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- Myself

Monday, November 9, 2009

Disappointing word count is disappointing.

So, I haven't been able to write since thursday, and even then I was behind.

Dunno what my word count is at right now, but it's depressingly low. As in, I think just barely above 5,000. Yeah. Kill me now, plz.

Looks like I'll be closing Skype tonight and popping open media player and Q10. I really hope my roommate doesn't choose to watch anime or read manga tonight - she's way too distracting when she does. She'll start laughing, and keep up this fake laughter until I ask what's so funny, or on the lucky rare occasion until she realizes I'm not curious. At all. Her record is three minutes. Three minutes STRAIGHT of fake laughter. omfg. Rage.

But I digress. I just wish I had a roommate who was quiet, like I did last year, or a roommate who isn't in the room 24/7. ...Like last year.

Makes it very hard to write, and even harder to find time to record lines. I actually skipped Nursery today - the day before the midterm, fucking genius I am - so I could get some overdo lines in.

No idea when I'm going to able to audition for that Chrono Trigger dub, Female!Orochimaru and White!Zetsu for that Naruto Uncut fandub, any and every female voice - and the cat - for that Time Hollow fandub (fucking love that game)... there's a few more, but I forget. I'm just thankful the only ones who sent me lines all weekend were Sandersthepimp (I'm his Revy, Chinglish, Rem, Maya Natsume and various other voices), and Megaguts549 (aka Dan) (I do most the female voices in his Megaman NT Warrior Abridged).

I have roommate drama and my roommate doesn't even know there's drama. FML.

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freethephoenix said...

You caaaaan dooooo iiiiittt!! :D Let's hope your roommate doesn't dicover your blog, LOL! :S