"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Monday, March 30, 2009

Exams... -sigh-

I have an exam in ten minutes, for accounting. I'm just going to rush through it. I pretty much aced the final project, but I know I'm going to do bad on the exam - I don't get it at all. I'm just going to get it done and over with. -sigh-

On an even more depressing note, I bit one of my nails yesterday. DX So I have 2 that broke off and one I bit back; looking at my hands, it's actually pretty funny. But I'm still upset with myself, even if Sundays aren't actually counted as days of lent (lent is actually 46 days long, only 40 of those days are actually lent. Every Sunday is not marked as lent). I was doing so good, too...

Jenny finished last week so she's not around, so I might get a bit lonely over the next two weeks. But I don't mind - one week left of school, then a week of exams. I'm one of the few lucky jerks who doesn't have an exam on Easter Monday. w00t w00t. I've said it a thousand times this semester but this time I really mean it; I am SO glad I dropped Landscape Construction (that's the exam on Easter Monday).

Anywho, I'm off, and hopefully I will not die. I mean fail. Yeah. Fail.

PS On the 18th Wellington is playing in Sarnia, and I want to go. But alas, the Road Hammers are playing the night before - on the 17th - also in Sarnia - and I know I want to go to both, but probably will not be allowed. ;_; Which to chooose, which to choooose?


Emily A. said...

I feel the pain of exams too. Good luck on yours!

I would choose Wellington, only because I know the band better than the other one, so my opinion is very biased hehe

Travis T said...


Ahem. Yes.