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- Myself

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have...

...nothing to report.

Except for one thing.

I've found a manga I'm so utterly and completely in love with that I sat in tihs very same spot from about 11 - 5 just reading it. I read all MangaFox had up; and I want mooooaaar! I'm so totally in love with the characters - all of them! - the development isn't slow, or annoying elusive, it's got a perfect pace to match the characters and the story. And oh, Gods, the art work is astounding! I love it!

So guys! Go to MangaFox (what a fantastic site~) and look up "Otomen". It's amazing. Seriously.

And for a shoujo, it's so unique, without being over the top. It's fantastic.

And like I said, I love all the characters. My favourite changes every two minutes. XD When I started writing this Asuka was my favorite, but right now Otomen's flavour, to me, is Tachibana. Haha, by the time I post it I'll probably be like "Noo! Waiiit! I like Ryou!" because I do love them all so much. ;_; And they all have their own little plots that keep me so amused~

Readreadread! I actually like this more than Witch Hunter Robin...! Gah!

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freethephoenix said...

I went and read the description and it sounds hilarious! But I don't like reading Manga that isn't finished because I always lose enthusiasm for it between chapters, so I don't think I'll read it right away.