"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Okay, so this "random question" thing this blogger has is completely incompetent.

The question I got was this;

"If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?"

Most idiots would put "lol i guss clay is mud! lol lol"
The people that are even bigger idiots would put "Clay isn't mud because it's clay, not dirt. But it's kinda like mud."

HERE'S THE REAL ANSWER, SO PAY ATTENTION BITCHES. I'm only going over this ONCE! I'll post the qurstion again before my rant for your convenience.

"If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?"

EDUCATED RESPONSE - MUD IS NOT MADE OF "DIRT". It is called "SOIL" - dirt is an undesired gritty substance within a place it should not be. That black stuff on the ground? that's SOIL. SOIL is in mud, not "dirt". Get it right, idiots.

And "clay" is also a kind of soil; it's a texture of soil, actually. Sandy soils are the soils with the largest particles. Sandy soils drain easily because of this. the next step down is silt. Silt had alright drainage, but it could be better - the soil particles are smaller in this kind of soil. Then there's clay; clay is the smallest soil particle you will find, which is why the drainage in clay-y soils is terrible. The water doesn't flow through it as nicely. Yes, clay can be mud, but clay can also be dry, so it's just dry soil then.

Jeez, whoever asked this question was an idiot.

And if all of that went right over your head, here's the short way: Clay can sometimes be mud. And mud has "soil" in it, not dirt. And clay is a kind of soil.
soil + water = mud
clay = soil
so clay + soil = mud, also.

Get it?

I should report that question, for being so f#@$ing stupid.


Travis said...

Trish Trish!
You so angry about that question. but i guess it makes sence you are going to school for that sorta thing right?

Plus, how'd you get that vote thing : O?

freethephoenix said...

I have been educated.

Travis T said...

I think the last statement's supposed to be clay + water = mud. Either that or I missed a clay = water statement in there. In which case if clay = soil and clay = water and soil + water = mud the 2clay = mud. Is'nt algebra AWESOME!!!