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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sister's house

I'm house sitting for my sister, which means highspeed. Yaaaay! :D I really don't want to work tonight :(

So my sister's wedding was awesome. I pretty sure she broke every stereotype of a bride there is. Several examples;

Holding/drinking beer in over half of the PHOTOGRAPHER'S pictures
crowdsurfing at the dance-part
cow-kissing the preist
her wedding had macaroni and cheese as well as hotdogs
the bride and groom on her cake were toy cars painted up like derby cars... and one had a veil glued on top.
she dared the lady who made her cake to take a bite out of it, and, sure enough, when the cake came... there was a set of gummy dentures in the back XD
her wedding party danced to "Friends in low places" by Garth Brooks
the vases on the tables were empties with lilacs she picked from her house in them
mini-strawbales were available for people to take home
she had a farmer's tan
she was only getting married in the first place to have a stag and doe
her dad andher husband's dad traded cattle as a dowry
one of the wedding guests brought her a turkey and a chicken as a present... right to the party... hahaha. XD

that's all i can remember. that night was... fuzzy for me. sooo much alcomahol was involved. XD

Anyways, I've been house sitting for her and I got to play with her dog (Nikko!) and eat her food (but the cerial wasn't so great. I forgot she's lactose intolerant and soy milk != tasties. :( bleh).

I do have to go to work tonight which sucks.

As well, I have to o her gardening for her. I was gonna do it today, then I was gonna put it off 'til tomorrow, then mom informed me that it's going to rain the next three days. -sighs- Guess I better get to it then, eh?

Well no moar blogging for me then. In the meantime, though...

I have four new favourite characters in Black Lagoon. :D
First it was Eda. Then we meet Rico! So then he was my favourite! Then Mother Superior comes in and SHE became my favourite, and then the cleaner, oh my goodness! She's amazing!

Don't get me wrong, I still love Revy, Benny, and Dutch, but geeeeez, this episode r0x0r'd my b0x0rz.

part 2

part 3

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