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- Myself

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bad for Your Health pt. 4 / HIT IN AMERICA!

She had actually heard his insult, but cared not to make a comment on it. He could call her whatever he wanted; this assignment was only temporary, and when it was done, she could leave and never have to look at him again, or smell his disgusting cigarettes. Let him kill himself with those, she thought bitterly, it's not like I'll care.

She glanced over her shoulder, just to check and see if he was following. Good, he was. She would do this assignment alone if she had to, but... even though she didn't get along with him, he was an asset. She hated to admit it, but he had his uses. And hopefully, this night would be one where he would prove that.

Just remember, this is the last time you have to put up with him. After this, you're done with him.

dun dun duuuun... the plot thickens.

in the mean time, I've rediscovered Beck (Mongolian Chop Squuuuuuaaaaaad!). Rosstopher is awesome for letting me nab this anime off of his computah.

I love the opening :D So catchyyyyy.


freethephoenix said...

You like Beck? I didn't know that. And this story comes in such short bursts that I always have to go back and read the last part to remember what was going on... hahaha

Kuroari said...

I don't -like- Beck, I LOVE Beck XD
Music + anime = ftw

Heh, yeah, I'm making it up as I go :D No planning. I refuse to plan it out.

Travis T said...

I recall when I saw Beck at
CTRL-A. It started a little like this...

Hmmm, the theme is in Engl- no, no it isn't.

Wonderful show, really.