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- Myself

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm entering a contest

A costume design contest!
I have to draw Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars chick) in a slave outfit. There's two parts to this, an illustration, and a rotational/costume sheet. Everyone that's entered has sleazy things and I was like "wauuugh". Mostly because the winning costume gets made into a real costume, and the chick who's hosting is actually going to wear it to a con. Poor girl. So I wanted something not so scarring for her to wear. As well, I've been reading so much Knaak lately that my thoughts keep turning to Faros, a minotaur character of his that was a slave and had to fight in the arena, and to Golgren, because he's a stinky orc (half-orc, sorry) and he keeps the orc tradition of beating the prisoners of war to death, but if the PoW survives they become one cool shit.

Anyways, so I decided to design Ahsoka in a battle-slave costume.

i have the rotationals sketched now, and I'm tired, so I'm taking a break.

In the mean time, here's the rough sketch, which was just sort of the original idea. The colour scheme with the blues was the one I decided on.

Wish me luck!

as well, just gonna stash a link here so I don't lose it. thnx. Even though a portion of the information on it is wrong, it's interesting.


freethephoenix said...

Cool drawing! I hope you win!!

Travis T said...

I do belive Golgren was actually a half-ogre.