"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work Sucks, I Know // Yaaay I'm a llama again!

So work was hectic. A load from Valleybrook came in and they couldn't unload at the centre because he didn't have a lift so he had to unload at the back of the store, so I had to drag all the plants on really tall, awkward, crappy carts all the way across the parking lot at the grocery store. ...And one didn't fit through the door. It was stuck in the store. wtf?! So anyways, Paula, who works with me and had been helping me, had worked over time just to help me and she wanted to go home, so she left. The new grocery store owner, Heidi, well, I met her for the first time today in the middle of all this and ohmygod!Whatalady. She's awesome! But I digress, back to bitching about the load that came in. So I had to go empty and bring up one of the other carts and move all the stuff over, but oh, this cart didn't have as many shelves. So after dragging it all the way to the centre, unloading it onto the table space I didn't have, and dragging it all the way back up to the store in order to repeat the process, I realized I was fucking hungry. So I emptied all the carts I could, hauled down the rest of the perrenials to the garden centre, got one of the people in the store to help me tip the empty cart in order to get it out the door (luckily Michelle Gerrits was just coming in the store, and since she thinks I'm cool shit she helped us out. I don't know who I love more now, her or her kids. God I love her kids.), so after all this messiness was done... oh, say, three hours later? I managed to jog up to the store (once again) buy myself some dinner, sit myself down and enjoy my chicken strips and potato wedges. Then I watered some of the stuff that came in, texted Rosstopher for a bit, then he came by to pester me at work because there was no customers in and I was bored.

So then I closed up around nine and headed out to Timmies with Rosstopher, because Timmies was warm and had caffine and I was cold and tired. lol.

So Jess B. was there, and she got her (boy?)friend to buy me an iced capp. Yaaay free caffine! So we chilled with her a bit, then my mom called and told me to rent a movie, but we didn't wind up renting one cause movie zone was closed. So I just took Rosstopher to my house, and we watched half of The Emperor's New Groove with my mom, but she went to bed, so me and Ross watched the rest then I took him home.

And now I'm home and I'm blogging. But I should be sleeping because I'm so tired my knees hurt and I gotta go to London tomorrow with mom to see my dad for the first time in three days.

His new job as an important person on Ontario's Pork board is kinda lame because I don't get to see him for days at a time, but in a time where pork prices are plummeting as far as they possibly can everyday (and literally, they are), we need something else to get us money. Plus the guy that used to have his spot sucked so bad they practically handed the spot to my dad. But anyways, so yeah, he's an important, busy, suit-wearing, business-meeting, over-night-trip-goer now, so I miss him. ;_;

But I get to see him tomorrow and he said he shouldn't have any more meetings for a month so yaaaaay~

Anyways, I'm off to finish my current chapter of "The Day of Revolution" (which is just getting more awesome as I go! I love it so much! It's right up there with Amatsuki!), then I'm going to beeeed.~ Yaaay. I miss Ralph. ;_; I haven't seen him in like, whut, 12 hours? lol lol lol. More like 13 or 14. tcccch.

But yeah. Night.

Moar manga and anime

Okay, so, to answer Jess' question, Axis Powers Hetalia (aka Hetalia) started off as a web comic wherein every country is personified into, well... people. XD It mostly takes place around WWI and WWII, with other bits of history thrown in. It's very well done and very entertaining. There's an anime that started very recently, each episode is about five minutes.

But anyways, I started reading a bunch of random manga last night and there are two I've become addicted to.

The first one is Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake. That is... "Great Waiters". It started off as a short story in one of those little collaboration/short story collection manga things, and therefore, was only one chapter. But it got extremely really popular. So it got its own book; as well as four more chapters.
Chapter one is the original story; it follows Haruyo, who is a girl but... she doesn't look like one. And one day she's at this cafe with a friend, and some stuff goes down, but anyways, she winds up working at this cafe as a MALE waiter. Now here's where the problem comes in... she has fallen in love with a co-worker, who things she's a guy. But anyways stuff goes down and it's a happy ending.

Chapter two follows Aren, one of the other waiters, and his little short-story thing.

Chapter three follows the girl from the first chapter, Haruyo's, friend. And her adventures with a guy with a beard. ("BE... BEA... BEAR!! AAAH!")

Chapter four goes back to Haruyo and Kouno.

Aaaand I haven't read the last one yet.

For one that's ridiculously sappy and romantical, I can actually stand to read it and it's weird of me. o_o but they are very well written, and there are entertaining events/quotes... ("Uwaaaah, now he thinks I'm a cross dresser!", anything Aren seems to say or do, I already quoted the bear line, and, well, yeah, it's just funny to read.)

