"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Monday, November 3, 2008

NaNoWriMo blues...?

Not even 2,000 yet. Crap.

Well, I partly blame my brother's wedding; I didn't come home as drunk as expected, so I didn't whip out my laptop to being noveling away - I just went to bed. There goes the first day. (But the wedding was amazing).

Then, on day two, I managed to get down a little over 1,000 words (1,117, I think it was?), which wasn't TOO bad, but... I got stuck on my prologue. Yes, the kleenex/handkercheif scene. I got up to where Jimmie goes to take the handkercheif while Mareka supposedly isn't there, but I haven't gotten any further than that. DX I don't know where to go nooow. Maybe she'll just come in and kick his ass. I dunno. I'll think of something. So day 2 wasn't a COMPLETE waste, but it still wasn't all that fantastic, either. :\

Either way, I'll pick 'er up tonight and let shit happen. I refuse to let day 3 wither and die. I'm going to try for day 3's 5,001 word goal, which means, in my head, just get the prologue out of the way and get chapter one done.

Well, I already skipped my first class for today, but I better go to the rest. I'm done by 2pm today, so that leaves lots of noveling time. I'll have to quickly throw together a playlist of all those songs that help me write (and fit the mood of my novel, those ones really help too) and put 'er on shuffle and repeat to help myself stay focused. I'll need to find my headphones, as not to distract my roomate, and as not to distract myself.

If I'm going good enough I'll skip supper; word count is more important than food. My writing muse says so. But if I'm having enough trouble, I'll ignore the bitch and just go eat food. It usually doesn't make me write any better but it does make me feel better. Yeah.

Well, I'm off until then. Bahye.


Travis said...

"Word count is more important then food"
Oh Trish that is a good line!
So the word total of today has to be 5001, eh?
I guess I'll get cracking myself! Huzzah!

freethephoenix said...

Go Trish!! Do your best!! :D