"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Friday, May 1, 2009

When you walk my way, hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell

I'm annoyed. I planned on spending today - the day before the art fair - painting.

Two problems;

Can't find my my bottle pf glossy matte stuff (therefore I won't be able to add colour to my paintings.)
Can't find my paint brushes.

...Okay, well, I can find SOME of them, but they're all the ones I don't use, and for good reasons. These ones shed and leave little bristles all over my paintings, and as well, they're all those awkwards sized that are neither big enough to be useful nor small enough to be useful. wtf,gtfo. Yeah.

On the positive side, while looking for said matte and brushes, I found my actual paints (yaaay, I don't have to use mom's crappy stuffs), and a bunch more canvases. Even found one of my big unfinished one from a year or two ago! :O :O :O

But anywhooo

I only have... one new thing done for this year -sighs- I should be painting, not blogging, but I'm waiting for the white base coat to dry. My tube of white was empty so I had to use my mommy's crappy bottle of white. And for some weird reason, even though it IS acrylic, it's taking forever to dry. o_o But yeah. I might just paint for notverylong and then get to drawing something, because that's less time consuming. yeah.

But here's what I do have.

I actually don't like this picture very much. Well, I like how it came out, but at the same time, I don't. Er, how to explain... well, I tried something completely different (colouring wise) with this one and I like it. It involved prismacolor markers, pencil crayons, coloured mechanical pencil lead, and... well, a lot of time. XD So I like how the colouring and line art and proportions and all that came out, but, I don't like the picture itself. Like, if I were a person toolin' around the Art Fair, and I saw it, I'd be like, "Eh, no, I don't want to buy that." Yeah.

anywho, before I get back to struggling with acrylics, the other day mom and I visited a big craft store in London called Micheal's. There's so much shit there it took me a half hour before I could even think about what I needed/wanted. I seriously felt my brain folding in on itself. I couldn't even think. It was awesome! but overwhelming!.

Anyways, here's what I bought there;

- 3 Prismacolor markers - a colourless blender (which I needed), brick white (good for shading), and a nice skin coloured one (called light peach).
- A really good set of pens that was on clearance (therefore cheap, so I bought). I'm seriously in love with these. They're called Nexus Pens - and good God I am seriously madly in love with these. They write so smooth, and I don't mean feeling wise - nice, even coats of a very beautiful ink that makes my spirits soar just by using. The set comes with various browns and golds and greys and blacks, and goodness, I love them. Moving along.
- A few small canvases.
- A really, really, really big sketchbook. It's called "Biggie" and I believe it. 18" by 24" - that's fucking huge. 125 pages, to boot. This thing is so heavy and clumsy to lug around and I have to turn it sideways to get it through a door. XD I <3s it muchly. I've always wanted a huge sketchbook and now I've got one and I can't keep myself away from it. XD

Also, for the title of my blog, I shall explain. The All-American Rejects, When the World Comes Down. What a great CD! I downloaded it mostly for "Gives You Hell" (good song, quoted in title) but every other song on there is so catchy and good I love to listen to it. XD I like the song "Mona Lisa" the best, I dunno, it has a great feel to it. Yeah.

But I should go paint. -sighs-

Oh! Wait! I had a dream last night. A fucking weird dream.

Okay, so all week, I've been up til midnight, 1, and even once 3 in the morning reading "The Day of Revolution". Yes I'm that addicted, and yes, my Internet is that slow. but yeah, last night, I had a dream that I realize now has probably sprung from being so tired while reading such a mindfuck!manga. (A good mindfuck, it doesn't make me shit bricks, it just makes my brain twist and turn and blow itself up. It's that amazing.) I only remember one or two things in my dream, and one of them was a really, really weird looking urinal. And I don't remember actually doing it, but I guess in the dream I had to pee in it? Either I did or I was going to. I don't know.

But I'm seriously thinking once I finish this one I'm going to lay off the manga with genderbending in it (okay, i guess Day of Revolution really doesn't have very much genderbending/crossdressing at all, but it still gave me a fucked up dream D:)

But yeah. I gotta go paint. Bye.


freethephoenix said...

I love that Micheal's store too!! The scrapbooking section is ginormous! :D Also, post deets again about the art fair tomorrow. I'm thinking I will go find you.

Kuroari said...

it starts at 2pm and it's at St Philip's church hall - that building right behind the bargain shop. ~