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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drawings, Lent, and Takeyama town!

First on the agenda, Lent!
Gave up biting my nails. So far so good! :D But even though it's Ash Wednesday I could not get ashes today ;_; and I didn't get pancakes yesterday ;_; On the weekend I hope to guilt my daddy into cooking some for me, hurrhurr. And on Sunday Fr. Steve typically gives out ashes for anyone who missed the Wednesday. But I'll feel stupid, late, and neglectful of my religion if I get them then. -sighs- ah well, what can you do.

Second on the agenda, Drawings!
I made THREE complete drawings today! :D And none of them are my characters! :D I was kinda bored and wanted to try out a few different shading techniques with my prismacolor pencil crayons, well, okay, I wanted to for a while now. But I was on Gaia (as Aerron Hull, one of my other accounts, and believe it or not, he actually looks like the guy I named him after!) and I was poking around the forums and found a subforum in the Shops section called "Art Freebies" and I was like "oooh free art!" and although no one wanted to draw Aerron (I didn't ask anyone, actually), I poked around threads and found people I DID want to test my shading ... er... draw! -winkwink- -nudgenudge-

So here they are.

For a group of people that were tipping for arts:

For a girl who's quest was to collect 100 aviearts:

For someone who's thread caught my eye moreso than her avatar:

And last (but most important) I AM A MAYOR.
OF TAKETAMA TOWN! (yes it's named after one of my Naruto OCs but I miss him ;_;)
My town! Visit it pleaaaase. @_@

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freethephoenix said...

The third one is my favourite!! Good job Trish!