"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pub night tonight!

80's theme w00t!

Anyways, today we got out an hour early (at two) and one of my classes tomorrow is cancelled, so I have only two whole hours left of school this week. XD Awesooome.

Anyways; Travis, stop telling me to go to Seneca, it's depressing me. @_@ I really want to be there. Either there or in Newfieland with Britt. I haven't decided yet. I'll go to either one of the two when I'm done here.

I'm not making many friends, it's a slow process; I don't like it. I feel so... out of place still. T_T It's not as bad as it was before, but it still really sucks.

Oh, and Trav? There's a girl that goes here named Fanny. XD Do I win?

Right. Well. I was up 'til two last night, and I was talking to someoneIrefusetoname on msn. Well, I'm just going to say you people know this guy. Anyways. msn, yeah. So I was talking to him, and 2 am rolled around and I decided to go to bed because I had a test in the morning. He was gonna get off too. So, tiredly, I typed "Bye, see ya on friday" ('cause I'll be hanging out with him there)
and then
out of NOWHERE, he says;
"I love you. Bye."
my response? - "O_O"
"Uh oh..."
"...Well, as long as it's "dearly not queerly" you're safe. XD"
"...yeah... okay... i better go... bye..."

So yeah. Traumatizing night.

Anyways, I'll update again tomorrow, or tonight after pub night. Ciao, bitches. >=3

PS I still haven't finished Sokkenai's Caramelldansen. T_T


Travis said...

Do you have that as your finishing tag?
"I still haven't finished ___" ?

lol no I kid, I kid!

Oooh who is the mystery lover?
Ah ha ha! No I'm sorry!
Aww you should be like, " ...Your cool too, cya later yah pimple!"
hee hee hee

No no no don't say that either! I feel rather silly tonight, so sorry for the silly comment!

I hope you have a fun time at your 80's pub night! :D

freethephoenix said...

80's pub night?! Man, I went to college 5 years too early!
Do I know this mystery confessor?