazy bastards!) just effing click this. (targeted it to open in a new window, so you won't have to right click/find it, you lazy bastards). It's a bubble-chart-maker thing, but it's waaaay easier than pen/paper, because you can move shit around all you want and you can save 'em and edit 'em and make 'em huuuuuuge or smaaaaaall and the bubbles of different levels have different colours.... it pretty much saved my plot. It made me know how to start it, lol.

    But of course, I'm probably the laziest bastard, because last night I spent five hours (I kid you not) playing mspaint adventure instead of NaNoing, and didn't get as far ahead as I had hoped. I BLAME TRAVIS FOR THIS until I catch up. He should not have linked me during novembeeeer. ...But Pickle Inspector was awesome, he's such an inspiration. BUT STILL. GAH. CONFLICTING EMOTIONS. Hate and love. Whyyy.

    -distracts self with new topic-

    I found that Q10 us easily the best program for NaNoWriMo. It's full screen, so no distracting background windows/start menu bar thing with everything else you have open. You can change the background colour, and the text colour. The only menu is a little bar at the bottom with your word count. You can set word count "targets", and aparently there's a countdown (my lappy is lame and won't set them, so I'm missing out on that). As you type, there's a typeriter noises with every time you hit a key. Surprisingly not annoying - and when you stop typing, the lack of the typewriter noises is so eerie and stuff and it makes you feel all anxious and like you're slacking off (makes me feel like the worst, laziest bastard in the world when I'm not hearing that noise), so you find yourself typing again. AS WELL, you can set an auto-save feature, for how ever many minutes you want or however many lines you want. You can also check off a nifty box that will automatically save a backup. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. There's also no annoying word-changing shit that ms word does (for example, the elipses, or when you write a word with the letters mixed up a bit), unless you set it to fix specific stuff like that (so you could set it to... well, let's say your MC's name is Lady Matron Captain Lieutenant Commander Xhai'agh Tien "Raventail Blacktalon" Auvry'ath (etc.) (yes, I do have a character named that, and that's only half her names. She's not in this novel) but you don't wanna type that every time, so you just make it so whenever you put "MC" it changes to that name. Yeah. anyways).

    BUT YEAH Q10 IS AMAZING, google it and download it.

    Anyways, I'm gonna watch Ironman with Jenny then I'm gonna go off and novel, ummkay?

    Monday, November 3, 2008

    sleepy time nao? yesplz.

    So lab tomorrow morning from 8-10 was cancelled, and math was cancelled all week (so no math class tomorrow from 10-11) which means I ahve no classes 'til 11, yaaay

    Means it was smrt for me to stay up late nano-ing, now I get to shower and sleep, get up later than usual, eat brekkist, go back to bed for a few hours.

    There is a direct correlation between hours of sleep and wordcounts.
    less sleep = less word counts
    moar tiruds = moar sucks.

    So I go sleep now yeah?

    Word count 3,627. Not as far as I hoped to get but better than nothing.

    ps that bubbl.us site is amainzg. srzly. i had no idea how to start my not-counting-prologue story, and it helped me sort my thoughts out and do it, yeah? and you can save your charts too. useeeeefuuuuul.


    I thought my prologue was hillarious, so I'mma make all y'all read it
    wordcount: 2,000

