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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moar manga and anime

Okay, so, to answer Jess' question, Axis Powers Hetalia (aka Hetalia) started off as a web comic wherein every country is personified into, well... people. XD It mostly takes place around WWI and WWII, with other bits of history thrown in. It's very well done and very entertaining. There's an anime that started very recently, each episode is about five minutes.

But anyways, I started reading a bunch of random manga last night and there are two I've become addicted to.

The first one is Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake. That is... "Great Waiters". It started off as a short story in one of those little collaboration/short story collection manga things, and therefore, was only one chapter. But it got extremely really popular. So it got its own book; as well as four more chapters.
Chapter one is the original story; it follows Haruyo, who is a girl but... she doesn't look like one. And one day she's at this cafe with a friend, and some stuff goes down, but anyways, she winds up working at this cafe as a MALE waiter. Now here's where the problem comes in... she has fallen in love with a co-worker, who things she's a guy. But anyways stuff goes down and it's a happy ending.

Chapter two follows Aren, one of the other waiters, and his little short-story thing.

Chapter three follows the girl from the first chapter, Haruyo's, friend. And her adventures with a guy with a beard. ("BE... BEA... BEAR!! AAAH!")

Chapter four goes back to Haruyo and Kouno.

Aaaand I haven't read the last one yet.

For one that's ridiculously sappy and romantical, I can actually stand to read it and it's weird of me. o_o but they are very well written, and there are entertaining events/quotes... ("Uwaaaah, now he thinks I'm a cross dresser!", anything Aren seems to say or do, I already quoted the bear line, and, well, yeah, it's just funny to read.)

BUT the one I think I'm now completely addicted to;
The Day of Revolution.
I don't wanna tell you what it's about cause it'll give too much away, but I'll tell you what I can.
A student named Kei has lots of family issues, and he's doing kinda crappy in school. He cuts class a lot and his rough group of friends like to harass him and call him "cute". But one day, while chillin' (aka skipping class) on the roof, Kei collapses... and the doctor at the hospital gives him some pretty shocking news.
I'm a little sad that it's only 9 chapters long or so (it is complete), but so far it's shaping up to be damn great. So, I don't care how short it is, I'm entertained. XD
Go read it noooooow!

I gotta work tonight and that makes me sad. ;_;

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