"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More sick than before. ;_;

So as the day has progressed I've only gotten worse. I've puked 4 times so far.
I called my mommy and told her. I guess what I have is going around; my brother has already had it for a few days DX

I told mommy I want to go home. She's gonna talk to dad and see what she can do.

All I'll be missing is plant prop and floral design on thurs. I have no classes tomorrow or friday and account has been cancelled on thursday.

I want to go hooome. I don't want to miss floral design, but I really don't wanna puke my guts out at Ridgetown. I wanna go hoooome. To be with my puppy and my mommy and Ralph and my bed. ;_;

EDIT: Okay my mom is coming to pick me up and then I'm going home. ;_;


freethephoenix said...

I got your sickness through the internets!! I read your blog earlier and now I am sick and pukey too!! *shakes fist at you*

Kuroari said...

D: I'm sowwy. If it's any consolation my mommy is ahalf hour late for picking me up. ;_;

Travis said...

Daaaaw have for chicken noodle soup when you can stomach it.

And some ginger ale.