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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Character run down

Okay, here's the shit that's going down for my peeps.

Main cast
Linaria Mailisane - female - human - late teens/early twenties-ish - very important person on the social ladder.
To sum Linaria up in a few words: emotional; somewhat self-centred; sees the world as black and white; needy at times.
Engaged to Rythen Bein.

Jathe Thein - male - half-human, half-ghost - mid twenties - guard
To sum Jathe up in a few words: Callus/uncaring; serious; works hard when he has to; also kind of an asshole
Works for the Mailisane family as Linaria's guard.

Asada "Sedge" Elik - assumed male - human - early twenties - thief
To sum Sedge up in a few words: intelligent; light-hearted; always calm; never serious; pisses Jathe off to no end without having to do anything

Rea - female - golem - just a few years - specialist
To sum Rea up in a few words: mysterious origins; multiple personalities, literally.

Rythen Bein - male - human - early twenties - important guy
To sum Rythen up in a few words: intelligent; calm; deceptive; wise; charming
Engaged to Linaria Mailisane.

Taraxa Ixil - female - assumed human - early to late twenties - assassin
To sum Taraxa up in a few words: loyal; resourceful; respectable; tough

Secondary Characters
Lord Orin Mailisane - male - human - late forties - high social standing
Orin is Linaria's father, and Milena's husband.

Lady Milena Mailisane - female - human - early to mid forties - high social standing
Milena is Linaria's mother, and Orin's wife.

Rath - female - ghost - age unknown
Rath is Jathe and Sihn's mother.

Enoe Thein - male - human - early fifties - commoner
Enoe is Jathe's father.

Sihn - female - ghost - age unknown
Sihn is Jathe's brother, and Rath's daughter.

Lord Lerin Bein - male - human - mid to late forties - very high social standing
Lerin is Ieli and Rythen's father.

Ieli Bein - male - human - late teens - high social standings
Ieli is Lerin's son, and Rythen's brother.

Some of the info found above is subject to change, but for the most part, that's what I'm going with. No set appearances yet except that Linaria is blonde and Jathe has blue hair and grey eyes. Yeah.


freethephoenix said...

Ghosts? Sounds awesome. Lemme read it.

Kuroari said...

Eventually. It's really shitty. XD