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- Myself

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Linearts, and Kohaku explained

Linearts. Yeah. Not happy with a few things but I don't care anymore. Anyways. Let's explain Kohaku for a moment.

No, I don't mean him as a character, too many spoilers surround that. Let's just say, for now, that he's in the wrong place at the absolutely wrong time. But anyways, like I said, I'm not here to explain his character. It's his name. Thomson a little too readily for my tastes went ahead and pointed out that Kohaku is another k-name. Nobody who reads this will get the k-name thing, probably, unless you were online that day I got pissed and quit CroNous. BUT ANYWAYS, back on topic here. I'm not counting Kohaku as a k-name for two reasons; 1. Kohaku isn't his real name (he doesn't have a real name yet) and 2. I had told Shirley that it was a name I had liked/used before the whole k-name period of my lifetime, but he GRACIOUSLY pointed out that there really wasn't much to define the whole before-the-start thing. Yeah. So I decided that of all the k-names, it was the original. The first. The draft that gave way to the flood of k-names, if you will.

At any rate, I'm not counting Kohaku as a k-name. And if it were a k-name, it would be my favouritest of all the k-names. That's right. I said "favouritest".

So yeah. I still don't feel like writing tonight (even though I should, but isn't catching up like crazy what the weekends are for?). I don't even feel like colouring these linearts.

But yeah.

So, in conclusion, Kakuzu is a motherfuckin' badass with five fuckin' hearts.
Ooops, sorry, got carried away with a great quote. (Seriously, when I hear anyone say "In conclusion..." my mind automatically tacks "Kakuzu is a motherfuckin' badass with five fuckin' hearts." on the end. Bleh.)

Let's try that again.

So, in conclusion, linearts done but not entirely loved, and Kohaku != k-name.


freethephoenix said...

Okay I tried to google it but it did not work. Where is that quote from?

Kuroari said...

It's from a video I posted I think in september. XD Go to youtube and look up "Praising Kakuzu" by Andy something or other. Yeah.