    PS ignore spelling it not be check'd

    Jimmie sneezed. The noise was followed by several quick, loud sniffs, which did well to hide a soft spoken curse.
    "Bless you," a female voice said in a matter-of-fact sort of tone.
    The brown haired boy sniffed again. "Thanks...." At that the girl, Mareka was her name, probably somewhere in her mid to late teens, smiled and then turned her back on him. He sniffed roughly again and quickly ran the cuff of his sleeve under his nose. This was no good; he had forgotten his handkerchief at home, and the one he had brought from work was covered in oil.
    The apprentice mechanic sighed in disdain. Well, he could always use hers - she never used it anyways. As he turned back to the machine he was working away on, he eyed the article warily. Yes, he could see it from here, and it taunted him. It was across the room on a rough yet sturdy looking desk, where the blonde girl often chose to study (whenever she did study, which was not often). He could go get it, but there was no telling how she would react. On one hand, she wouldn’t care; she never used it, he needed it, he was her friend so it would be fine by her. On the other hand, she could easily be upset, and react very negatively.
    She had always been mentally unstable, but lately she had been acting more and more like a typical teenaged girl. That fact alone made it harder to predict her mood swings than ever before. It drove Jimmie crazy. Of course, he himself was a teenager (roughly the same age as Mareka, but it couldn’t be certain for not even she knew when her own day of birth was), so sometimes he could be just as bad as she was. Those days were rare, being few and far between, so he could still scold Mareka for her "teenager" days with little repercussion.
    Once again, he sniffed. Curse his cold. He could really user her handkerchief, but he really didn’t want to risk anything. Instead, he continued to work diligently on tightening all the bolts on the machine’s side panel. He tried to push thoughts of his running nose out of his head in order to focus better on his work. It would do no good to slip up now; it would require more time to fix than it did to break, as it always seemed to do. And if he did mess something up, he’d be hearing about it from either Aerron or Angelina. Aerron was his boss and teacher. Angelina was his current employer - thus why he was in her workshop, a mere few meters away form Mareka’s desk - and, just a few years ago, she had also become Aerron’s wife.
    Angelina Hull was an inventor. She spent the majority of her time altering and perfecting the plans her late father had left behind, trying to make working wonderful machines for nothing else than to at least see something in the massive workshop completed. She had met Aerron quite a few years ago, when she called him in so he could repair the steam engines on one of the machines. It had been a lot of work, but the mechanic had eventually gotten the engine in working condition. The machine itself never met its purpose, but that was beside the current point.
    Since the two had wed Angelina had gotten more inventions in proper working order, no matter how trivial their tasks. Aerron was still one of the best mechanics in all of Valeoclarus. Between caring for their child, Blake, and working, the two rarely had time for much else. Even Aerron was barely even in his wife’s own workshop, opting to worry more about outside customers. This was fine by his wife, as long as the work got done when she needed to get an engine in proper working order. This was where Jeremiah, or as he was better known as, Jimmie, came in. While Aerron was away at Hull’s Repair Shop and while Angelina was scurrying around town looking for parts or behind her desk fixing flaw’s in her father’s logic, Jimmie would spend hours on end in the workshop. The massive room was located in the mansion Angelina had grown up in - where she and her husband currently chose to live - and as such, Jimmie found that nine out of ten times he was coming here for work, not for a visit. It made even stopping by just for dinner feel tiring.
    He sneezed loudly again, snapping him out of his thoughts. This time, as his head came forward, he slammed it hard off of the boiler tank before him. Rubbing his head and cursing softly at the pain, he pulled back with a face twisted in pain and annoyance.
    He waited to hear someone bless him, but no one did. Jimmie turned curiously as his green eyes scanned the room. Where had Mareka gone? He looked a few moments longer in confused silence. He hadn’t heard her leave... but then again, his mind had been pretty far away. She had obviously left without telling him. He sniffed. He rubbed at his nose again as he rose from his seat, which was a milk crate placed on the floor (hey, whatever works).
    Since she was gone, he supposed he could sneak her handkerchief. He certainly needed it now even more than before, and plus, she wasn’t around so he didn’t run the risk of being pummelled. She never used it, it had been sitting on her desk for months, so it was unlikely she’d even notice its absence. And besides, he’d bring it back after he washed it.
    As he walked towards the old desk, a thought flitted across his mind. Why didn’t he just ask her about it? Because she was likely to say no, because she liked to see him suffer, his mind reminded him. Ah, right, that was why he didn’t ask. She’d just glare at him while grinning wickedly and tease "the liddle boy Jeremiah" for having a runny nose, and then he’d have no handkerchief at all, all day, and that would be much too troublesome. Especially since, if he did ask, she was likely to also likely to add injury to insult and hurt him somehow. She was just that crazy.
    He arrived at the desk and picked up the handkerchief. Relief was plastered all over his face. He took one last, quick, paranoid look around the workshop - between the machines, along the walls, even out the large windows on the far side. No crazy blonde teenaged nun-in-training could be seen, good.
    With a half-hearted sigh, he pulled the rough cloth (he obviously had not been used at all since its date of aquirement) to his nose and proceeded to blow. In honesty, it felt really, really good. Within mere moments his nose was nice and cleared. A smile tugged at his lips. Yes, he felt much, much better now. No annoying sniffing to worry about - he could finally focus on his work and hurry up and finish for the day.
    "What are you doing?" Jimmie froze. That was Mareka's voice. She hadn't caught him... had she? His panicked rigidity faded and he fumbled to shove the offensive object in his hand away into his pocket, hoping that perhaps she didn't see it. He turned to face her with as much of a casual expression he could muster.
    "Oh, uh... hey there, Mareka. I was just looking for something. But I just realized I don't need it, sooo... I'm just going to head on back over to work." He shrugged and spun, obviously hoping to make it out of this unscathed. The glare she was giving him was cruel enough, he didn't want to be subjected to anything more. Her eyes were the eyes of a demon, promising torture and pain just for his simple, mere existence.
    She didn't respond for a long few moments. He was almost back to the machine he had been sent here to fix, yes, just a meter or two left. He could make it. Unconciously, he sped up. "Jimmie." ...But nothing could save him now. His pace slowed. He half-turned to face her. He tried to look calm and casual, but failed terribly.
    "...Yeah? W-what is it?"
    She glared and held out her hand. "Give me back whatever you took."
    His hand flew up and he rubbed the back of his neck in strained innocence. "What makes you think I took anything?"
    "Don't lie to me, Jeremiah. You're much too terrible at it. Whatever you took, give it back." She stook stock-still, her hand still out expectantly, the other hand balled into a fist and placed meaningfully on her hip. Her amber eyes displayed nothing short of seriousness and displeasure.
    Well, damn it, he was in trouble now. He could own up to swiping her hankercheif (he was going to clean it and bring it back, honest!), but that would result in his immidiate demise. He could lie some more, but she already knew he was lying, so that would result in a slow, painful demise (unlike the quicker one earlier mentioned). Seeking a third option, he decided to stall until her small lapse of sanity would collapse in on itself and she forgot about what they were discussing. A good way to do this, he figured, would be to gradually shift the conversation over to something not so immidiate, causing her attention of the present to enter a short lapse. When it did so, he would take advantage of the situation and then... oh, who was he kidding, he was terrible at manipulation, especially when it came to Mareka, of all people.
    She sighed in resignation and stalked slowly towards her. He decided to lie after all, it would be much more painless if he managed to do it right. He could had to calm himself down and keep a straight face. As he closed the distance between them her hand dropped, accomadating for his now closer proximity. His smile was calm and collected - or so he hoped.
    His hands slipped into his pockets as he smiled down at the slightly shorter girl. Up until the last year or two, she had always been taller than him, and she had flaunted that endlessly. Endlessly, of course, until one day she found he was taller than her. Being the much kinder of the two, he never chose to pester her about his sudden height as compaired to hers. But of course, that doesn't mean he never used it to his advantage. His slightly higher vantage point in this particular conversation gave him an extra little added confidence, and made her expression just a little more annoyed.
    "Look, Mareka," he said softly while smiling gently again, "I didn't take anything, alright? I'd never take anything that belonged to you without your permission - " it was a lie, he had done so on more than one occassion (but always harmlessly) " - and I certainly wouldn't lie about taking something, if I did." ...that was mostly true; the rare occasions he did so borrow things without permission, he would, at some point in time not too much later, inform her about it. This of course was a different situation, so he had to break from his usual form of conduct.
    He smiled again, this time a little more casually than before. Scarily enough, her glare didn't let up. He was starting to get freaked out, almost to the point of breaking his calm composure. He would not falter, he would not! If he did, she would win, and he would... probably die. A slow, terrible, painful death. She would kill him so violently he would skip any afterlife, and just vanish eternally.
    "Oh yeah? Then why is my handkerchief in your pocket?"

