"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Friday, March 13, 2009

Plans for the weekend

Driving myself home today, and I'm taking Jenny with me. Huttah!
.hack//sign isn't done downloading, but that's okay, I'll forgive it's slowness. It's worth the wait (it's going faster than Special A did, that's for sure).

When I get home we're probably going off to go hang out with Rosstopher, to watch movies :D I told him he could meet Jenny and he thought that was cool. I think they might get along awright. =3 I'll have to report on Monday whether they do or don't, lol.

Drew a few more things last night, to help myself catch up on the whole drawing-a-day resolution that I made (an by made I mean regret). As of this morning I am four days behind. (Last night I was three... stupid date-changing... bah...)

If I can have those four drawings plus four more to cover the next four days, the next sketch dump I'll do - at the midpoint of lent - will be, in my mind, a huge success. I'll track down everything I drew and post it all in one entry, even if it's already been up in my blog before. I'm actually kind of excited. I might actually mosh them all together and post 'em as a sketch dump on dA.

Oooh well. I'm off to go get brekkers then to class! ta!

PS Haven't bitten nails in 16 days. Booyah!


Travis said...

Rossteefur gets to meet Jenny before I do! Boo!

I wanna meet said awesome friend o'Trish's!

That 'regret' comment had me giggling.

freethephoenix said...

16 days!! Wow!! Good job Trish. And why are you downloading .hack//sign? Travis owns the DVDs you could just borrow it.