"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Monday, November 24, 2008

Off to write

That Jerk Mike just crammed three songs into my head (all of them were stuck at once, and he did it on purpose) but it's not nothin' a little Caramelldansen couldn't fix. ;3

So now my head is Amarillo sky/Chicken Fried/Hide and Seek clear. Caramelldansen ftw.

But anyways, Since I'm freakishly behind on NaNo, I've decided to just write and if I make I make it and if I don't I don't. I feel no attachments to the deadline; I have severed my ties. I am a blank slate. Completely emotionless. The thirtieth will not make me panic... ... ...yeah okay, that's not working. But I'm so hectic about hating Ridgetown/trying to survive Ridgetown that I don't think the end of the month and an unfinished novel will really depress me any further.

At any rate, I've got nowhere to procrastinate left (once I finish posting here) so I'll be off to write. ...That's like, four hours earlier than I usually start writing. If I can get in the range of 4-5k tonight I'll be happy.

Well, I'm off to write.

Ciao, bitches. >=3

Tonight's idealistic goal: 20,000
Tonight's realistic goal: 18,500
I'd be happy if I hit: 19,500
Currently at: 19,000 <- I'll be updating this every hour or so.


freethephoenix said...

GO TRISH GO!! You be a writing machine!! Subject, predicate. Subject, predicate. Subject, predicate. GO GO GO!! :D

Kuroari said...

Haha, thanks! 19,000 and it's not quite midnight! (Give it two minutes)

Go me!