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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trish talks about her NaNo characters! :D

Shuuuu... so as you can clearly see, I've started drawing my two main characters for my novel. =3 Because I was going to write after supper. But I missed supper. So instead of writing I'm drawing. And it's Mareka and Jimmie! :D I thought "man, how would they sign their own names?" And believe me, those signatures are NOTHING like what their signatures would be. Except the sloppiness of Mareka. She got a late start on education. (and by late start I mean she was about 14 or 15 before anyone taught her anything. Including morals.)

Sooo, Jimmie, whose real name is Jeremiah, is an apprentice mechanic. He probably should go cut his hair some time, but oh! his boss, Aerron, keeps the poor kid busier'n all heck. He doesn't mind though, his work is, essentially, his life. He doesn't seem to do much outside of bantering with Aerron and fixing steam engines. He's damn good at both, one should note. He's also the most logical, clear-thinking, sanest character in this novel, making for a pretty sturdy mindset that every mentally healthy main character should have! yaaaay!

And then there's Mareka. Ooooh, Mareka. Words cannot describe this... ... ...
Either I have writer's block or I just proved my own point unintentionally. DX
At any rate, she's a novice nun (pairing killer, wheee~! "Not today, fangirls!"). She's also rather insane. She's been building bombs since she was a child, and is rather self-taught in that department. She grew up in the middle of nowhere (literally), on a chicken farm, with possibly bad parenting in her past (I never went into details on her parents and I never will). When she entered the story, back in the first novel, they found her being in a huuuge lapse on insanity, hiding away in a carner of a very dark room in a very neglected house, and in a separate room they found her parent's roting, bloating corpses. So she probably hadn't had food or even left that room for almost a week when they found her.

But anyways, these two met up in the first novel, as children. Jimmie hated her, she constantly teased him and made him miserable and she was a general all around annoying little crazed monstrosity. When Fr. Blake died (spoiler! gasp!) she took a 180 in personality... but not insanity. So she's nicer to Jimmie now, now that it's probably like, ten years later, but she's still a lunatic. And she still knows how to make bombs. But she doesn't annoy the crap out of Jimmie any more, so he's content with their friendship. Actually, they get along quite well. They're pretty much best friends. Whenever Mareka's not busy at the church and Jimmie's not busy working/running errands for Mr. Hull, they ... I dunno, hang out or something. Either way when they're not doing other things they spend their free time just chillin'. Because main characters that are never around each other that are supposed to be friends are very anti-plotful.

Anyways, yeah, I thought I'd draw them. Mareka looks crafty, like she's contemplating blowing something up. Jimmie is oblivious to this, of course, so he seems quite happy in this picture. Ah, the good times in life, ne?

One reason I was motivated to draw this was because I needed to remember what his hair was like. Yeah. Kinda like in this picture. It's the closest I've ever gotten it since the concept sketch for Grownup!Jimmie. I just drew Mareka in there because Jimmie without Mareka makes for a very empty picture, in my mind.

Okay but one reason that I ACTUALLY drew this for was because soon I'm introducing Kohaku and re-introducing the villain. Which means shit is about to be disturbed. Especially between these two, espeically considering how Kohaku is unfolding in my mind. Hurrhurrhurr. Jimmie is NOT going to get along with him, I can tell you that much. =3 And poor, poor, poooor (aka uncaring and oblivious) Mareka is caught up in the middle of it all. =3 ...Oh, and there's the imminent threat of the villain, too. Heh.

BUT YEAH. I should get writing. 'Cause after talking about my people with you guys I'm anxious to go bring my bad guy back (he supposedly died in the first novel). And to introduce Kohaku. ...But mostly just to have some scene where Mareka's being crazy and Jimmie is, miraculously, tolerating her madness quite well. Or rather, her Sparta. Haha. 300 joke. Anyways, yeah. I need to go write in Q10, not in my blog.

So bahye?

PS It's DAMN cold in this room. DX


Travis T said...

Another K name? I thought you were trying to move away from that.

freethephoenix said...

Kohaku? omg Demon Hunter being controlled by Naraku with a jewel shard in his back?!?! ... lol... Just kidding.

Cool Characters, I didn't know there was a 1st book. Sounds interesting. I like Jimmie - and the drawing gives a good impression. Keep up the hard work!!