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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Exams / List update

Five exams down, one to go.

Exams done:
-Business accounting, which was in-class. I'm fairly certain I passed, considering it shows us our mark as soon as we complete it... yeah, I passed.
-Communication Skills II, what can I say? Easy peasy!
-Floral Design and Retailing, omg, I don't think I've ever studied this long/hard in my life. But it paid off, because I'm fairly certain I passed~!
-Plant Propagation, complete and utter fail. Fuck you, tissue culture!
-Landscape Design, done. Passed. Did exceedingly well. And I even was drunk the night before. Hahaha.

Exams to go:
-Computer Applications II, I'm a little worried over this, not because it'll be hard, but because I completely blew off doing my final project, so I'd at least want a 90 on the exam, which should be easy to do (after all, I never go to class and I have a 93), but still a little annoying.

As for my anime/manga list, I might as well put where I'm at in each, so I don't get lost. Also sorting list by what I have on my computer, what I have access to, and what I still need to track down.

What I have on meh lappytop:
- Eureka 7; re-watch
- .hack//sign; re-watch
- Cowboy Bebop; re-watch
- Samurai Champloo; ep. 15
- Trinity Blood anime; ep. 6
- Sailor Moon; ep. 3
- Gundam 00; start
- Rock Musical Bleach; Dark of the Bleeding Moon, No Clouds in the Blue Heavens, the All, Live Bankai Show .002
- Witch Hunter Robin; ep. 16

What I have access to:
- Bleach... watch every episode with Tosen in 'em.
- Suzuka; ep. 8
- Genshiken 2; start
- Ouran High School Host Club; ch. ???
- Special A; ch. ???

What I need to find:
- Sayonara Zatsubou Sensei; ep. 3
- Samurai Seven; re-watch
- Seven Samurai; watch.
- Gundam 00; second season

- Amatsuki manga; ch. 39

List will be updated as I remember things or cross things off.

The things I have on my laptop are lowest priority; I can get into those during the summer. Well, I'll need a subbed version of the musicals, but at least I have the raw, original Japanese....
What I have access to is top priority. Mostly for Amatsuki and Bleach, as reading manga on dial-up hates to work and watching anime is even worse. Actually, for the Bleach one, I need the Tosen eps. because it looks like I'll be roleplaying him on High Risk, No Return but since I missed all the episodes with him in them, it will be difficult. XD I must catch up!

PS, I've decided to start adding random pictures to the bottom of my blogs, as following Travis' example.

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freethephoenix said...

Do you ever wish you had four or five friends who watched all the same anime as you and got just as excited as you did about new episodes? I do.