BUT the one I think I'm now completely addicted to;
The Day of Revolution.
I don't wanna tell you what it's about cause it'll give too much away, but I'll tell you what I can.
A student named Kei has lots of family issues, and he's doing kinda crappy in school. He cuts class a lot and his rough group of friends like to harass him and call him "cute". But one day, while chillin' (aka skipping class) on the roof, Kei collapses... and the doctor at the hospital gives him some pretty shocking news.
I'm a little sad that it's only 9 chapters long or so (it is complete), but so far it's shaping up to be damn great. So, I don't care how short it is, I'm entertained. XD
Go read it noooooow!

I gotta work tonight and that makes me sad. ;_;

Monday, April 27, 2009

"But Tom, that's what I do, and I plan on eating yooo~oou ...slowly!~"

So the last few days have been filled with alcoholism, rock band (so much rock band), Jonathan Coulton ("I'm not a monster Tom, well, technically, I am."), Sailor Moon, and various other things.

First things first, working at the Garden Centre at the grocery store again this year sucks. But, at least it looks better and feels awesome to be in than last year, and the new owner of the store, from what I hear, is amazing, and my manager loves her, so it's all good.

Alcohol up next. My sister had her stag and doe on Friday, I got trashed, video taped people dancing on the bar, and generally had a lot of fun. Yup.

As for rockbanding, well, that happens often when I have guests. In the past week or two I've played with Becky, Thomson, Becky again, Neil, Thomson again, Neil again, Kelly, and even Zach for a whole twenty seconds? But yeah. Much rock banding.

As for Jonathan Coulton, well, since I have so many damn of his songs it's kind of hard not to hear them, especially when I put my lap top on random for a while. I thought I had all of his songs but I realized the other day that I'm missing "Live". Why?! That's a great song! Bwaaaah!

But anyways. Been watching more Sailor Moon (English dub, kthnx) with Kelly and hot damn it's amusing. XD Because me and her like to come up with all sort of crazy crack-theories and what not, we somehow came up with the idea of "Sailor Tosen" (y'know, the blind black guy from Bleach that I love so much? yeah), who is a parody of Sailor Moon, because he likes justice ("I'm Sailor Moon, the champion of justice! And in the name of the moon I will punish you!"), and because Sailor Mercury is really smart (and her english dub is hillarious) we decided on Sailor Urahara. Ahahah. And Luna is Yoruichi... because their both cats... but that's as far as we got in our crackeryandcrossovers D:

Watched more Hetalia today, as well. Haha, it's so funny when France proposes to England and tries to force him to sign the registration paper. XD Hahahaha. It actually made me feel bad for France! But then I remembered the reason why he could tell Canada apart from America and it made me laugh. (See, in Hetalia, it's a running joke that everyone doesn't know who Canada is and they confuse him for America, but France knew who he was and told England "Of course that's Canada, he has my silky French hair!" or something. I lol'd.) And it's always funny when Russia sits on Canada (by accident, of course). What also made me lol was that Kumajiro (Canada's polar bear) also forgets who he is ("It's me, Canada!" "Huh? Who?" "...I feed you! You live at my hosue!")

Well anyways.

Yeah. But hehe that stag and doe was fun.

But I digress. I need to get shit drawn for the art fair on saturday, wooo!

Will you guys stop by the art fair on the weekend? :3 Admission is free! And you get to look at cool art from local artists (me included!) it's at the hall attached to St. Philip's church (behind the Bargain Shop), and on Saturday (May 2nd!) it starts at about 2pm.
I was on the committee for this so it's really important to me and all. Yeah. -guiltguiltguilt- So please stop by? XD



Friday, April 17, 2009

Blog Update!

...Because Jess wants people to blog.

Went to Becky's yesterday (still here), got drunk last night, watched some Axis Powers Hetalia (ohhh, Italia, what a character, what a character), downloaded some Soul Eater (Pwahahahha Excalibur is the coolest), made Thomson listen to a bunch of my music (ahaha I was drunk...) then I went to bed, then I woke up, ate pizza, drank too much orange juice, and me and Becky talked for a while then went outside and did nothing because it was nice out.

I changed my desktop from my picture of Bonten as a kid to a picture of Shino. Because I couldn't find a decent background image of grown-up Bonten. ;_; and Shino makes me feel betters. But it's not timeskip-Shino, so he's not as badass looking, but... ah well... I love Shino no matter what age he is (GOD I FEEL LIKE A PEDO. ;_;)

But yeah just thought I'd ramble to give Jess to read. So here you gooooo~

PS Wellington concert tomorrow. w00t.

