"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Thursday, April 9, 2009

-yawns and rolls over-

Got my last exam in 50 minutes... -sighs- I just wanna crawl back into bed. -yawns-

But anyways, since I won't be on teh dialups much this summer, here's a few things I plan on doing this summer:

-start re-learning how to play piano
-Getting a job at P-town's garden centre (once again...)
-Going to a Wellington concert
-partying at my sister's stag and doe
-watch my sister get married
-sell things at the Art Fair!~ Yes!
-celebrate my sister's birthday
-finish up my seasonal job at the greenhouse
-go to Florida! yey!
-find another job, maybe?
-celebrate my parent's 25th anniversary (same day as my birthday)
-most possibly have a nice, huge birthday party for m'self
-celebrate my brother's birthday
-celebrate my other brother's birthday

And yeah that's about it.

But anyways I want brekkist afore I go pwn this computers exam. Ciao.


freethephoenix said...

Thanks for the heads up for all your loyal stalkers, lol.

Emily A. said...

Good luck!!
p.s. I hope your birthday party has less drama than it did last year... but then again, it was quite hilarious with it all.