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- Myself

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

100th post! Yaaay lent! Sketch Dump!

This is my 100th blog entry! Yaaay!

To celebrate such a momentus occasion, before I go off and get myself slaughtered as I present my final speech for Communications class, and before I get picked up by my parents to go to the farm show, I decided to do a SKETCH DUMP :D

Advert not thine eyes, for I wish to make them bleed. BWAHAHAHA.

As a side note, for lent, I had two resolutions; draw at least one picture a day, and don't bite my nails.
Today marks the two-week mark for not biting my nails. =3 VICTOLY!
But as for drawings, I've only done nine, and I should have fourteen D:

Anywho, below you'll find a dump of some things I drew for lent, some old sketches, some works in progress... most of which didn't make it onto my DeviantART, so enjoy knowing this is the only place (with the exception of Akaari's picture, he didn't make dA but he did make HRNR) that you get to see these =3

Hanmou and Ginmaru <3 <3 Old WIP that I need to finish DX

DIN! :D Yaaay Nautolans! DRAWN FOR LENT

Mushi-mushi's concept drawing. I need to do a real drawing of him sometime, but for now, he's just my Aburame OC. Yay Mushi <3

Akaari-san! My Bleach OC!

Becky's Character-in-the-making (has been for months), Jakaya-sama! Doin' the CARAMELLDANSEN! ;D

I miss this OC. This is the back of Haramoto Kagerou's head. I just thought she had pretty hair <3<3 DRAWN FOR LENT

Takemoto Utakiiro! She's my other Bleach OC, and she's a looney. This is how she dresses in public - yellow sundresses over violet sweater/T-shirts, with rainbow toe socks and sandals, and ripped/paint-stained jeans and wicked awesome 70s headbands ;D

A COMIC I DID OF LYON :D You guys know David S. (Kelly's little brother) riiiight, riiiight? well he's working on the most awesome original Star Wars comic I've read (seriously, it's actually a really good read), and I've caught myself fangirling over Lyon Wenham. After much promisings of fanarts and one really late/earlymorning night, My crazed mind drew this :D PRETTY SHOUJO LYON. ...And Din. BUT LYOOON.

Avie art for a persons on Gaia ;D They coloured it. But I don't have the coloured version.

NEKONEKO-CHAN! Done for lent!

There now you don't get any more drawings until lent is half-done, then I'll probably do another sketch dump.


freethephoenix said...

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I love your art. I am sad there won't be more until half-done lent.

Travis said...

I like Takemoto Utakiiro, you drew her with beautiful line work! Good jorb there eh?

Plus you know me... I'm a sucker for cuuute things.