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Friday, May 1, 2009

two moar done...

The one that is coloured and looks painting is the painting I did.

Since I couldn't find my matte, I just used watercolours to colour... on top of acrylics... er... I'm not a fan of the colours. o_o My mom is in love with it though, hahah. The other problem with not having my matte is that I won't be able to seal it properly. Damn damn damn. Ah well.

The second one is just a quick drawing, outlined with those awesome pens Julie got me for my birthday last year (God I love those things. Remind me again to thank her).

But yeah... I have time for about one more picture, then I gotta shower, and head off to Sarnia to that battle of the bands thing that's tonight. w00t w00t Wellington. Anywho.

I've always wanted to do a sketch of a kid!angel watching over a turtle that's crossing a road... ahaha... lame, I know, but it's something I've wanted to do. Maybe I'll do that now... hmmm...

Anyways, the art fair is tomorrow, Saturday, starting at 2pm. It's at St. Philip's Parish Hall, which is that building literally right behind the Bargain Shop in P-town thurr. I think at one point there's going to be a break for Mass; I think about 4:45 - 6:00ish? I might stay in the hall though... I'm not sure. It's supposed to be closed around then, but I dunno... thought I'd just warn all y'all just in case.

But yeah. Come on out, bring your family, take a good look around and maybe even buy stuff from some local artists~
Sadly Floyd Gibson won't be selling this year because he died in the fall. :( I'm sad, because he was an amazing artist (his watercolour works! ohmahye! jawdrop!) and he's the one who convinced me to start selling my art, and he helped me start out selling too. He taught me many things. Aeriel Lyons, sadly, will not be selling this year. But Pat Towers is! Haha, yes, I talked her into it. XD She's way too amazing with acryllics. It makes me feel like my stuff is the crap I cranked out when I was in JK or SK. hahaha. But anyways...

I hope this years goes better than last year. :( Last years Art Fair was a total flop. It stank worse than my room at Ridgetown this past year. Yeah, that bad. DX SO PLEASE COME OUT YOU GUYS? We need as many people to show up as we can get. ;_;

But I should get back to drawing... bye~ <3

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freethephoenix said...

"I've always wanted to do a sketch of a kid!angel watching over a turtle that's crossing a road" That's not lame! That sounds adorable!

I'm hoping to come so I'll probably see you tomorrow, work neighbour buddy!! :D