"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work Sucks, I Know // Yaaay I'm a llama again!

So work was hectic. A load from Valleybrook came in and they couldn't unload at the centre because he didn't have a lift so he had to unload at the back of the store, so I had to drag all the plants on really tall, awkward, crappy carts all the way across the parking lot at the grocery store. ...And one didn't fit through the door. It was stuck in the store. wtf?! So anyways, Paula, who works with me and had been helping me, had worked over time just to help me and she wanted to go home, so she left. The new grocery store owner, Heidi, well, I met her for the first time today in the middle of all this and ohmygod!Whatalady. She's awesome! But I digress, back to bitching about the load that came in. So I had to go empty and bring up one of the other carts and move all the stuff over, but oh, this cart didn't have as many shelves. So after dragging it all the way to the centre, unloading it onto the table space I didn't have, and dragging it all the way back up to the store in order to repeat the process, I realized I was fucking hungry. So I emptied all the carts I could, hauled down the rest of the perrenials to the garden centre, got one of the people in the store to help me tip the empty cart in order to get it out the door (luckily Michelle Gerrits was just coming in the store, and since she thinks I'm cool shit she helped us out. I don't know who I love more now, her or her kids. God I love her kids.), so after all this messiness was done... oh, say, three hours later? I managed to jog up to the store (once again) buy myself some dinner, sit myself down and enjoy my chicken strips and potato wedges. Then I watered some of the stuff that came in, texted Rosstopher for a bit, then he came by to pester me at work because there was no customers in and I was bored.

So then I closed up around nine and headed out to Timmies with Rosstopher, because Timmies was warm and had caffine and I was cold and tired. lol.

So Jess B. was there, and she got her (boy?)friend to buy me an iced capp. Yaaay free caffine! So we chilled with her a bit, then my mom called and told me to rent a movie, but we didn't wind up renting one cause movie zone was closed. So I just took Rosstopher to my house, and we watched half of The Emperor's New Groove with my mom, but she went to bed, so me and Ross watched the rest then I took him home.

And now I'm home and I'm blogging. But I should be sleeping because I'm so tired my knees hurt and I gotta go to London tomorrow with mom to see my dad for the first time in three days.

His new job as an important person on Ontario's Pork board is kinda lame because I don't get to see him for days at a time, but in a time where pork prices are plummeting as far as they possibly can everyday (and literally, they are), we need something else to get us money. Plus the guy that used to have his spot sucked so bad they practically handed the spot to my dad. But anyways, so yeah, he's an important, busy, suit-wearing, business-meeting, over-night-trip-goer now, so I miss him. ;_;

But I get to see him tomorrow and he said he shouldn't have any more meetings for a month so yaaaaay~

Anyways, I'm off to finish my current chapter of "The Day of Revolution" (which is just getting more awesome as I go! I love it so much! It's right up there with Amatsuki!), then I'm going to beeeed.~ Yaaay. I miss Ralph. ;_; I haven't seen him in like, whut, 12 hours? lol lol lol. More like 13 or 14. tcccch.

But yeah. Night.


freethephoenix said...

Me, Trav and Cara were walking by the grocery store around 4 and we were like "Huuuuh, I wonder if Trish is working?" But it sounds like you were busy at the time so I guess it's good we didn't go bug you.

Kuroari said...

Ne, I woulda just been starting my shift, so I wouldn't have been busy YET. XP Thanks for considering me though~