"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Friday, February 27, 2009

This week was a good week.

First off, visit my town. (if you visited it already, visit it again - it resets the population counter (but not the count) each day so if you visit it everyday it helps my population to go up)

Okay, now on to the real entry hurr.

This week was a good week.

I'm not sure why, it's just, today, while eating breakfast alone, by the window looking out at the arboretum (which is very pretty, even when half the trees are in their winter dormancy), I mused over the past week. And for some reason, it felt good. I've never felt like that about a week here, ever. I liked it.

I don't remember why it's so good - I can't really remember too much from this week. I actually don't think this week was particularly fantastic. It's just, yesterday was such a fun, amazing, stress-release day for me that today feels good. I suppose it helps I went to bed earlier than usual and even didn't have to get up for an extra hour this morning. Teehee. But anyways.

During the week I've been getting various midterms back, and the one I was fairly certain i had failed came back with a 78%. That was a very pleasant surprise. I got my report card, my highest mark is a 92%, and it's in the class I never go to/never do the work in. Hurrhurr. My average is 77%, simply because business accounting is dragging it down (67%, augh).

But yesterday, I managed to keep awake in plant prop (only to find out I forgot to cut off the terminal buds on my grafts. Oops. I hope they still take DX). I understood what business accounting was going on about. I actually did my work in computers, simply to see if i can make my mark even higher (haha). I had floral design for a nice five hours straight, and I LOVED it. Sooo relaxing! And my design was so pretty! After I finished my design and my vase, I waited for Sarah to finish (she's always last). I didn't mind, because Sarah's fun, and that class is fun. So while waiting, I found a tiny piece of oasis (the green foam arrangements go in) and started poking all the little buds off the minicarnations that were lying around into it. then I poked some little pieces of leather into it, then the caspia, then the variegated whateverthefuckthatonewas, then some fresia buds, and a weirdass leaf in the back. The teacher loved it, she wanted to give me bonus marks, but said it would be unfair to Adam (who made a corsage when he was done and got nothing). But I was fine with that, because this tiny arrangement is amazing and tiny and AWESOME! I'll have to up a picture of it later.

and last night I got drunk with Pauline, Steph, and them. Huuhuu. It was a lot of fun. But I didn't get to snag any of Justin's raspberry wine (which he was putting shots of sourpuss into, whuuut?) while he was out for a smoke, so I was a little sad, but regardless, last night was great. ^^ It wasn't even wild, just... very casual but fun/funny, it was great :D

And tonight I get to hang out with Rosstopher, hooray!

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freethephoenix said...

haaha, So I read the first paragraph without clicking the link and I thought: "Wyoming's population counter resets? WTF?"