Thursday, April 9, 2009



-yawns and rolls over-

Got my last exam in 50 minutes... -sighs- I just wanna crawl back into bed. -yawns-

But anyways, since I won't be on teh dialups much this summer, here's a few things I plan on doing this summer:

-start re-learning how to play piano
-Getting a job at P-town's garden centre (once again...)
-Going to a Wellington concert
-partying at my sister's stag and doe
-watch my sister get married
-sell things at the Art Fair!~ Yes!
-celebrate my sister's birthday
-finish up my seasonal job at the greenhouse
-go to Florida! yey!
-find another job, maybe?
-celebrate my parent's 25th anniversary (same day as my birthday)
-most possibly have a nice, huge birthday party for m'self
-celebrate my brother's birthday
-celebrate my other brother's birthday

And yeah that's about it.

But anyways I want brekkist afore I go pwn this computers exam. Ciao.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm... actually going to miss it here.

This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it.

In the past week I've actually started to become more social. Last thursday when my roommate and I got drunk at Graffiti pub, we pretty much confessed our [dearly not queerly] love for eachother, and actually plan on being roommates again next year (dunno how I'm gonna break that to Jenny... errr...)

I've started hanging out with Annemarie, Joscelyn, Sarah, Jason, Devon, and various others a lot more. Well, it seems they've held a meeting (even following those "laws" of meetings we learned in communications) and kicked Sarah out of the group because she still acts like she's in Highschool. They also decided at said meeting I need to make them cookies, but that's beside the point. They also want to kick Jason out of the group for being a general douchebag, which is fine by me.

So tonight, after we all pretty much admitted that we all failed Plant Prop's exam, we all started to drink. Joscelyn gave me free whiskey with pepsi, which was damn nice after a hard long day of failures. I switched to my beer after that; I need to get rid of it, anyways. While drinking and mulling over the past school year, we played Soul Calibre IV (my first time! yeah!) and surprisingly, Joscelyn could kick my ass (but only as Tira or Voldo or Mina), and Devon pwn'd me so badly as Vader I wanted to cry. ;_; But I do like Lizardman in that game oh so much~ <3 especially now that his crawling move doesn't end when you kick, vertical, or horizontal. He just kinda... leaps and lands in the crawly position again <3 <3 <3 much fangirling ensued on my part (I warned them ahead of time I was a Lizardman-lover, haha).

But anyways, yeah. I've got 3 exams left 'til I'm out of here.

I'm done on Thursday morning, dad isn't picking me up until about 6, and I had the coolest idea. After my exam I'll pack my shit, grab my beer, and get myself nice and drunk for when daddy-kins comes to pick me up~
Sound like a solid plan? XD I'm looking forwards to it! :3

So yeah, I actually LIKE Ridgetownwtf.omg.forrealz?

Yeah, I don't get it either. ;_;

But I digress. Post-script time and picture time.

PS. Got caught up on Amatsuki; the further you go, the more amazing it gets! WAAAY better than the anime, more so than the Ouran manga is better than the anime! SERIOUSLY! Amatsuki's manga is just that mind-blowing! Final a shoujo that isn't romance-oriented! Yay deep, twisty, thought-provoking, complex plot! Yay character development! Yay... the ART~!


Before I begin, to answer your question on my last blog, Jessica, yes, yes I do. ;_;

On with the entry.
I say "Uwaaaah" for three reasons;

1. Totally just failed my plant prop exam. Fuck you, tissue culture!


3. Just finished an animation in flash of a person unsheathing a sword and it was really cool and when I closed the preview I accidentally closed the window and my finger clicked "no" to save changes because it's a bitch with a natural reflex to do that. ;_;

Also, I'm updating my entry below this to include Plant Propagation as done, and to update the chapter of Amatsuki I'm on.

Exams / List update

Five exams down, one to go.

Exams done:
-Business accounting, which was in-class. I'm fairly certain I passed, considering it shows us our mark as soon as we complete it... yeah, I passed.
-Communication Skills II, what can I say? Easy peasy!
-Floral Design and Retailing, omg, I don't think I've ever studied this long/hard in my life. But it paid off, because I'm fairly certain I passed~!
-Plant Propagation, complete and utter fail. Fuck you, tissue culture!
-Landscape Design, done. Passed. Did exceedingly well. And I even was drunk the night before. Hahaha.

Exams to go:
-Computer Applications II, I'm a little worried over this, not because it'll be hard, but because I completely blew off doing my final project, so I'd at least want a 90 on the exam, which should be easy to do (after all, I never go to class and I have a 93), but still a little annoying.

As for my anime/manga list, I might as well put where I'm at in each, so I don't get lost. Also sorting list by what I have on my computer, what I have access to, and what I still need to track down.

