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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Manga un-reccomendation / KisaTen... TenKisa? Tentenkisame? Kisakisatenten? UWAAH.


Now that that's cleared up, moving along.

Never ever ever ever ever read Fire Candy.
It's so disgustingly beautifully gory even I found MYSELF flinching. I mean, it had it's charming parts, like when Haru (the quarter-lynx feminine-looking divorcee/father and prostitute) messed up that one guy's eyeball and then ate it right out of his skull, because he thought it was funny. And when Leo tore that one guy's nails/toe nails out, broke his wrists/ankles, and much more ghastly things I can't even remember from the overload of gore...

But yeah. I think the plot was something to do with half-animal (but human-looking, no anthros) drug-addicted teens that got mad because the prices were jacked up. Or something. I don't remember. I was too distraced with my... utterly disgusted reactions. And it wasn't just for gore. There were other parts I skipped. ...Yeah. That kind of stuff. -ahem- but regardless... even though I feel a little faint after reading it, I'm kinda pissed at the author for not finishing it (and it won't be finished ever. Ah well. at least it didn't leave off in teh middle of plot).

But yeah.

Leo is teh secks. Easily my favourite character. i dunno why. He just looks cool and he kicks ass. And stuff. Yeah. And he puked and it was all over his face and it made me lawl XD XD XD lol yeah I dunno. But he's gonna spontaneously combust some day and die so that kinda sucks. Oooooh weeelllll~ moving oooon~

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freethephoenix said...

(0_0) Oh my. Nope. That doesn't sound like a manga I would ever read...