"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I wanna go hooome. T_T

I miss my puppy.
And I miss having my own room.
And I miss my posted of Kisame. (which is actually here at Ridgetown, I'm just too much of a chickenshit to put it up)
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss my friends.
And I miss my sister. And maybe my brother, too.
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss having satellite tv.
And I miss my gamecube.
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss food that DOESN'T make me sick two out of three days of the week.
And I miss having a room with a single shower, all to myself.
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss being allowed to drink from a glass bottle. (cans, ick).
And I miss my drawing books.
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss Saturday night anime (which I see every sat. night anyways, but that's beside the point.)
And I miss having anime-fan-friends that don't like yaoi (nevertheless Jenny, i luv ya, I do, it's just... weird. XD)
And I miss my puppy.
And I miss my bed.
And I miss....

oh, enough of this fucking whining.
but I do miss Zetsu, my puppy.

I'll try to be postive.
I have highspeed here?

Yeah. That's all I like here. Well, the classes aren't bad...

Speaking of classes, I missed my favorite one tody because DAMN LUNCH MADE ME SICK. ...AGAIN. Auuugh. I missed my three-hour class that I have every wednesday. and aparently we got to climb trees with badass harnesses AND I MISSED IT. -glares- I took a fucking four hour nap instead. Becuase I couldn't move. Because I was sick. So I got to miss my Landscape Management three hour lab. Fuuuuck.

Moving on... -breaths in- at least I have highspeed.
Highspeed. Highspeed. Yeah. I can't use Caramelldansen to cheer me up anymoar because it's depressing because it reminds me of that fucking long animation everyone keeps pestering me to make to that song. T_T For whyyyy?


I'm taking a shower, then I'm going to bed.

This is hte second last night I have to sleep here on these godaweful hard beds this week, then I can go home for the weekend. -breaths- FuckImissmypuppy.

note to you guys; don't read Loveless. It... makes no sense. And there's a gay pedo. And everyone (except some) have cat ears/tails. bothuurs me.


Travis T said...

So, umm... Ridgetown sucks?

Yeah, Ridgetown sucks.

Kuroari said...

Yeah, it pretty much well fucking does.

freethephoenix said...

But I have read Loveless and I liked it... 0.o But I'm not a gay pedo. lol Ritsuka is too cute! <3<3

Kuroari said...

Yeah, the art is good, and the MC is adorable when he's all like "..." that stare thing (y'know?) but for the most part it was... not my kinda thing. XD

Travis said...

"oh, enough of this *beep*ing whining."

That part made me giggle! sry.

Oh man Trish! Yous is so angry! Angry Bacon!! I wanna draw a cartoon of that!