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- Myself

Monday, March 9, 2009

hay guise, eye hart two colurr!

So I was bored on Sunday and attempting to stick to my lenten resolution of finishing at least one artwork a day (which I'm so far behind on), I coloured that linearts I posted months ago ;D It's not done yet. (I decided to try to get my other lent thing back on track since the no-nail biting is going so damn well it's boring me to death.)

I've got a few things left to colour.
a) Jimmie's goggles
b) Background
c) Jimmie's hair tie... thing. Don't know which colour D: any suggestions?

Here she be so far.

While I'm at posting a picture of Mareka, I just remembered I finished a doll of her that some person on dA (base by Lunar-Hibiki, much props to them) had an awesome base for. PS She's modern in this one, not Steampunk.


freethephoenix said...

I lurvs ur arts! And I suggest black for the hair tie thingy.

Travis T said...

Black would be pretty classy.

Travis said...

Whoa wait Trish something is up with her arm/hand resting on his shoulder!

It looks all broken and weird!

Sorry I'm in art criticizing mode!

Trish you were so much better then mee! You really should do something with your art! I can't wait for you to try animation or art fundies!