"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Okay, so, weekend stuffs.

Alright Travis, since you were wondering...

I did get home all quiet like and seemingly didn't wake my parents up, but the next morning my mom was like "RAWR! Why weren't you home on time? Why did you get home at 3.30?! rawr!" and it was scary. ...And she grounded me from driving, rotfl. (yes, it's that funny to me; I NEVER type "rotfl".)

And that's about the worst that got. Spend sunday afternoon playing rockband (yeah!)

And then

on monday

i went to play it and it wouldn't fucking work.

I opened the disc tray, pulled the dis out and... it seems my Xbox scratched the shit out of the bottom on the disc D=<

So when I went to Neil's house for TG supper (we're having ours next week now, and I really wanted turkey), i gave him the disc and asked him if he'd go talk to/yell at/bitch out Mike (guy I bought it from) about it. And he did. =3 So now I just gotta wait 'til I'm home on friday to go see if Mike could fix it (he said he'd try).

So yeah, I'm not so happy about that.

On a side note, this is what I came here to actually post;
Since I no longer have an interest in blogging, but Travis will get mad if I don't, I'll instead be doing daily reports on what my dorm room smells like.

Today it's a cross between crispy old leaves (not so good) and apples. Not a good smell, by any means, but not completely intollerable, either. It smells better than most people's rooms. The apple smell must be left over from yesterday; this room smelled delicious yesterday~

On another side note, they jacked up the prices on those god forsaken vending machines. So instead of getting my Sprite (which would, of course, inevitably mean I'd get a coke instead), I had to buy a can of Nestea. Not that I'm complaining, because at least this time it gave me all of my change back. -sighs-


freethephoenix said...

How does an Xbox scratch discs inside of it??

Kuroari said...

I don't know, but there's weird little circular rings scratches thing along the bottom, as though it was rubbing against the tray. Which makes no sense.

Travis said...

Thank you Trish for informing me!

And a daily dorm room smell result? I'll defiantly tune in for that!