"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Haven't written yet today. uh oh. Oh well. I'll get to it.

Got another 1,839 words. Not quite the 2,000 I hoped for, but my scene is done, I'm tired, and I've now got 8,053 words. That's over 8,000, so essentially, that was my goal for before I went to bed. It's good enough. XD


Travis said...

Did you do that Trish?

It's pretty cool if you did but you just flipped it!!! that's so lazy!! Do the whole thing! Do it! Animate it!

and if it isn't yours.... nvm.

Plus I went to that Bubbl.us site, and I agree it's pretty friggin cool.
I only wish I had a project that needed sorting out.

Kuroari said...

Yus of course I did it. X3
I used MSkyDragon's tutorial on animating, and HOLY CRAP it's so easy the way she does it D:

I do want to finish it, but final projects and NaNoWriMo comes first. X3 Come december, I'll do it properly.

Actually, MSkyDragons has her second tutorial out now, and it's for Paintshop Pro, which I have. So might just start over and do it in there, hwahwa.