"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Word count.



Again, Skype. -sighs-

BUT! SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENED ON SKYPE TONIGHT. Aussieroth - a guy whose voice I make a point of fangirling over - was talking about some stupid little n00b that tried to troll him. So, some of us on Skype trolled him back. See, this kid was all butthurt because Aussieroth - as his name may suggest - is pretty much the most notorious Sephiroth fandubber on VAA and even youtube. Seriously, his Sephiroth voice is made of win (and I don't even like Sephiroth!). But this kid thought he was better, so he trolled poor ol' Aussie.

So, Aussieroth linked us to the troll comment and we trolled back. My reply to this kid's comment?

"Yo, (username), I'ma let you finish, but Aussieroth has one of the best Sephiroths of all time. One of the best Sephiroths of all time!"

When I told Aussie that my comment was up - after Sabien posted "cool story bro" and someone else (I think it was VG?) posted "Okay." - so he went and read mine, and then all we heard was his big, crazy, amazing booming laughter. And then, in his amazing australian accent and unnaturally (but still real) deep voice, he said, "Trish, will you marry me?"


I fanboy'd.


especially since I always kinda got the vibe he thought I was annoying D; But I've been talking to him like a NORMAL person the last few days, so I think he sees me as someone that can actually converse now. XD

At any rate, it was good fun.

But for now, I'm going to shower then to bed, so I'll be all rested up and ready to go for writing tomorrow! I will NOT even OPEN Skype tomorrow!

Goodnight, all!

(PS, see the post before this to see a picture of one of my MC's, the half-ghost guy)


freethephoenix said...

Oh my Trish! A suitor? :D hahaha

Kuroari said...


Travis T said...

Youtube comments? I'm ashamed of everyone involved.

Yes, that includes you.

Kuroari said...

I didn't do it to be cool, and I didn't do it for the lulz. I did it because it was mean to the amazingness of which is Aussieroth D;