What I have on meh lappytop:
- Eureka 7; re-watch
- .hack//sign; re-watch
- Cowboy Bebop; re-watch
- Samurai Champloo; ep. 15
- Trinity Blood anime; ep. 6
- Sailor Moon; ep. 3
- Gundam 00; start
- Rock Musical Bleach; Dark of the Bleeding Moon, No Clouds in the Blue Heavens, the All, Live Bankai Show .002
- Witch Hunter Robin; ep. 16

What I have access to:
- Bleach... watch every episode with Tosen in 'em.
- Suzuka; ep. 8
- Genshiken 2; start
- Ouran High School Host Club; ch. ???
- Special A; ch. ???

What I need to find:
- Sayonara Zatsubou Sensei; ep. 3
- Samurai Seven; re-watch
- Seven Samurai; watch.
- Gundam 00; second season

- Amatsuki manga; ch. 39

List will be updated as I remember things or cross things off.

The things I have on my laptop are lowest priority; I can get into those during the summer. Well, I'll need a subbed version of the musicals, but at least I have the raw, original Japanese....
What I have access to is top priority. Mostly for Amatsuki and Bleach, as reading manga on dial-up hates to work and watching anime is even worse. Actually, for the Bleach one, I need the Tosen eps. because it looks like I'll be roleplaying him on High Risk, No Return but since I missed all the episodes with him in them, it will be difficult. XD I must catch up!

PS, I've decided to start adding random pictures to the bottom of my blogs, as following Travis' example.

Monday, April 6, 2009


THINGS TO DO (in no particular order...)

- Catch up on Amatsuki manga
- Catch up on Bleach... or at least, watch every episode with Tosen in 'em.
- Finish Trinity Blood anime (again... guuhuuhuu)
- Re-watch all of Eureka 7
- Re-watch .hack//sign
- Finish Suzuka
- Watch Genshiken 2
- Finish re-watching Cowboy Bebop (again... kwahaha)
- Finish re-watching Samurai Champloo
- Finish Sailor Moon (first few seasons.)
- Finish Sayonara Zatsubou Sensei
- Finish Rock Musical Bleach (all of them)
- Find/re-watch Samurai Seven
- Find/watch Seven Samurai
- Find/watch Gundam 00
- Catch up on Ouran High School Host Club
- Catch up on Special A

List will be updated as I remember things or cross things off.

In the meantime, I drew Shino.
Click to seee.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

-rolls around-

So I'm officially done classes until september. w00tw00t.

Floral Design was a sad parting. I was in there 'til six working on my final projects (pictures later, laziness right now is too important).

All I've got left is my Landscape Design project, and exams.

And tonight is pub night, yaaay. <3<3<3 Gonna go get drunk and get people to sign my t-shirt, huuhuu.

Oh, and that contest I killed myself over finishing on time?
Deadline got extended.
-swears hideously-
And the judging is on Saturday so I won't find out until I get back to highspeed on monday where I place, if I place at all.

y hello thar! ~ <3

So, I skipped class all morning, slept in, joined an oekaki board for narutards, and drew Takeyama.

-sighs- what a fufilling day so far <3
Now I'm off to Floral Design to to my final project! Wish me luck!~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ahsoka Tano, the Battle Slave.

-kills self-

PS I've decided I want to marry Richard A. Knaak's brain.
PPS I seriously love the costume I designed, to the point where I'm starting to like Ahsoka, too.
PPPS I better do some good placin's in this contest. DX
PPPPS my hand is dead as is my brain as is my love for the music from .hack//

I'm entering a contest

A costume design contest!
I have to draw Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars chick) in a slave outfit. There's two parts to this, an illustration, and a rotational/costume sheet. Everyone that's entered has sleazy things and I was like "wauuugh". Mostly because the winning costume gets made into a real costume, and the chick who's hosting is actually going to wear it to a con. Poor girl. So I wanted something not so scarring for her to wear. As well, I've been reading so much Knaak lately that my thoughts keep turning to Faros, a minotaur character of his that was a slave and had to fight in the arena, and to Golgren, because he's a stinky orc (half-orc, sorry) and he keeps the orc tradition of beating the prisoners of war to death, but if the PoW survives they become one cool shit.

Anyways, so I decided to design Ahsoka in a battle-slave costume.

i have the rotationals sketched now, and I'm tired, so I'm taking a break.

In the mean time, here's the rough sketch, which was just sort of the original idea. The colour scheme with the blues was the one I decided on.

Wish me luck!

as well, just gonna stash a link here so I don't lose it. thnx. Even though a portion of the information on it is wrong, it's interesting.