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- Myself

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lazy bastards...

Since all y'all were too lazy to just type "bubbl.us" into your address bar (lazy bastards!) just effing click this. (targeted it to open in a new window, so you won't have to right click/find it, you lazy bastards). It's a bubble-chart-maker thing, but it's waaaay easier than pen/paper, because you can move shit around all you want and you can save 'em and edit 'em and make 'em huuuuuuge or smaaaaaall and the bubbles of different levels have different colours.... it pretty much saved my plot. It made me know how to start it, lol.

But of course, I'm probably the laziest bastard, because last night I spent five hours (I kid you not) playing mspaint adventure instead of NaNoing, and didn't get as far ahead as I had hoped. I BLAME TRAVIS FOR THIS until I catch up. He should not have linked me during novembeeeer. ...But Pickle Inspector was awesome, he's such an inspiration. BUT STILL. GAH. CONFLICTING EMOTIONS. Hate and love. Whyyy.

-distracts self with new topic-

I found that Q10 us easily the best program for NaNoWriMo. It's full screen, so no distracting background windows/start menu bar thing with everything else you have open. You can change the background colour, and the text colour. The only menu is a little bar at the bottom with your word count. You can set word count "targets", and aparently there's a countdown (my lappy is lame and won't set them, so I'm missing out on that). As you type, there's a typeriter noises with every time you hit a key. Surprisingly not annoying - and when you stop typing, the lack of the typewriter noises is so eerie and stuff and it makes you feel all anxious and like you're slacking off (makes me feel like the worst, laziest bastard in the world when I'm not hearing that noise), so you find yourself typing again. AS WELL, you can set an auto-save feature, for how ever many minutes you want or however many lines you want. You can also check off a nifty box that will automatically save a backup. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. There's also no annoying word-changing shit that ms word does (for example, the elipses, or when you write a word with the letters mixed up a bit), unless you set it to fix specific stuff like that (so you could set it to... well, let's say your MC's name is Lady Matron Captain Lieutenant Commander Xhai'agh Tien "Raventail Blacktalon" Auvry'ath (etc.) (yes, I do have a character named that, and that's only half her names. She's not in this novel) but you don't wanna type that every time, so you just make it so whenever you put "MC" it changes to that name. Yeah. anyways).

BUT YEAH Q10 IS AMAZING, google it and download it.

Anyways, I'm gonna watch Ironman with Jenny then I'm gonna go off and novel, ummkay?


freethephoenix said...

No! Not ummkay! Get back here and continue to blog!! .... haha And thanks for the link. Ya, I couldn't quite find the energy to copy/paste it into the address bar... hahaha

Travis T said...

You can do the MC thing in word too, just go play around with the autocorrect options.

Also makes for some really hilarious pranks if you have someone who doesn't know about it!