"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This weather makes me depressed. ;_;

So, I dropped Landscape construction again. Phew, no more fucked up, annoying scheduling.

Started playing Perfect World International today (I've had it downloaded for months, but never touched it), and seriously? I love it. How rare is it that you can find an online rpg that has better character customization than the Sims 2? And seamless areas? i like it. The only thing I don't like is that if you want an animal-people you're either stuck with big, ugly (probably sweaty and smelly) anthro guys (tigers, lions, pandas, and... er... wolf I think?), or normals girls with ears and a tail - foxes, cats, rabbits, bats and even DEER, but no f#@$ing raccoons D=< I fucking love tanuki pplz. lieksrzly. but anyways. So my character is a winged elf (which is basically a normal elf but with a fancy title) and green hair reminiscent of shadow the hedgehog and creepy eyes and a bigass warhammer (I ran out of arrows so I just used this badass hammer I looted). And she can fllllyyyyy. And when she flies she grows wiiiiiings. And they sparkle :D And I also like this game because you can swim. And beat the shit out of big, ugly turtles and I LOVE BEING IN THE LAKESomg. ....end rambling. :D

But yeah, onto the weather we've all been talking about.
You're all happy about it, but...
it makes me depressed. ;_;
I like winter. I love snow. Just walking outside with my scarf on and freezing my ass off but the QUIET and the COLD and the... I dunno... just something about the calm and quiet of winter evenings just wriggles deep down into me and makes me feel all mellow, and I'm never mellow, so I like it. It keeps me sane, I suppose.

That, and weather like this is all muggy and cold enough to need a coat to feel comfortable but warm enough for me not to want to wear one so I'm all frustrated with the temperature and getting a headache because the humidity and auuuuuuggggh.

And I just woke up from a two hour nap that did me a lot of good, I think. I'm not awake enough to figure that out yet.


Okay bahye.

oh wait, before I forget, Emily's list kind of sort of got me thinking. Maybe I'll make my own list later.

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freethephoenix said...

I'm sad the weather makes you depressed. I do like winter, snow is pretty and all... but the cold just makes me so angry. I'm so angry when I'm cold. hahahaha. Anyway, that game sounds cool.