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- Myself

Monday, April 27, 2009

"But Tom, that's what I do, and I plan on eating yooo~oou ...slowly!~"

So the last few days have been filled with alcoholism, rock band (so much rock band), Jonathan Coulton ("I'm not a monster Tom, well, technically, I am."), Sailor Moon, and various other things.

First things first, working at the Garden Centre at the grocery store again this year sucks. But, at least it looks better and feels awesome to be in than last year, and the new owner of the store, from what I hear, is amazing, and my manager loves her, so it's all good.

Alcohol up next. My sister had her stag and doe on Friday, I got trashed, video taped people dancing on the bar, and generally had a lot of fun. Yup.

As for rockbanding, well, that happens often when I have guests. In the past week or two I've played with Becky, Thomson, Becky again, Neil, Thomson again, Neil again, Kelly, and even Zach for a whole twenty seconds? But yeah. Much rock banding.

As for Jonathan Coulton, well, since I have so many damn of his songs it's kind of hard not to hear them, especially when I put my lap top on random for a while. I thought I had all of his songs but I realized the other day that I'm missing "Live". Why?! That's a great song! Bwaaaah!

But anyways. Been watching more Sailor Moon (English dub, kthnx) with Kelly and hot damn it's amusing. XD Because me and her like to come up with all sort of crazy crack-theories and what not, we somehow came up with the idea of "Sailor Tosen" (y'know, the blind black guy from Bleach that I love so much? yeah), who is a parody of Sailor Moon, because he likes justice ("I'm Sailor Moon, the champion of justice! And in the name of the moon I will punish you!"), and because Sailor Mercury is really smart (and her english dub is hillarious) we decided on Sailor Urahara. Ahahah. And Luna is Yoruichi... because their both cats... but that's as far as we got in our crackeryandcrossovers D:

Watched more Hetalia today, as well. Haha, it's so funny when France proposes to England and tries to force him to sign the registration paper. XD Hahahaha. It actually made me feel bad for France! But then I remembered the reason why he could tell Canada apart from America and it made me laugh. (See, in Hetalia, it's a running joke that everyone doesn't know who Canada is and they confuse him for America, but France knew who he was and told England "Of course that's Canada, he has my silky French hair!" or something. I lol'd.) And it's always funny when Russia sits on Canada (by accident, of course). What also made me lol was that Kumajiro (Canada's polar bear) also forgets who he is ("It's me, Canada!" "Huh? Who?" "...I feed you! You live at my hosue!")

Well anyways.

Yeah. But hehe that stag and doe was fun.

But I digress. I need to get shit drawn for the art fair on saturday, wooo!

Will you guys stop by the art fair on the weekend? :3 Admission is free! And you get to look at cool art from local artists (me included!) it's at the hall attached to St. Philip's church (behind the Bargain Shop), and on Saturday (May 2nd!) it starts at about 2pm.
I was on the committee for this so it's really important to me and all. Yeah. -guiltguiltguilt- So please stop by? XD



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freethephoenix said...

PS Pasta!! lol!! What is Hetalia? I will be googling it next...