    NaNoWriMo blues...?

    Not even 2,000 yet. Crap.

    Well, I partly blame my brother's wedding; I didn't come home as drunk as expected, so I didn't whip out my laptop to being noveling away - I just went to bed. There goes the first day. (But the wedding was amazing).

    Then, on day two, I managed to get down a little over 1,000 words (1,117, I think it was?), which wasn't TOO bad, but... I got stuck on my prologue. Yes, the kleenex/handkercheif scene. I got up to where Jimmie goes to take the handkercheif while Mareka supposedly isn't there, but I haven't gotten any further than that. DX I don't know where to go nooow. Maybe she'll just come in and kick his ass. I dunno. I'll think of something. So day 2 wasn't a COMPLETE waste, but it still wasn't all that fantastic, either. :\

    Either way, I'll pick 'er up tonight and let shit happen. I refuse to let day 3 wither and die. I'm going to try for day 3's 5,001 word goal, which means, in my head, just get the prologue out of the way and get chapter one done.

    Well, I already skipped my first class for today, but I better go to the rest. I'm done by 2pm today, so that leaves lots of noveling time. I'll have to quickly throw together a playlist of all those songs that help me write (and fit the mood of my novel, those ones really help too) and put 'er on shuffle and repeat to help myself stay focused. I'll need to find my headphones, as not to distract my roomate, and as not to distract myself.

    If I'm going good enough I'll skip supper; word count is more important than food. My writing muse says so. But if I'm having enough trouble, I'll ignore the bitch and just go eat food. It usually doesn't make me write any better but it does make me feel better. Yeah.

    Well, I'm off until then. Bahye.